chevy gmc 2500 3500 van box truc
Altair Club Cars Chevy GMC 2500 3500 Van Box Truck Starter Replacement

Chevy GMC 2500 3500 Van Box Truck Starter Replacement

Changing the Starter on a Chevy Box Truck 3500

So we got a 2005 gmc box truck and we bout to change the starter on this you exactly what a starter is it you see i got some of my tools down here starter boat just two boats then you don’t course you got your wires up here at the top if you want to break loose and then you are hook your battery as well and this is a thirteen millimeter right here and behind here

This was just wiring right here this is a 13 millimeter – i haven’t got to the one i haven’t get to this one here so what i’m gonna do is drop drop it down and then take this back amount for like sticking nothing up and trying to keep that get my it’s kind of tight it ain’t too tight i probably could do it but i’m being lazy right now so i’m just gonna drop it

And then take it loose i’m gonna drop down alright so basically this is what you want you can also use a half inch socket in case it’s too tight it’s your breaker bar and then i just put it on down to the top to match my socket so i believe a half inch half inch i believe yeah and break this down so we can match my sockets and that’s how we do it or you got one of

These right here which is a universe i think hank this go from seven millimeter all the way to the 19 millimeter so i could use this and just put it up there blip you know it’s whatever you get when i was available for you yeah we see this is yes seven millimeter to nineteen millimeter can i use this a lot too but for the moment like i say a 13 millimeter half-inch

What is do the job so i’m gonna go ahead and i’ll drop just bang down all right here for you guys and i kind of broke this a loose a little bit you know with my breaker bar and as you do that like i say y’all make sure y’all hope you’re positive to your battery so you’ll be on the end sparking in the law refuses and all cavs are other crazy stuff and catch yourself

On fire i’m here cuz i’m gonna be around and put you out but a home in the meantime i’m gonna drop this out and then we’ll show you guys what it looked like i’m going to show you what the old one man we show you what the new one looks like too and just so you know i was having an issue with this one it would click let you know if i turn the key or click click click

And then if i hold the key and then it eventually turn over sometimes i would have to come on the hand tap the starter and it was startup so i figured it was going bad i mean short got a hundred and sixty thousand on it i mean i don’t know cuz it being could be seated wrong inside yeah but the new starter was on me i got it off of ebay for like $50 so hey you know

50 bucks see how long this 50 bucks last but i’m gonna drop this thing put it in and see what happens i get back with you guys in a second all right so i got it loose and just so you don’t know this first one which is this wire race right here i just pushed it up it comes it comes off of this i just pushed it up over here and then the one that is behind it which is

Kind of dark but this one right here this other one so this is a 30 millimeter this is a 10 millimeter so that’s all you would need to do this job even for the bottom screws 13 13 10 and once you take these out and these are loose you start it they’ll come right out you just bring it between this right here and you put your new one in and reverse order and you’re

Good to go so and the starter is on the passenger’s side right by the closer to the front tire you should be able to see it when you look on the knee for them it’s easy to get to a job to do let me bandage on can be done in the 15 20 minutes honestly all right so i’m gonna drop this down and show y’all what the new starter look like to the old one and then notice

New a knee and call it a day i’ll be right back all right here’s a new one that’s what we get this is the old one and one thing i notice about just doing this old this doesn’t move this i’m assuming this prada was getting me caught some wheels every time it comes back up once i push it back the way that was my issue i believe this one is real tight like this one

Trying to get it to come up it’s hard i saw well we gonna see cuz i don’t want to be in a way in this thing give out on me so i can say well work you know something some days it just worked fine some days our click some days i had to hit it but tap taking a chance so let me just swamp yourself alright so we’ll put this new one here see what happens alright so you

Got the new 101 everything fits as it should oh he’s got a little bit more of a gap right here two other one was a little tighter not sure maybe it’s just more material on the ends but you’re about to start this baby up and see what it do but in the meantime you can do this job in about 20 minutes i just say 30-minute stop if you looking for tools and you know

Running your mouth but for the most part save yourself some money it’s a pretty easy job to be honest which so may be kind of handy you could do it yourself and this is for the chevy express as well the gmc savana they all the same this is just with the box on the back same setup in the inside motors and all that no nothing different nothing special but like i

Said save yourself some money do the job yourself or you could pay somebody to do this alright so i’ll catch you guys on the next one and don’t forget to subscribe thanks

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Chevy GMC 2500 3500 Van Box Truck Starter Replacement By You Can Fix That

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