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Altair Club Cars Chevy Express/ Gmc Savana – Drain & Fill transmission fluid.

Chevy Express/ Gmc Savana – Drain & Fill transmission fluid.

In this video i’m going to demonstrate how to change the Transmission fluid in this 05 Chevy Express.

We’re going to perform a drain and fill of the transmission fluid on this 2005 chevy express 3500 this procedure is very similar to many cars and trucks that don’t have a drain plug or the plug is damaged the line we are going to disconnect goes to the oil core and it’s found on most transmissions it can be held with a clip like in this case or with a willis clamp

There will be two lines one goes to the cooler and one returns from it you have to figure out which one is which and use the one you prefer to drain the fluid if your transmission is starting to slip or it takes longer to switch with green gears then before doing what i show you in this video you want to start with changing the filter as well as changing the

Fluid look for my other video doing just that it’s a good idea to do this periodically as it will give you many more years with the transmission by the way the transmission fluid is one of the most overlooked fluids in the car and wrongfully so it’s a well documented idea that many mechanics hold by is that on a transmission that the fluid in it is pretty dirty

You never flush or replace all the fluid in one time now there are those who argue with this logic and say it’s not a problem but i actually do hold by it and makes a lot of sense and i’ve personally seen transmissions clean themselves out and become better and better over time but of course i’ve seen many that have failed and couldn’t be revived i will explain

More in detail in the end of the video but if the fluid is pretty red and doesn’t seem too dirty then this is what i would do in this video i’ll show how to drain some fluid from the transmission without removing the oil pan or any other component other than a transmission line due to the fact that chevy doesn’t give you a drain bolt we have to be creative this

Whole process shouldn’t take much longer than a regular oil change to perform this job you will need a good helper as someone will need to start and shut off the car you will need a short piece of a 5/8 hose it can be an old garden hose it would probably work even better with a 3/4 inch hose it should be at least 3 feet long it’s good if it’s about 6 feet long

You will need a drain pan or two preferably one of them would have the markings on the side to show the amount of fluid removed otherwise you will have to measure the fluid another way and some rags to clean up some fluid the mate spill let’s get to it we start by removing the cover that helps keep filling in the transmission right here it pulls away pretty easily

Most of the time it doesn’t require a tool but if it’s stiff you can use a flathead screwdriver to pry it away next we’ll remove the little clip that locks the line in place i like to use a small pic with a little hook on the end you pry a corner away from the line and the clip peels right off hold on to it hold on to it as its small and it can hide in many places

If it falls unless you want to run to the parts store next the line should slip right out you might get a few drops of fluid with it so have your rag handy now since this line is a supply line to the cooler when you start the engine fluid will pump out of the transmission so we will take our hose and hold it against the little nipple of the line connector while

The other end of the hose is in our dream pen at this point our helper starts the car and keeps it running for about 30 to 40 seconds that is enough time to drain about 5 quarts of fluid most of the fluid will go straight into our drain pan but i did have a bit of dripping from the side of my hose that’s when the rag came in hand and the next trip in under the

Transmission i used a 5/8 hose but a 3/4 inch hose may work better please let me know in the comments if you tried it wipe off any spilled oil around the transmission and use brake cleaner to get the transmission looking nice and clean reinsert the line make sure it’s in as much as it will go and install clip if you place one end in its groove and keep twisting

It around in place and wrap it around the rest of the line oh clip right in place place the little cover it should also clip into place next we will use the dipstick pipe to refill the transmission make sure you use the correct fluid as gm changed their opinion regarding what type to use in this van they changed it to dexron six put in the amount you took out i

Would recommend doing this every ten thousand miles and a good transmission should be problem-free now if the transmission is already giving you problems then you have to hope for the best a lot of times this does help the idea behind not flushing or changing all the fluid in one time is because transmission fluid is not only in oil but also a detergent so if

You have dirty fluid and you changed it all with clean fluid all at once then it may break away some dirt or grime from the inner walls of the transmission and move it around to a small valley in the transmission where all get clogged on the other hand if you slowly dilute the fluid it’s much less likely to happen let me know what you think of this theory in

The comments or if you have any personal experience with it also if you subscribe to my channel you won’t miss any of my videos and hit that little bell so you get notified when i have a new video and you may learn many new useful tips you’re done i hope you enjoyed the video as always thank you for watching please like and subscribe and leave me comments below

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Chevy Express/ Gmc Savana – Drain & Fill transmission fluid. By DR CAR

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