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Altair Club Cars Chevy Express Van GMC Savana Starter Removal and Installation Simple and Easy 4.8 & 5.3 Engines

Chevy Express Van GMC Savana Starter Removal and Installation Simple and Easy 4.8 & 5.3 Engines

In this video, I show in detail how to remove and install a starter on a Chevy Express van. The van in this video is a 2008.

My starter has finally gone bad on my van uh i should have been changed it we was in this moving process but let me tell you guys what it’s doing right now and i’ve gotten away with about six or seven months i’ve been dragging but it always started so clicking guys here’s the new start i bought it about six or seven months ago i was prepared i’ll put the link

In the description box where you two can get a cheap efficient starter from okay guys here are the tools you’ll need for this job ratchet torque wrench medium extension 13 millimeter six point i’m using my impact with the 13 millimeter to just shoot those starter bolts down flat head screwdriver as well just in case you need to remove the electrical connector

Remove the head away from the battery make sure you had a wedge so it won’t go back in place and touch the positive side of the battery terminal okay guys the starter is on the passenger side so i jacked up the passenger side i left tension on the jack just for extra safety heavy duty jack stands sitting in place but i’ll always leave the jack if not if it’s

Not in my way with tension on it just for safety matters this is very important like i don’t never get in the car without a jack stand ever here’s the starter transmission lines shouldn’t be in our way should be the jack i mean remove it pull it out through this way on this side of the lines 13 millimeter bolts once we get it down we’ll unplug it well we might

Not need to fight here sometimes those electrical outlets be stubborn that’s why i got the flathead screwdriver but most times you can pull them off with your hand the electrical connection on the back of there’s a 13 millimeter as well guys uh you can see i got leakage over here but it’s actually from the transmission this transmission look at the on the ground

The pan has a hairline crack up in here somewhere and i’m going to change it so i’m going to look out for that video as well which i didn’t know the battery cable had broken away from the starter until i removed the bolts from the starter i was baffled at how the starter still tried to make a click noise when i turned the key forward i don’t know how i did it

But this confirmed my problem when i was driving the van of how everything was grounding out and it was trying to cut off and while i was driving the cable broke wow the cable broke guys wow let’s see what i can do about this this sucks okay guys let me figure out a solution i don’t want to replace the whole chaos let me show you guys what i did took my drill

Bit with a small bit on it the size is worn off so not sure the size of it but uh i use this i don’t want to get a big bit i could have used a step bit when i open it up with a smaller bit but i pushed the line up against here and started the hole and i just kept going around it with this bit here i didn’t change it out i guess i don’t want to use a bigger bit i

Don’t want to mess it up um whereas the point it broke up in here and i wouldn’t be able to use it wouldn’t hook on that was important for me too so um clamped it off and i made the hole with this bit and i just kept going around around took me about 10 minutes to do just kept going around in a circle and so i thought it was big enough to fit on the screw that’s

On the solder so uh hopefully this should work hopefully i got enough length between here and the starter i made the electrical connection can only go on my way guys so okay mess it up so 37 foot pounds okay guys let’s connect the battery and see what we got remember my eight millimeter okay guys let’s see we got well we started guys i took the old start up

I took the new slider back down to make sure it was okay and i left it i don’t put this heat shield the shield back over it just right off put it back on y’all i’m putting on the old new one i don’t know why i left it off i thought that was made until the start until i looked at the software i got this goes on like so okay guys i have to jack it up because i

Want to make sure the stars were the exact same but since it was making that funny noise what i found out that started mounted up on an angle and you want to make sure you see uh now it’s flush against the engine that’s important it got a small gap the gap should be the size should be equal all the way across it doesn’t require shim in there but what’s the most

Important part was this right there that flush with the motor if you see how the starter seats in that spot right that’s critical otherwise you’ll get that noise and you see the space is before it was on the flat okay let’s start it there it goes that’s what we want to hear perfect

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Chevy Express Van GMC Savana Starter Removal and Installation Simple and Easy 4.8 & 5.3 Engines By Terence The DIY’er

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