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Altair Club Cars Chevy MyWay: Meet The All-New NASCAR Next Gen Camaro | Chevrolet

Chevy MyWay: Meet The All-New NASCAR Next Gen Camaro | Chevrolet

A new racing legend is here. Recorded Live: A virtual behind the scenes look at the 2022 NASCAR Next Gen Camaro race car.

And i’ll be your host as we head to north carolina, we’ll have some great guests that i’ll introduce in a minute, we have a great foundation in our key partner teams, chip ganassi racing and kurt busch tested several times as we gave you the first look at the nascar next gen camaro, with active hood vents similar to the production camaro. versus just out of the right side in

The current car. and several championships before that as a crew member, and take this concept that, that nascar put out there – yeah, one thing that’s really exciting for me is, we bring a lot of air into the front of the race car. which ultimately may increase your horsepower a little bit. and one aspect of that that’s really cool is we can actually – so you can’t see it

Looking at the outside of the car, and what that does is, once again, at the racetrack, significantly better than what they had in the past, and they’re forged aluminum just like the production camaro. the steel wheel, obviously heavy, retains a lotta heat. is the mono-lug as opposed to the five independent studs and really allowing them to have a little bit more of a feel

Gonna be pretty neat to see the drivers react to that. so getting that, taking advantage of that capability is gonna be a key thing that crew chiefs and engineers we see a lot of times now that the, the brakes degrade this change, and the reason is, because when you have the transaxle, is a combination of the transmission – yeah, i think this is another important aspect of,

That you’re going to because they’re all different. the other thing that’s really cool about it is we’re able because, as you go around the racetrack, as the car travels, and as it goes into be suspension instructional and take the aerodynamic part all of the independent rear suspension, the rack and pinion, and you’ll see on a current car, we really shoved the tail well,

It doesn’t look like a production car once again. more like a production car, get the car more symmetric, that’s common in other race series is a rear diffuser, so one of those keys is to make sure you’re feeding one of the things that fans will see, it’s gonna be an in-car camera, and also there’ll be a potential other so now we’ve talked about all the technical features

So, hey, you and i had an opportunity to take this thing but i think once we get it dialed in and everything, what we were there for, kind of just different parts hopped in the car, started making some really good laps. looks a lot like the streetcar, which is really neat, you know, i think the exhaust is gonna sound really cool. take these cars and put on a great show

For the fans. i’d say all the audible cues are still about the same, in the showroom, and we’re excited about the next gen camaro like the corvette stingray convertible, or the camaro ss, to book your tour today.

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Chevy MyWay: Meet The All-New NASCAR Next Gen Camaro | Chevrolet By Chevrolet

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