chevy express van conversion wit
Altair Club Cars Chevy Express van conversion with IKEA hacks

Chevy Express van conversion with IKEA hacks

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Hey guys i know i know a lot of you have been asking about our van build so here’s our first video we have a 2010 chevy express with the long wheelbase and yeah come follow us you want to help with the tires yeah we went a few sizes over discover the at3s nice aggressive all-terrain so less chance of punctures rock slices on the logging roads we wanted to get

Rid of the old man chrome so we went with a nice aggressive rock guard in black a couple coats it’s been really really good well over to the roof um but a lot of things happening we got this big tully box for our firewood but unfortunately we can’t use right now because the fire bans we got the uh max tracks up there and our eight by eight awning from a local

Guy in vancouver nominated over landing and if you want to talk about the solar panels up there yeah we got 200 watt solar panels they’ve been working really well when we’re in a spot for a few days we’re not running the vehicle the charge the second host battery they’ve been working perfect and we mounted them on the bottom so our paddle boards most important

Still work on top all right come check out the inside here so everything with the van we designed about cooking and using everything on the outside so over here we have our arb fridge freezer that we can open from the inside and outside with all our vegetables flies it’s all drinks underneath um my mom did some wood burning here she’s kind of cool and it’s under

Mount slides and this cool little bottle opener here and we just lock it on the side there so when we drive it stays put over on the side we wanted to build something for our water but we didn’t want to deal with gray water or like a permanent sink or anything because again we’re using it on the outside most of the time so over here ikea hack this is just an ikea

Drawer front we cut it to size and um our brackets there and what we do here is really cool pull out our collapsible sink here bam and about 25 liters of water in there and all we do is use our pump faucet and it’s using usb rechargeable there and then for gray water do everything and then just chuck it outside that’s it all right come on in the inside so yeah

Our band is full of ikea hacks this is a ikea curtain all i did was cut it in half to size and sew it on both sides here i’ll show you the rest of the curtains after another hack we did was well we built the cabinet bases ourselves but we got ikea doors and drawers so over here get some photos of some of our trips and this is kind of our closet in a way we’ve

Got a little mirror here and that stays closed while we drive we’ve got our drawers with all our cooking supplies got some snacks down here and then this one is custom for our stove that’s outside right now and then under here is just some tools you had extra little space so that worked out um over here we have our extra water also our table goes there when we

Drive and this cabinet is one of my favorites it’s kind of everything pantry cleaning bedding um ikea little bins shelf i mounted upside down which worked out tp and our counters uh my buddy mike made these which we’re really happy with yeah up here i like my fake little cushion for kneeling on really handy all right up here it’s kind of our control panel so we

Mounted all our electrical here some switch and our puck light uh 12 volt up there we mounted this little fan keep some breeze going really nice uh our solar string lights there we go really nice evening temperature we can charge all our devices read how much voltage is left on our battery and yeah really happy with that what else we have up here we have our

Ikea little baskets um just handy for cables and stuff all right here’s our curtains um since it’s the second panel all i did was cut it up and sew it around some reflect x and there’s magnets inside so all you do is block out blinds uh we also have some storage here we gotta maximize on that these just from amazon perfect for shoes and all our little things we

Need right away on the road we do our all our cooking outside we have this refillable propane tank how big is it again tim five pounds five pounds and the last gas station refilled it for free so thanks all right so let’s go check out the back all right so over to the bedroom here um we wanted to make the van as versatile as possible again so this piece actually

Flips up and turns into two benches so most of the time it’s up like that but on a road trip we keep it flat and ready to ready to go like here this bench has lots of storage for uh camp chairs and mats and a bunch of things and then this one is all our electrical stuff that tim will talk in a minute um really happy my aunt just gifted us this really cool quilt

With mountains our outdoor shower here so it’s got a base camp usb charge pump shower all i do this bucket’s been sitting in the water i mean full of water in the sun all day so it’s really nice and warm oh we got a little shower i haven’t charged it yet so i don’t know i think it lasts a long time bring off the curtain so these come with sealed back windows

From the factory so we wanted some more airflow so we went to a wrecker down in burnaby and bought the pop-out window and latch and then we took it to a local glass company and they took off the old window and installed our pop-up window yeah so thanks for joining on our van build it’s been a really fun project it’s taken about a year it’s kind of been calling

It our pandemic project 2020 21 but now it’s fully done we’re super happy with it and we get to explore some really cool lakes and beaches like this one here do a little baby you

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Chevy Express van conversion with IKEA hacks By Paddle the PNW

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