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Altair Club Cars Colorado Extended Cab Rock Sliders | Rocky-Road Outfitters | Chevy Overland Build

Colorado Extended Cab Rock Sliders | Rocky-Road Outfitters | Chevy Overland Build

I placed my order with Rocky Road Outfitters in Utah back in December. Now my rock sliders are fabricated and ready to install on my Chevy Colorado Extended Cab. Rocky-Road Outfitters has several options to choose from. Come along for the ride as I pick up the rock sliders and have them installed locally, here in Utah.

Hello i’m mario and today’s video is about my chevy colorado and something that i ordered for the chevy colorado over four months ago so it’s currently um i don’t know it’s it’s getting towards the end of april um i’m pretty sure it’s a thursday but the part that i want to get for my truck are rock sliders and the people that are built well they already built

Them they called me when i was in santa fe and said they’re ready so the people that fabricated them for me it’s rocky road outfitters over here in utah so i came into this town heber a while ago specifically for that reason and i didn’t have a place to have them installed so what i’m going to do is i want to in this video i want to go pick them up because they’re

Ready and then i’m going to bring them back here to my rv spot so i’m staying here in this rather nice rv park and bring it back here kind of show them to you guys and then also i found someone that wants to help me and install them for me which is great because there’s um so drilling into the frame is not a big deal like i have all the tools and stuff that i

Need for that but there’s no um there’s no original spot these these rocky road sometimes they’re called super sliders depending on which one you get but anyway these rock sliders by um rocky road there’s no mounting spot to any um original mounting point on the chevy colorado so i would have to support it with at least one floor jack and it’s just one person

So i really feel fortunate that i found somebody to help me install it and yeah because it’s kind of like a one shot deal when you drill if you uh if you goof something up yeah it’s kind of kind of hard to to fix so at any rate let’s do this let’s uh i got the uh i got the bed of the truck all emptied out so let’s head over to rocky road outfitters now jump

In the truck head on over there it’s just a couple miles down the street pick up the rock sliders and then yeah i’ll get a chance to to show them to you all right this is exciting i can’t believe this is actually finally happening so i actually extended my stay here at this rv park for several days but all in all i think i’m gonna be leaving here saturday morning

And i arrived on a saturday so i don’t know i think that’s seven nights so not eight it’s not not even really eight days i’m gonna try to take off early saturday morning so i think that’s you know i don’t know i don’t know if i could have asked for a better outcome than that so yeah but uh all right well i’ll see you over there at rocky road outfitters okay i’m

Coming up on the street right now so it’s right near the airport right up against the airport really over here in heber city utah and there’s one thing that’s peculiar not maybe not peculiar but unique about these rock sliders in that they fit my truck which is an extended cab chevy colorado and for the longest time i was looking around searching high and low and

Then finally i found south wendell lane i found these guys and uh yeah they they already had the measurements and a template to uh to do the job so this is awesome that i have rock sliders for this extended cab because i don’t know anybody else that’s making them i you know i’m not saying these are the only guys that can or maybe i could have made them myself

Right but that’s not what i’m talking about here i’m talking about these guys arriving at rocky road outfitters on the left they’re really helping me out uh by uh well by doing this this is awesome so i got them loaded up in the back of my truck and i didn’t go through an extreme on strapping them down and just kind of got them up up there on the tailgate and

Then kind of just lashed in a way so that they don’t uh yeah they don’t slide around so i’m good to go i can take city streets on back to to the rv park and then i’ll take them out and i’ll show you guys uh what that looks like um you know kind of not mounted but up against the the truck all right back to the rv spot and yeah so here they are and the type

That i got so they actually bolt onto the frame here so you’d have to drill the frame got two bolts right here another two would go here and another two would go here so they did provide all of the hardware so you can just uh with these uh self-tapping bolts right here you can use them and then there’s also washers and nuts and bolts for the the body’s uh

