compare 2022 rav4 hybrid xse vs
Altair Club Cars Compare 2022 RAV4 Hybrid XSE vs 2021: Cool Changes & Updates

Compare 2022 RAV4 Hybrid XSE vs 2021: Cool Changes & Updates

I compare all changes for 2022 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid XSE vs 2021. Exterior and interior improvements. What do you think?

How did rav4 xse hybrid change between 21 and 22 we’re about to find out i’m jeff teague i’m in raleigh north carolina i’m your toyota resource if you’re new to the channel hit subscribe right now thank you if you’re returning i really appreciate it now let’s get to this one why would you get a rav4 hybrid xse or xse hybrid well because it averages 40 miles a gallon

It gets 219 net hybrid horsepower versus 203 horsepower that you see in a rav4 gasoline model and it looks fantastic but it’s changed there are some improvements some updates some changes so we got to see what’s going on changes this is going to be tough to keep them straight this is the 2021 rav4 hybrid xse it’s in blizzard pearl and this is the 2022 rav4 hybrid

Xse it’s also in blizzard pearl it’s like that game show to tell the truth i am the true rav4 hybrid xse as we walk around 21 and then we move into 22 sort of like new year’s eve we’re gonna notice the unique gloss black trim and wheels that are indicative that you’re looking at the xse now pay attention most of the styling is going to be the same notice the

Wheels we got to see those and notice the headlights as we transition over to our friend 2022 notice the headlights notice that the wheels have evolved the wheel in the sky keeps on turning except for we do know where we’ll be tomorrow so then we’ll come around here and we’re probably going to get our very first comparison when you’re researching what model

To get what trim level to get those are decisions that are important and they’re made early in the process but things like appearance and styling and the wheels that’s super important some people don’t care what style what color what size you get but for others it’s monumental and it could mean the difference between choosing to buy a vehicle or not choosing to

Buy a vehicle these are both 18-inch wheels these are both gloss black what’s the difference well look at the design this is one two three four five spoke pattern on the 20 21 and it’s something that we’ve been used to on this car since 2019 so 2019 20 21 it’s about time for some refresh features right that’s what we’ve done here let’s start with this one here

One two three four five six seven eight nine ten so it’s a ten spoke pattern also gloss black but really it kind of sets things into motion to become a more modern vehicle i think that i really like the wheel change on this one i’m glad they kept it with the gloss black because it does match the rest of the trim accents that you’ll see on the two-tone roof on

The back on the front the side mirror caps so now the question becomes my friends answer in the comment section do you like the 2021 wheel design or are you someone who’s going to prefer the 2022 design door number one no door number 21 or door number two no door number 22 21 22 you make the call in the comments the reason i ask for your comments is because

On my channel i love for this to be an open forum for your thoughts your opinions how you feel about a certain vehicle or a color or changes that happen from model year to model year so thank you guys so much not everybody’s gonna agree we’re all gonna think differently so it’s fun to see what everybody’s thinking out there but let’s turn our attention now to

The headlights they’ve changed between 21 and 22. i wish i could just say everybody the 21 is blue the 22 is red but i can’t blizzard pearl blizzard pearl 21 headlights they’ve been around since the 2019 model year so three model years of design and then they’ve evolved into this one here which i think i like to call menacing imposing and very modern looking it

Almost looks like an eyebrow just staring into your soul all right so now that we get a little bit of a closer look 21 or 22. 21. just stop and take it in or 2022. i like this one so much better i’m curious to see what you guys think now here’s what the lights on notice a couple things here we’re number one we’ve got led lights led daytime running lights we’ve

Got traditional halogen bulbs here for fog lights with this gloss black casing and you see it over here you’ll also see the darker gray metallic trapezoidal shape remember from geometry class front grille then we’ve got a silver bumper accent and then gloss black wide mouth gloss black along with toyota safety sense 2.0 now i have the camera pointing at me so

I can see what i’m seeing and what i’m doing this one looks like knight rider here right because it’s flowing that’s not how it really is it’s just the camera speed but anyway look at this we’ve got led headlights daytime running lights fog lights no we’ve got vertical led accent lights here similar to what you see on the rav4 prime xse now that’s interesting

