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Altair Club Cars Chevy Express 2017 Van Replacing the fan blower knob on the dashboard

Chevy Express 2017 Van Replacing the fan blower knob on the dashboard

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This video is simply to show you how fast and easy it is to take the dash cover off and get to your A/C control box .

I have a 2017 and one of the knobs the spindle behind the knob came off it popped back so what i’ve got to do is i’ve got to be able to pull the panel off and go ahead and find that little knob and push it back through the hole and this is what i’m talking about it fell right to the back and what i’m gonna do is take this panel off it’s only four screws that’s

Holding that whole thing on with some clips on the top very easy to do so the first thing you’re gonna do is take off a bolt that’s here one bolt that’s here and another bolt that’s here with a 10 millimeter wrench that you could pick up at cvs undo those two and on the other side in the same place there’s two more bolts so let’s go to the other one on the

Other side and underneath this dash right here there’s one bolt here that goes right here and the other bolt is right here take a wrench you just follow this here just follow the wrench around here there it is and those are the only four bolts after that it’s going to the other side and what we’re going to do is take this pull this panel off it’ll just come

Right off right here just clips okay and then we’ll go back i’ll show you how that’s done okay next we start to take out the dash and what we’re going to do is we’re going to start on the driver’s side and we’re going to take off the clips on the side that begin the whole process of removing so the first thing you want to do is undo this section underneath the

Steering wheel okay you just pull it it all pops out very easy and you come around here pull this section off and that’s it you can put that somewhere safe up there and then we’ll go to the next part is one part that you have to be real careful with and that’s with this brace here that’s part of the whole system right here so what you’ve got to do is put your

Gear shifter all the way down turn your key all the way to the auxilary just so that when you pull this out none of this is in the way okay so that’s the next step pull it out from here slowly as it starts coming apart you’ll see it’ll just start it’s very simple little deal okay and you start pulling it from this side and it’ll all come out and i’ll show you

What that looks like in a minute all right so now you’re ready to pull this part out okay so now we have it totally detached and what we’re gonna do is we’re going to just hold it like that make sure that area over there where your stick shift is down where the shift bar is down is all the way down so that when you remove the lighter plug because that’s the

Only thing that’s holding this back here is the lighter harness it just unclips very easily that little bottom piece there let’s see right there you just squeeze it and it just pops out and now everything’s ready to just come out one two three the purpose of me taking this off here the only reason i need it off is because i need to get to the air conditioner

Section here okay and i’m going to take that one bolt off and that bolt off so i don’t need to take everything off this is fine right here i can work with this here’s what i’m interested in this piece right over here it popped out from the front from where the knob is so i’m thinking okay where could it be and there it is right there it just popped right out

So all i have to do is take it from there and put it back in that hole and problem resolved and i can button everything back up so let’s go ahead and do that okay so i popped this back in i took it from over there where it fell out popped it back in it has its own clips and guess what cold ac that’s all it was that’s all it was and the mechanic at tropical

Chevrolet was too lazy to open this up that only took me 15 minutes at the most to just take a look back here and see what was going on instead he told his boss oh no it’s some big giant component blah blah blah blah blah i’m not a mechanic you know i may have been born at night but not last night so there you go something very simple it did the only tools

That it took was a seven millimeter wrench and a 10 millimeter wrench at 15 minutes and for this that mechanic kept it there for over the weekend delivered on a friday and keys back in my hand on a monday at one o’clock so if you’re listening their manager service manager i would get rid of this mechanic because he just cost you a very good customer

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