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Altair Club Cars Closest Matchup YET 1085hp Honda Civic vs 900hp Audi TT RS Drag Race

Closest Matchup YET 1085hp Honda Civic vs 900hp Audi TT RS Drag Race

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This is the closest race we’ve ever had so give me a little pop sun’s in my eye but pop are you going to eat the whole intro the only thing that stopped me from eating their hawk pads is that what hawks sound like the internet will make fun of no turns you don’t make a hawkeye that’s a falcon bro you don’t know about hawks welcome back to this versus that

We want to give a shout out to our friends over at hawk performance for helping us make this show happen it’s your turn i fed you a beautiful intro now take us home all right so we got two cars today one car i love the other car is blue scotto loves me you have soupy verscotto’s what we’re looking at right here that’s what we’re doing should we go look at the cars

Yeah let’s go look at the cars you want to tell everybody who you are yeah my name is miguel medina and this is my 94 honda civic it has a k24 k20 setup it has a bottom block from an accord ahead from acura rsx whoa has a crv all-wheel drive transmission i was wondering i’m not gonna lie he had me on 94. that’s a premium year my first one my first car your first

One was in 94. hold on you said it was what a cord bottom end yeah it has on the cord a cord bottom end so it’s a 2.4 and then you use a k20 head out of like an acura rsx so i already know what this means like well he’s saying this is not me so that’s like the new school ls vita the new new dave frankenstein yeah yeah this is what everybody’s wanting nowadays well

He’s got a big block and a high revving yeah yeah yeah okay okay looks like stock or you guys so i blew up my really built motor back in february so this is my kind of temporary motor to get by so it has no aftermarket sleeves just has rods pistons and a built head what kind of power are you seeing so we downloaded on monday made a 1085. so this is your backup

Motor what did you make before with this turbo combination i never really dyno the car the previous time on 24 pounds made eight sixty so so this is still a pretty big dog set up for you how many pounds of boost did you run to make the 1085 it took 38 pounds the car the car runs on c85 38. is this what you want to put in your s chassis are you are you trying to

Get this are you getting this box i don’t need a thousand horsepower is this i make a happy 500 with my stock k24 so this is like the wild styling while yours is the streets i think we’re all kind of glossing over the fact that it’s got slicks in the back it’s all-wheel drive yeah whoa i didn’t even i mean that’s like that’s a quick weekend project right here hey

Yeah hey you should be done tomorrow he has a whole crew working on it at the shop right now so crv transmission crv transmission it has a from an 87 to 91 honda civic wagon it has a drive line differential and rear axles from one of those let me see what else is getting all the cheater parts go ahead stephen what do you say i’m just going to tell us what your eyes

Say yeah what do you see down there what are you seeing well we can’t bend down like that so yeah super too much totally uncalled for one extra got focus on the car please how fast has this thing going down the quarter mile uh at the track i’ve gone eight six soupy what you just made that face you just made that oh i just want to go back to the shop and work in

My own car no no i’ve had this car running for about five years yeah soupy’s been building this for about six years that’s not funny i also want to point out the stock seats in the back no they’re either yeah went right through it yeah i just noticed that that’s wild i never want to race anyone with turkeys can we take a look inside yeah yeah you can open it i’m

Over here looking through the window if you want you can even sit down in there is this my intro to the honda world right there let’s see what these kirkeys are all about don’t mind don’t mind if i do that and i won’t i miss myself this thing is gorgeous dude okay bro i could be banging you’re right there this thing might go away what is up with this who gets in

A man’s car and just starts a new check that’s yeah okay so i’m getting sick dialed in for you right now i’m telling you you’re gonna be going through the gears like butter right here all right what e-brake uh so that so that’s what i use for a staging brake so since i’m still running stock drivetrain components i usually pre-load on the clutch so then that way

I don’t have a harsh engagement of it and this clutch bites really hard so it’s not just this drivetrain is super strong but you also have to be a good driver yeah yeah so usually i don’t got this don’t look at me all right is there any good way to get in and out of a honda yeah i just got uh well this car is absolutely gorgeous like i cannot wait to see it run

But let’s check out the competition let’s go all right what’s going on folks zach here doing a little break upgrade on the k5 in the middle of it getting rid of these old cast iron boys and stepping up to some big daddies an important part about brakes is the pad because if you don’t have good pads you’re not stopping i’m going to be using these hawk lts pads either

Light truck suv pad the cool thing about these is they’re not like typical performance brakes where you just get a ton of dust especially if you’re running billet wheels they get way quicker initial bite and they’re not loud and squeaky so even if you don’t have a big brake kit this is a very inexpensive upgrade to get way better stopping power you want to get a set

Of these or any other pads that hawk makes just follow this link get 25 off hoonigan products from when you order hawk performance products hawk now get back to work what’s your name what’d you bring us my name’s tommy i brought uh my ttrs it’s just got um drop-in rods and pistons a single turbo kit and then when you say drop in there’s

Like is that are you down playing that it’s a fully built motor i mean like it is but like stock head like you know like like this knock block that he did that he left his car he left the block on flipped it over pulled the crank out put everything out the machine shot put everything in and then he put it back here yo and you could tell he drove it here because

Look you already took off some of the lips yeah you’re not there’s pieces of squash the lip’s like 100 bucks though so i don’t really give a i have the money y’all there’s poor people around can we pop the husband yeah let’s definitely see this bolt-on package is that how to take the simple bolt bolt-ons this car has probably been done for like two weeks now so

I have i don’t even have a full pass in it we’re just not used to seeing audi’s that run yeah we know a guy i’m a bmw guy so like i’m not used to it but this car has been nothing but good to me so what made you convert from bmw to audi so i had a i have a single turbo m2 it made like 700 wheel but like it was just like putting the power down and everything it just

