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Altair Club Cars Chevy express partial passenger seat rebuild. We weld the armrest on, new foam, wash/fix stock cover

Chevy express partial passenger seat rebuild. We weld the armrest on, new foam, wash/fix stock cover

So for this one we did a lot of work on this seat on the passenger side. We installed a new foam bottom from the seat shop. #seatshop we rebuilt the bottom spring support with #redbrandfence wire and good old 130# hay bale twine from #ruralking We welded on the arm rest as it was broken off shortly after we got it. Remember to plug in seat belt wire under the seat.

Welcome to another epic adventure at weaver’s stone house farms people ask hey weaver what are you fixing today well the fun never ends so let’s take a look um we got a chevy express 3500 and the people you bought it from um the armrest had broke off fairly shortly after we had got it so we tore the whole driver’s seat or passenger seat apart foam’s off i got

New foam on order for on the bottom uh the backs the covers i should share in the wash and then we got to go ahead we’re going to rebuild these we’re just going to use valentine balance on will probably hold up better in this stuff um they’re not valentine but uh fence i’m gonna use a fence and wire on that and then this piece here the weld had snapped off down

On the edge of the weld on the bottom and then you can see it broke up top there i’m just going to overlap weld it there it’s close enough and then snapped over here so we’ll just fill that in and then we can have an armrest on the passenger side all right so follow along okay so it’s back on uh welded it it’s sat out last night it rained so went ahead and i put

Some extra weld down through here and then up through here and it broke off down through and then i tied it on the bottom down here and underneath um overlap on top and then down down here in this joint filled that and then over top so it’s in and then while we’re at it on the seat these were broke for the majority of them um and these were these rods these

Steel rods they’re pretty close i gotta tell you to uh my favorite good old red brand 17 gauge electric galvanized fence wire so went ahead putting on there and well farmer’s helper here i mean you always gotta you always got to get bail and twine involved i figured they all broke because there wasn’t enough support all they had for support on these things was

Just these little pieces of plastic um to kind of keep them spaced out and separated so i just went through and i tied bail and twine across here and there and it holds um so nice it should be all right let’s check the ultimate test out here hold on that’s all right man that ain’t bad that’s okay the springs that’s that’s okay all right we get to foam on we’re

Going all right i guess i should oh stuck all right so if you’re following along here uh the seats we went ahead we pulled the covers off clean them up uh we got the armrest back in that was a little tough we had to stretch this piece out to get the horseshoe clip in to get that back on took a stretch but we got it we got new foam from the seat shop and then

My wife and my girls mended the bottom they put the duck fabric over top of the seat to stitch it up so not perfect not perfect but it’s in and then we’ll go ahead and get that seat cover on the bottom ready here go ahead all right so we’re going to put the seat cover on we pulled the covers off to wash them and detach so we got this back in this stuff’s almost

Done and we can watch we can fix it she says that’s right and mama we can fix it that’s what we do that’s down though i didn’t glue these back in so it’s gonna move a little bit do you worry about that look at all this teamwork oh handle handle handles all right okay oh okay yeah i gotta pull the corners in so hold on maggie pull this back and stick it

On okay man it’s easier than hog ring pliers i don’t well maybe it is maybe it isn’t i remember redoing seats back when i was working the dealership he’s doing hog ring pliers that’s where i want it morgan are you okay okay how’s your sheep sit is it good all right mama sitting good no you’re not you’re gonna sit you’re not good t-shit and on this seat there

Were foam crow velcro down there and that’s probably portable to get that press it down couchy so the seat shop seat bottom yeah pretty good pretty good for good comfort all right awesome well thanks for following along and uh hope you have fun with your next seat adventure

Transcribed from video
Chevy express partial passenger seat rebuild. We weld the armrest on, new foam, wash/fix stock cover By Aaron Weaver Weavers Stone House Farm

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