como maximizar a autonomia ev do
Altair Club Cars Como maximizar a autonomia EV do Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Como maximizar a autonomia EV do Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Descubra neste breve vídeo como favorecer a sua condução apenas com o modo EV do seu Outlander PHEV.

The mitsubishi outlander p hev is highly efficient but the driving range achievable can be maximized with a few simple steps the potential driving range is available to view through a display on the dashboard or mmc s screen and is constantly adjusted based on a number of factors that influence the energy usage of the vehicle as we’re the conventional car the

Potential range is very much dependent on the way the car is driven and the ambient conditions the onboard computer also takes into account the previous journey if the car was driven vigorously or gently then it will assume that the following journey may also be similar and adjust the estimated range accordingly the total estimated evie range displayed when the

Car is started after a full charge can therefore vary each time power consumption and range is also very dependent on driving style excess speed will use more energy so better range can be achieved by moderating acceleration braking and speed erode routes with long steep inclines or hills will use more power but this can be mitigated by the use of regenerative

Braking which captures energy when the accelerator is released to charge the battery and is especially effective when going down steep hills moving the selector lever from d to b allows the driver to select the level of regenerative braking manually by using the paddle shift levers around the steering wheel holding the right paddle for 2 seconds will return the

Vehicle to the d setting there are six levels of regenerative braking strength available to suit the driving conditions the range may also be affected by the ambient temperature in particular extreme cold this can affect the efficiency of the traction battery as can the use of items such as heating and air conditioning both of which use electric power from the

Main traction battery to operate air conditioning systems are particularly energy hungry so excessive use will consume more power it is good practice to preheat or pre cool the car while plugged in before the journey to reduce the impact on the range the use of heated seats and heated steering wheel functions rather than the main heating system will also help

Preserve battery power both are far more efficient than heating the whole cabin for a single passenger in addition to these measures eco mode is also useful to conserve energy and approve the overall range it reduces the power allocated to the heating and air-conditioning units as well as reducing the power available at the throttle to provide a longer range and

Encourage gentle driving finally battery save mode preserves the remaining drive battery power for use in appropriate driving environments such as towns and cities while battery charge mode enables the driver to boost the battery capacity for long inclines and hills and at the end of every trip your eco driving can be measured and displayed as a series of green

Leaves the more leaves you receive the better your driving style drive your ambition mitsubishi motors

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Como maximizar a autonomia EV do Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV By Mitsubishi Motors Portugal

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