Wasn’t happening so then i saw my buddy posted going like 10-1 on stock turbo’s in this so like a week later i just ordered one it just turned on and uh that’s my fuel pump transformers yeah so so the fuel pump turns on with the key so that primes it before i start the car and everything it’s got a whole circle yeah is that a bolt-on surge tank yeah it’s uh it’s

Got it’s got dual 525s in it and then uh i’ve never seen a surge tank packed in an engine bay yeah my guy my guy that built the car over at run support audio motive uh in newcastle he went crazy on this motive yeah he marked it he marked literally every single bolt to like literally the under tray that’s good that’s good did you say upgraded turbos on this thing

Yeah so like some of this last saturday i was doing like a bunch of brakes and suspension right and i broke the drive shaft so me and my boy we grabbed the drive shaft took it through tsa took it to hank i rise wow and we got back yesterday at 3am and i haven’t slept since so now we’re here it sounds like it sounds like a race weekend yeah big was your question

Yeah hank had a part of this oh so there’s ira’s parts on this yeah yeah i got i got a i ross flywheel in here and then uh all right we’re used to seeing those cars his cars are awesome oh yeah oh did he showed me around this whole shot yeah yeah i rise as a monster how long have you had this car eight months but i had it for a month and then or two months took

It to the shop and i was waiting for parts and i just got it back like a month ago and just started finishing it the reason i asked because you said you’re a bmw guy but it looks like you flipped quickly because you’re yeah you’re instantly i just changed it i just changed a week ago he flipped on the bmw guys with the quickness yeah well since we’re back here i i

Mean is there anything to talk about back here i see you guys that way that wing you have four slicks on this thing so these slicks are from when i was on stock turbo so this is the first time ever mounting them i’ve done 6130 testing but uh no dig testing so this is the first day you’re riding on four slicks oh yeah so after after all the work yeah this is my

First gonna be my first launch everything so we’ll see how it does i mean like the car for eight months you know that’s that’s way too long you should’ve been doing this off off the show i did it as soon as i got the car i sent it straight to the shop full voltage your boy spirals i’m all about anything done with interior or anything socks that’s like a carbon

Carbon steering wheel but at least out of people man they’re spoiled stock yeah that’s not good quirky’s but in here look at this well he doesn’t have to buy any drivetrain stuff he’s only got drop-in motor parts i don’t know what else we can really talk about i think it’s time to run these bad boys yes sir well the first race is usually a thousand feet heads up

And then the second race we negotiate if needed you guys good with that yeah we’re good let’s go i got schooled in the honda world soupy has faith in it i don’t know anything about it i’m gonna have to go honda i don’t know this audi dude i play with those that need for speed underground too garbage honda i’ve seen what hank i ross could do with these little

Like audi tts so i’m gonna go with the tt we’re going k24 further boys key 24 herta honda all day cause he’s gonna let me drive afterwards is he that’s what he said he did yeah he doesn’t know it yet oh okay cause i’m a honda boy trying to make it ah where are all these cars getting all this power from it’s like one day it’s like huh that’s the same question

I asked about you you getting all this power from daddy genetics built different i used to drink chef boyardee as a kid if you don’t stop eating i shouldn’t broke the chain off um top ends like a honda nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing i feel like that is it very inaccurate statement what what your boy did jump the line a little bit dude jump the line

You got to in a situation where you know you’re gonna get what was it oh was that close no way all right what’s going on over here we got too many heads in ninja bay hey soupy they’re just saying there’s a little water if you blow the head guys just take the water out and run it dry oh yeah leak water if you ain’t got no water the audi guy possibly could

Have won and everyone’s looking at the honda audi don’t count that’s like brand new yeah this is a race car race car he took a honda by engine by inches i’m happy with it it’s my first pass so hey first clean pass all right so you you got the hit a little earlier you knew that was coming wait a minute after seeing this photo finished screenshot we’re not really

Sure man that’s tough that might have been a tie so we’re just going to chalk that up as i i don’t know but they’re going to re-run audi’s going to get the hit no cars and he’s going to anticipate the hit this time because he was kind of just sitting at the line waiting for the flag drop yeah keep it moving um that was honda juice it was all right that’s

Just cool man man it’s just water smell like horsepower it’s so close that we’re having to legit pull the cards and like look at it on a computer this is the closest race we’ve ever had is it the closest place you’ve ever had yeah wow that’s nutty we look identical on that one literally identical all right so here’s the deal both races are so close we’re

Calling them both ties but we’re going to do a tie breaker shootout winner take all whoever wins this next race takes home the gate here signs up real quick once you got scored up for real yeah yeah yeah come on yeah now you got to get in get it get in there this is the closest race he’s angry that’s faster right he’s angry that’s that’s faster right uh the

Kids turn off the lights send that man home he’s got to go to work and get that clapped out tt back to the garage that’s it i said clap clap clap down beat up by a honda you spent all that money in software engineering you brought that thing and thought it was going to be the honda’s wrong big-ass intercooler looking like somebody with new porcelain veneers and

You still got me wow like oh my god come on come on congratulations you’re the slowest talking the fastest driver i think we’ve had if you can’t walk or you know i kind of messed up on them if you can’t walk then just don’t great race there yeah they’re great boys we appreciate you coming out here so well done do you know who the real winner is here uh us no

Hurts pants oh what the look at look at this miss in the pockets win don’t touch it

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Closest Matchup YET! 1085hp Honda Civic vs 900hp Audi TT RS Drag Race By Hoonigan

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