Pinch seam here so these this is where the body’s got that spot weld where the seam is for the body and that’s what this mount here is for here so there’s two of those on each side for the for the body next step is to see what they look like on the truck so tomorrow morning i’m gonna head to a town just north of here it’s about i don’t know uh i want to maybe

15 20 minute drive maybe so the name of that place is a rusted development good morning it’s the next day about a little bit after eight o’clock and i have a nine o’clock appointment at a place called a rusted development and i guess they specialize in toyota land cruisers but they’re willing to work on my truck even though it’s a it’s a chevy so i’m camas is

The town that i’m just approaching here and uh they predicted snow it’s been snowing a little bit and i went up and over a little shortcut pass to get here um the roads are a little bit icy not not bad one quarter mile arrive at a rusted development on the right but yeah i’m on main street in camas utah so about 20 miles north of heber where i’m staying and uh

I guess the place is up here on the right let’s see i only got one more block all right well i’m gonna go ahead and check in with these guys i think i see somebody there i know i’m a little bit early but still gotta unload the uh the rock sliders and i managed to get everything kind of inside so because i have an extended cab that means i got a little bit longer

Bed so i was able to fit them in there diagonally but uh yeah i got to unload them now all right so let you guys know how everything turns out well that turned into a rather long day it did get completed and in fact it’s several days later i ended up leaving utah and so now i’m at a new location but i do want to show you the work that they did and i’m i’m happy

I’m i’m just glad it got done yeah i mean essentially what happened is is that they just they couldn’t fit me in right at my appointment time so they didn’t really they weren’t able to start it start work on it until after lunch so i got out of there that evening but i mean no big deal it all worked out very well and here you can see this is what they look like

Installed and yeah it’s rather even installation meaning that you know they’re installed level meaning they aren’t tilted up too far or too far down and you can see how the little uh the kicker here it’s not super huge and here’s a shot with the door open so you can see i mean the inner rail is pretty much even with the door sill and then this little extension

Part pops out so it does make it a little interesting climbing in and out i’m used to kind of being all the way you know up against the the truck when i climb in so now i can’t get as close as i as i used to and the purpose of these they aren’t really used as a step i mean these aren’t steps these are rock sliders and they’re built to withstand uh well basically

Not a huge impact but the weight of the truck so that if if i do have a rock come up towards these rocker panels here that it doesn’t damage it in such a way that i just cannot you know damage to the rocker panel here would be catastrophic i mean that’d be very difficult to repair so that’s the main purpose of these is just when large rocks hit this little

Area here it’s protected now i did mention that they are screwed into the frame so you had to drill and then screw in and they did a pretty darn good job i couldn’t have done better myself i don’t suspect and you can see let me see if i can get the i think i’m getting a shot of it here but it basically comes up onto that uh body seam right there that pinch

Seam and then you can see the bracket extends out to the frame and so a couple of the screws the fasteners there are a little crooked so like i mentioned i could not have done better myself i’m i’m certain even if i had a flat surface and i had two floor jacks i don’t think i could have done better so i’m happy with the work they did i know drilling into the

Frame isn’t easy i’ve done that drilling into it with uh so i can get my ground for my lithium batteries when i ran aground to the chassis i drilled the frame and yeah i mean it’s you almost have to have a brand new bit each time you you drill the hole so very happy i have used this as a step so that i can use this as a hand hold and then now i can easily

Step up here so i do use it as a step to a certain extent i mean i can access this so for washing the truck or cleaning the windshield now i don’t have to stand here on this flimsy plastic sill plate here i can do all my walking here yeah so very very happy now i haven’t put them to the test no still some more projects to take care of everything’s not totally

Complete but this was something man i waited a long time for these uh rock sliders here and yeah now that they’re here i’m just super happy all right well that’s it that’s the video i really appreciate you guys tuning in i hope you found it informative not a super entertaining video but one more project over complete and so now yes on to the next project so

I’ll see you in that video take care everyone bye hmm

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Colorado Extended Cab Rock Sliders | Rocky-Road Outfitters | Chevy Overland Build By Mario Worked On It

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