We’ve evolved we’ve morphed we’ve become a hybrid of sorts between rav4 hybrid xse and rav4 prime ecstasy what and then we’re going to go vlog style here so just look at the 21 again and we’re going to go over into the 2022 i wish i could match up that camera speed with the speed of the lights actually all right now the question becomes which front end do you

Like better 21 versus 20 22 holla another difference eight inch multimedia touch screen on the 2021 nine inch touchscreen on the 2022 one inch in this case makes all the difference in the world we’re gonna look inside xse and we’re really not going to see many changes between 21 and 22. this one has the soft text oh plain this one has the black soft text with

Blue accents blue fabric stitching black and blue black and blue black and blue it also has rear air vents along with usb connectivity charging and then this is 21. look at the glove box doesn’t lock so see the blue stitching along the dash the seats do not have a power passenger seat okay look at the glove box it’s not a big deal but it has changed it

Does not have a locking mechanism no key access then this one has places for usb 12 volt circular it’s got driving modes eco normal sport ev trail and then it has the eight inch multimedia touch screen you’ll see android auto apple carplay amazon alexa siriusxm same thing with 22. and then we’ll look just up top a little bit hey i see a moon roof i like that

Safety connect sunglass holder and then in here we’ve got different connectivity as well two usb a chargers right here and as we look inside our friend 2022 we’ll see pretty much the same so we’ll go over this kind of quickly matter of fact there are the plugs that you can get with it and then we’ll look we’ll go back the opposite way that we did with the 21.

I’ll bet it’s got a locking glove box what do you think and how has the window sticker changed well this is the 2021 xse this one has a factory msrp of 34 850. it went up just a little bit for 2022 to 35 0.55 okay now let’s look at the window sticker here made in canada safety ratings fuel economy has not changed it combines for 40 41 in the city 38 on the

Highway let’s look at standard equipment now 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine working with electric motors to give you 219 horsepower it works with an electronically controlled cvt and it has the electronic on-demand all-wheel drive eight different airbags blind spot monitor standard rear cross traffic alert safety connect remote connect then we’ve got exterior

Features led projector headlights moon roof that has the five spoke alloys eight inch screen here digital rear view mirror this has the weather package on it which gives you a heated leather trim steering wheel rain sensing wipers de-icer the special color the blizzard pearl does cost 425 extra 12 15 to get it delivered to the dealerships and this one has some

Options added to it specifically individually at the regional assembly point to kind of customize it finish it off make it its own toyo guard platinum paint protection on the hood all weather mats and all-weather cargo mat paint protection on the door led interior lights have been upgraded you’ll see that in the overhead visor mirrors the dome lights in the front

And the back 38 740 and then we go over here to the 2022 also made in canada safety ratings fuel economy is the same standard features this one has an exterior vertical led accent lights line item here and the multi-spoke black alloy wheeled i think we should put on there that it’s got 10 spokes because i counted them now look at this here this is interesting

Eight inch touchscreen audio plus goes to the nine inch touchscreen that’s pretty cool stuff and then look at the ports this one has usb a and usb c charge ports so those are some upgrades for sure then we’ve got this price here no weather package on this one here’s the delivery the delivery charge actually went down from 1215 to 11.75 so what’s that like 40

Holla take it bet it all on red then we’ve got toyoguard platinum hood and door package all weather mats all by the cargo mat phone and cable charging packages that one will put this one at 38 454. thanks everyone for watching time for your vote i did some heavy lifting for you so it’s time for you to do the heavy brain power and write a comment let me know

Which parts of the 22 you like best which parts of 21 you like best maybe you like them all maybe you like none i don’t know what do you think of blizzard pearl do you like blizzard pearl or blizzard pearl all right again if you’re new hit subscribe i’d love you to join my channel and let your thoughts and comments be known you’ll learn a lot hopefully you’ll be

Entertained or at least you’ll shake your head and say he said that but anyway thanks guys so much if you’re new to the channel thank you if you’re returning also thank you my sister channel is auto jeff reviews we look at all auto brands we just did a series on the ford bronco the outer banks edition actually we got the badlands edition in there too and then i

Just did a review and a drive of the sienna platinum 2022 so go check that out you’ll like it i think and then i’m on instagram and tick tock two different ways at toyota jeff reviews or at auto jeff reviews thanks everybody so much peace out oh boy so you

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