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Altair Club Cars Chevy Express van Gmc Savana seat rails removal.

Chevy Express van Gmc Savana seat rails removal.

Removing the seats, seat rails in a chevrolet express or savana 2500 3500 1500. Converting to a cargo van

Okay this is a chevy express or gmc savana van it was a passenger van and basically converting it to a cargo van when you tear out the carpet floor kit you’re left with these rails that are bolted to the floor and there’s four of them now all three of them you can get to the bolts from underneath except for this one right here and it’s on the passenger side and

The bolts underneath are covered behind a heat shield underneath there so there’s no way to access them everything’s secured up there so the only way to get the bolts from the top is that cut or grinded open i’ve seen other people just grind this rail which is about a quarter to a half-inch thick steel and i’m not joking when i say half-inch thick this right here

Is about a half-inch thick some pieces quarter some pieces it’s a half right here it’s about a half up on the top it’s about a quarter so what i did instead i started grinding this one wasting all kinds of grinding wheels trying to grind all this open to get to the bolts and i was going to grind the heads off the bolt this is what the top of the bolts look like

So after i did that first one figure out how long it takes to grind those suckers off this is what they look like when they’re upside down right here yanked them out and those were the bolts that are through the floor so the first one i did like this took a little bit too long so i just started plasma cutting it so i figured out on these ones instead of trying to

Notch out this whole section i’m just finding the top of the bolts cutting this out with a plasma cutter and sticking with my plasma cutter down there and just plasma plasma off the head of the bolt and then i just take a i’m just using this little chopped-off adapter and just pound the bolt right through and just knocks right through same with this one i get a

Little light in here just open up the top pound that bolt through same with this one open the top open the top pound it through i just hold the pliers with this hold it up there i’m just using a wimpy little ball peen hammer and just pounding right through i’ve seen other people online trying to grind off spending one person on there so they spent 10 hours grinding

Cutting these rails all the way down the sides to expose the bolts and then grinding off the bolts and then pounding them out so i just found it way easier since i have a plasma cutter zip these open hit him through zip him open hit him through all in all probably take about an hour and they said they were about 10 hours in trying to get this last rail out so give

It a shot don’t know if it’ll help you but found that’s the quickest way there was probably about five up there i was able to get you underneath and then once you get up to about here there’s a heat shield under the van and you can’t get to the rest of these so quick and easy open them up chop them out pan them through and you’re good to go it’s all a pain except

For that last one this is my plasma cutter

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Chevy Express van Gmc Savana seat rails removal. By calibercleaning

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