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Altair Club Cars Chevy Express Gmc Savanna Water Pump Replacement

Chevy Express Gmc Savanna Water Pump Replacement

2009 Chevy Express Water Pump Replacement

2009 chevy express 3500 6.0 litre as you can see right there 2009 i’m doing the water pump replacement and i’ll show you guys that you gotta take a pot to get to the water pump take it off and put it on as you can see all it took scroll here scroll here you know you clip here goes right there squeeze pull up in the back see the sun but just loosen that up right

There i use a seven millimeter try to use the screwdrivers a little too tall on here and i’m gonna get that kind of haul for you guys to see back here but it’s a little tube right here is you can see and it connects on the side just just pulling it out and pull it up pretty much pretty easy and hang on so you lift this up out the way you gotta hold the sits on top

Just bet and put that back and i’ll we’re gonna take this up so as you see this screw right here comes out that’s pretty much this into the sash and i got these bees don’t want to keep bothering me today since the weather’s so good but um i’m go to the next stage of getting this out and i get right back with you you want to get a flat head or something and we’re

Gonna move this boat this boat right here and shake this thing up on out of here i have to work it up on the need for this as you can see these really don’t move so we’re gonna work this out of here some way somehow why just gonna get done all right so get back which island one second as i figure out how to get this shield up out of here as you can see you got

One two three you got the same thing over here one two third one back there three once you remove those three and these two at the top there’s bad boy i’ll come right on off all right so i’m gonna take this off and then we won’t get straight to the water pump no we are it to fan the clutch and the water pump you know attached right back here so this is the water

Pump all of this big house and i was gonna loosen this tensioner take this bit off got to biltz up here but you only got to take the first one off i believe you know and like i said that big piece that was here i just slid it this way up over this hose what it up and then i just took it out and that’s pretty much it getting it you know fan on cover off you see just

The bottom part got a mess a bit so i’m gonna want to decide whether i could take this fan off wise attached or should i just take the whole pump out and take the fan off that way i’ll let you guys know as you will see in the video what was the best way for me to do it and to make it easier for you guys to alright so i’m gonna save you the trial until i’ll do that

Part two bolts up one here one here i decided i’ll just take the whole pump off with the fan on it’ll be it might be easier for me to get this nut off back here which then that goes this way so when you put a a wrench on it and you go this way with my disis pin so it’ll be easier if i just take the whole pump off with this on once i get it out i can use my a clamp

Or something to hold this steel and just you know put this in a vise and just spin the nut off back beer she could see then that radio and i’m also on the side it’s three screws to take three screws to take this pump off over here it’s not it’s not that screw right did you can visibly see but it’s some screws underneath for this bracket is three once you peep down

A little more i’m gonna get down in there see if i can get two now you can see them you see that see – hold on playback and the other one is to the left top of the two so it’s one two there’s a third one over and once you get those three over here – over here the whole pump will come on and i’m taking this off because you got apply this to the new pump anyway so

And this is a ds all right these are about 15 millimeter and the ones that take the pump off at ten millimeters so i’m just go ahead and take this off and as you can see i got my my ratchet on it take these off transfer just pull it to the new pump and then i’ll hook these hoses and the pump meant you had a water pump will come out and get this thing off put it on

The new pump and put it back in as you can see mine is leaking in the back when i that’s just some water from the reservoir spilled down there but under the van it’s actually leaking because i was turning the pump and started leaking so alright so i get back with you guys in a short i got all the screws out the pump i got all the holes it off as you can see that

Holds those tools i gots to eat the whole thing off for you so i’m gonna work this out and i’ll give you guys a shout back once i get it off alright mention to you guys that um there’s actually three over here i actually didn’t see it till i realized the pump wasn’t coming off so you got the one here here you got another one right underneath here so it was three

On each sides to right here and one more underneath idea alright so i’m gonna grab that out porter’s pump off as you can see the water pump is off and once you take the three bolts out it just slides out with ease no issues no problems at all i can see is one to hard seat on bottom bolts because you know it’s covered yeah the three one top to the right right

There and pretty much that’s it and put it back on a reverse good to go so that’s what i’m about to do stick it back on all right so here’s what i did as you can see i broke a little bit you can see in between here what i did was use i just went i sprayed it with some little a little bit of good old walmart brain super tech lubricant and got my rubber hammer yeah

She could see this is a husky and i just kind of let it sit up right now it’s gonna rotate down cuz it’s one late on so what i did was i thought and i just hit it and i kind of hit it fast and i kind of put my hand on this right here so i could kind of hold it you know it broke it a loose from inside and once you do it a few times it’ll break itself loose and

That’s how i took the fan off all right so does it take it off put it on a new one i was talking about earlier and i just transferred my thermostat in the housing over to the no one over tighten these bolts when you don’t want to make them too tight you know you can break them and you definitely don’t go take this take a do it any way you want to do it this way so

That’s where i was getting that leak from for the most part all right just sort of update y’all on that as well and as you can see i got the new pipe in and i could see it you see that bottom bolt down here i’ve got three over here three over here because you got one that one that one don’t over-tighten those guys by the way you don’t want to break one of those

Off put on my hoses back on transfer my thermostat right there over to the new one put those two hoses back on put my belt back on as you can see the route okay some of y’all forget you know i put this pulley back on too so there you see the belt goes down it goes down underneath for here and it goes back up over the top of this pulley back up down down only for

Here and it goes back over here so gap between the two hey so that’s it i’m gonna screw this fan on put everything back on in reverse order and see you guys on the next one all right and don’t forget to please subscribe i really would appreciate it

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Chevy Express Gmc Savanna Water Pump Replacement By You Can Fix That

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