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Altair Club Cars Chevy Express, GMC Savana V6, Thermostat Replacement, No heat issue fixed

Chevy Express, GMC Savana V6, Thermostat Replacement, No heat issue fixed

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2004 chevy express six silver engine uh i have uh not i don’t have an overheating problem i have um it’s not in the operating temperature range i believe is the thermostat or wars can be the water pump the coolant is good it’s not leaking any fluids the gate stays here on the very lower part you got to be at least around 200 185 200 to open the thermostat the

Car does not overheat but it blows warm air on the fairing zone and i think it’s the thermostat so we’re gonna take out the thermostat this one’s all the way in there then we’re going to start taking out the air filter housing and the entire pipe going through the intake so 10 millimeter bolts disconnect the airflow and you can take out the screwdriver and take

Out the pipe and just pull out the housing um you can see where this hose the upper hose goes that’s where the thermostat is is nearby the throttle body and i remove this screw down there okay so this is out as well okay we don’t have to take out the fan cover this part so much easier drain some cooling down because definitely come out i can take it out from

The upper hose here and have a pen underneath catch it and whatever is in the pipe or the hose you will come out and whatever’s in the edge it will stay in the engine minor spill so either or okay i’m about to drain the coolant a bit the plug is on the driver’s side lower i plug in a hose to the plug so that’s what it looks like and i’m about to open the plug

And catch it from the bottom okay the cooling is draining and what i’m going to do next i’m going to remove the last piece uh but i have to be from the inside of the engine you have to remove the cover from inside the car it’ll be very difficult to put the ratchet in there it’ll be very hard to get uh anything in there to work with so i’m gonna have to remove

The hose and the cover on top of the throttle body okay we’re going to remove the engine cover from the inside the car two of them and then just uh the other aside and uh there it is on the top of the throttle body is released there’s a hose a viking hose attachment okay so we are there i can see now how much room i have this will continue the thermostat i’m

Going to remove the upper hose completely out of there and there we are out and the six cylinder engine at the top next to the throttle body all we’re gonna do now is remove the two 30 millimeter bolts and uh how do i gotta lose so i can get my head now no problem okay almost there how it this is got stuck so let me just pull it out and clean the area and

Install the new one okay let’s close okay there is hope the thermostat 195 degrees that’s the recommended temperature for this car we’re good to go i mean of course you can only go one way in that way also go ahead and install the housing bolts and tie it to specs try to talk the balls evenly not a little bit at a time on each side okay thermostat is tight the

Housing and i’m going to try to put the hose back and then just push it in good to go now connect the upper to the right of the upper hose fill the system and uh good to go it’s a little tricky you have to put here in the front first it has two clips so it goes downwards you clip and you force back and then you put the nut this arrows and also position for

The clamp and i cut here and the lip okay the thermostat job is about to end i cleaned the engine a little bit the throttle body as well we place also a filter deep spray a little bit of master flow sensor in here and try to clean it i will install the filter and put it back and it will fill up with coolant and start the engine i change the filter the filter

Housing as well when you take out the back part of the filter it also has arrows so we’ll just drop it in now and connect the harness and we all set okay everything is back a little clean goes long ways and we’re gonna fill the radiator use deck screw for a gm and hopefully the thermostat will open and the engine will operate in the correct temperature and we

Get some more heating we up here in the east and kind of cold so it was warm air coming in not hot hopefully this is the problem if not synthesize the water pump okay we start the engine let the engine run and the thermostat opens and hopefully we fix that problem okay the car is running for a few minutes and i can tell you i already have the gates going up

First before we did the thermostat it was only going barely to the first quarter now it’s heading towards the right way almost the operating temperature so so far so good and my heat is coming in from the vents so problem fix that’s what happens when you feel the air is coming in and it’s not hot enough and the temperature does not go up but does not overheat

The thermostat got stuck open so so far so good i will drive the car the job is done good luck here with other

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Chevy Express, GMC Savana V6, Thermostat Replacement, No heat issue fixed! By YouFix N Save -Garage

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