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Altair Club Cars Chevy Silverado vs Chevy Colorado | Which Chevy Truck is Best?

Chevy Silverado vs Chevy Colorado | Which Chevy Truck is Best?

It’s the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado vs the all-new 2015 Chevrolet Colorado. Which Chevy truck should you buy? Editors James Riswick and Mike Monticello debate the merits of each truck, including their performance, comfort, interior quality, cargo, value, fuel economy and which is more fun to drive. Which Chevy truck is best: the Silverado or the Colorado?

Today it’s an edmunds head-to-head special as the chevy silverado takes on the chevy colorado in the battle of the chevy trucks hi i’m alistair weaver and i’m joined by two edmunds editors used to herding cattle mike monticello is representing the silverado james uzbek the colorado welcome the first category is driving experience mike big is better right yeah as

Far as i’m concerned for sure you know the silverado especially since its 2014 redesigned is one of our top-rated full-size pickups it has a really comfy highway ride a smooth shifting automatic transmission as far as i’m concerned bigger is better and when i want my pickup i want a big truck you know i want to feel like i can run over stuff and not worry about

It you know because i drive by feel yeah but you’re actually less likely to unintentionally run something over in the colorado it is smaller it’s more maneuverable especially if you’re in traffic or in a parking lot or just going down a really narrow winding country road now the colorado almost feels like a sports car by comparison to the silverado well james as

Usual we disagree but if you’re going to bring sports cars into it i mean we got to talk engines the base colorado engine is a 205 4-cylinder that’s not very manly but in a silverado you can get a 5.3 v8 with 355 horsepower or 6.2 v8 with four-and-twenty horsepower now that 5.3 v8 silverado does 0 to 60 in 6.8 seconds so the bigger truck is faster than the smaller

Truck and let’s talk about towing in the silverado you can tow up to 12,000 pounds that’s way more than you can do in the colorado that’s true but you can tow 7,000 pounds in the colorado how much more do you need i mean that is enough to tow a car and a trailer and for most folks i think that’s going to be enough how much capability do you really need more more

More you might not every day well that’s a good impassioned debate guys but for every part of me that wants a 420 horsepower truck as part of my rational brain telling me that the colorado is a better everyday proposition for the most people so it gets my first point moving on to round 2 where the subject is value so james does the colorado hit a rookies road when

It comes to cost it actually does not because it is cheaper than the silverado it’s around 20 grand the silverados five grand more now those are work trucks so let’s talk about our more well equipped colorado z71 long-term car that’s about thirty six five if you put all the same equipment on a v6 silverado it would be forty five five you put v8 with that it’s about

Two grand more now it’s basically ten grand you really have to ask yourself do you need that much truck because if the answer is no well then you now have the colorado a perfectly good alternative that you didn’t have before you don’t want to show up at your friend’s house they to move a refrigerator or a couch and haven’t be like we’re gonna fit this thing in there

So what you’re saying is i’m less likely to have to help someone move all right that may be a good way for you to me fine but you know let’s also talk fuel economy you might think the colorado being smaller would get way better fuel economy but the v6 colorado gets 21 mpg combined which is only 1 mpg better than the silverado with the v6 and the silverado with the

5.3 v8 gets a 19 mpg combined so really it’s not that far off in terms of fuel economy despite the big difference in size well 10 grand for a bigger bed might sound like a lot of money but in overall terms the silverado is for me the better value and it gets my point moving on to the interior monte the very fact that silverados bigger should give it a critical

Advantage right well yeah i mean there’s no getting around the fact that silverado is a bigger truck and therefore it has a bigger interior with more room for people it can seat six whereas the colorado can only see five there’s more bin space between the front seats and the crew cab model has definitely a bigger seat than in the colorado but i would offer that

The gap between these two is much smaller than it used to be especially since that the design and the controls in the interior pretty much identical and even you can get a lot of the same equipment between the two just like the silverado that backseat can flip up and flip down for added luggage and cargo space basic good argument james but in this instance bigger

Really is better and the fact that you can fit six in the silverado just tips the balance of the debate in it favor it gets another point so at this stage of the competition the silverado has two points the colorado cheer swarm but this is the wild card where anything goes and i get to choose the number of points so james what can you tell us that will tip the

Whole balance of the contest back in favor at the colorado well since that 10 grand price difference thing didn’t seem to matter much i would at least say that if you are looking for a smaller truck the colorado and its gmc canyon twin are the only game in town the tacoma and frontier are 11 years old and pretty much irrelevant at this point i think you’d agree

That the ram is probably a more overall appealing truck than the silverado and then the f-150 is about to come out so there’s definitely a difference in terms of comparisons out there in its respective segments yeah but let’s talk silverado versus colorado and you know what they say go big or don’t bother actually i’m not sure if anyone says that but you do i just

Did but what’s the point i wanted to pick up if you can’t tow and haul large amounts of stuff but i think ultimately people have to ask themselves how often do you really need that max capability because if you don’t need it all the time i think the colorado for the rest of the year is going to be a much better choice both of you made very cogent arguments but

One thing james said really stuck in the mind at the moment the colorado really does have a bit of a niche all to itself and for that reason it’s going to get one point in the wild-card oh isn’t that nice so we tied we tied ah everyone’s happening so that’s what i think but tell us what do you think would you choose the compact but versatile colorado or the gancho

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Chevy Silverado vs Chevy Colorado | Which Chevy Truck is Best? By Edmunds Cars

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