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Altair Club Cars Chevy Bolt EV MSRP Swap: 2022 Bolt EUV Owners Experience

Chevy Bolt EV MSRP Swap: 2022 Bolt EUV Owners Experience

We’ve covered the Bolt EV recall a lot on the channel, but never with a close look at the option of Bolt EV MSRP swap or buyback offers… until now! This video covers the experience of 2022 Bolt EUV owner John, who like us formerly drove a recalled 2020 Chevy Bolt EV.

Welcome back to plug and play uv and i’m here just north of boston with john who has a 2022 chevrolet balti uv and we’re going to talk about the journey that john took to get into this car how he feels about gm now versus how he was in the past so an owner story that a lot of people can resonate with i think let’s jump in agreeing to join me today and maybe we

Could go back over the vehicles you’ve owned in recent years how you got into the bulk brand and the journey up to your euv in recent years yeah because i’ve had probably 25 different cars i started out with a prius and then moved kind of quickly to a prius plug-in and you know they had a relatively short electric range and i started getting the idea that you know

It should be a longer electric range i saw a bmw i3 that had a range extending engine and i thought that was kind of cool it had more electric range than my plug-in prius and it also had that little range extending engine just in case we go down to the vineyard and i would still have to either turn the range extending engine on or find a charger to plug in for a

Little bit of time i got to thinking that you know more electric range even than the bmw is a good thing i started looking at bolts and you know within walking distance of here is mirac chevrolet you know i spoke to the sale salesperson there he was a nice guy and you know showed me the features of the bolt and you know sat in it and drove it a little bit around

The parking lot and we worked out a deal and i got the 2020. the hardest choice on that was the color i think they probably had four or five each a different color and i ended up getting a black one very difficult to keep clean but that was the that was the only downside to having that car i love that car it was great to travel around town and we could make it to

The vineyard and back without having to worry about charging we took our first longer road trip out to buffalo new york i always throw in the buffalo is going to be the next super bowl champions i don’t think that it really added too much time to the usual travel we had an experience in herkimer but it wasn’t the charger it was ordering lunch that took an hour to

Get a sandwich so that works with the bolts uh yeah it was that worked out perfectly so you know and then we finished the sandwich and on our way first electric adventure and not our last and now we obviously find ourselves in 2022 so there’s a gap there and this isn’t a ball tv so how did we get to the point where we were in the 2020 bowl tv and pretty happy with

Very happy until the first reports of battery fires first i was like well okay there was a battery fire you know in europe or you know something and i wasn’t too concerned but then it seemed like they were happening more frequently you know friends of mine would see these reports on on the news or whatever and they’d say oh you have a bowl don’t you and i said well

I don’t have to worry because i have a 20 20. but then uh there was ultimately there was a report of a fire in a 2020 and you know so that story was out the window by the time of recording this is about a year on from that so we are pretty much 12 months to the day when that expanded recall went into any bowl anywhere i was under that recall and we find ourselves

In this everything has to be replaced i’ll link up in the um description and the top of the video here all of the bold cb recall videos we’ve done there’s been a number of them undergoing the process with ours but yeah maybe you can kind of go through where you were how you felt at that time and how it got you into this vehicle you know throughout this whole thing i

Love the car and you know the 2020 was awesome this is awesomer familiar yeah um but the really the lack of communication from general motors was upsetting i was getting all my news on the battery fires and the situation with software updates and whatnot from groups that i belong to online and that’s an interesting place because we have you know there’s a separate

Garage obviously so we see your situation right here my situation as people know is you know parking the car outside and you know decent or distance away from buildings but then there’s people here you know see houses around here with attached garages places where it’s anything happens in the garage it’s the same as the home so i completely understand you know my

My feeling on it was not so high anxiety but i think there’s plenty of people where you in your position of just not feeling comfortable with that car being in the driveway in their garage near their house whatever yeah and i’d feel at some point um you know the the report was once again i was reading this online um but it was an official general motors release

Um that you have to park your car like 50 feet away from anything yeah and i’m not 50 feet away from my neighbor even though i’m parking in the garage so that made me a little uncomfortable and there was also you know don’t charge your car indoors and supervise the charging wheel it outdoors after it’s done effectively all the benefits of charging home stuff

Overnight yeah while you’re sleeping i caught wind of a buyback that general motors was offering once again nothing official to me is an option but i called the concierge number i asked them about all of the charging issues that i had seen online but i said you know at this point you know i’m losing sleep i’m concerned over this and concerned over my neighborhood

What’s the option on this manufacturer’s buyback and they explained that to me for the for the first time i’m hearing this officially and and i called them so my wife and i talked about that and and we decided that that would be a good thing to pursue took quite a while but i was assigned a case number submitted documentation and that was that was proceeding very

Few times that they call me and i think throughout the whole process i got maybe one letter and two emails it always seemed like the time of completion was stretching out you know at first it was was going to be 60 days and then you know it was going to be 60 to 90 days days and then switching to a manufacturer’s swap which was a whole other issue i picked this

Up in in march of this year so yeah like okay i wonder if that happens in the less premium sound system because that sounds like it’s subwoofers kicking in it’s quite bass heavy yeah i don’t know i don’t know but you know they didn’t tell me that was going to happen it’s like whoa yeah it feels futuristic every time i get m1 i automatically feel comfortable like

This feels completely similar it’s a little bit more pinched but except the time in the corner oh yeah there we go that’s true that was that was one of my niggling things like what time is it and this is presumably the regional breaking is this oh okay it remembers okay so it does tell you that’s just the equivalent of having l mode on that is that true yeah okay

Gotcha but it’ll it’ll stay on regardless of the state of the are you familiar with the menus anything new in the energy just slightly different layout but all the same data right yeah very similar okay this was ahead of its time for me there’s not that many evs that weren’t teslas that kind of told you this kind of level of detail of how your energy was being

Used i always appreciated that and then as you said you’ve got definitely softer touch materials all over everywhere even here actually yes oh boy yeah right so my hand goes here this is maybe a little thinner than hours but it definitely is so much nicer because this is where my arm rests a lot of the time so the uh yeah the the center rest doesn’t move right it

Opens and so you’ve got the tray that i have there i bought on amazon um didn’t come with it and it wasn’t an option okay so this is um it’s not floating but there’s definitely some space down there right you’ve got some storage below in the space right and hand sanitizer um and then this is the wireless charging pad you were talking about okay so it has you know

The built-in nav which which the 2020 didn’t have yeah that was surprising to a lot of people and it is although i 90 95 of the time i’m using android auto for me yeah this in the ionic it’s occasionally useful you know if we’re using the phones for something else or if they’ve died it’s nice to have the option and there’s apps are new right it’s not a wide variety

Of apps but yeah but still a spotify a big one weather would be useful my chevrolet app is uh that’s kind of odd if you if you tap on that it gives you very limited functionality um unless you have an onstar subscription like this right practically does nothing but if you’re in using apple carplay yeah everything you’d want right without an onstar subscription

And those i mean this is key this is what people have pointed out right you never have your percentage yeah and this is a way to do it without going the uh obd dongle route as as you and maybe a lot of the viewers know that general motors decided to prioritize certain years and you know maybe certain uh vehicle identification numbers or something um and you know

I think they they started with 2019’s and maybe worked backwards to earlier ones um every phone call that i place general motors i asked them can they give me an idea when my battery is going to be replaced they couldn’t they just said you know they’re working as quickly as they can doing as much as they can and so in retrospect i i glad that i did this and right

Not happy that it took quite so long the day after i submitted the paperwork for my buyback i went over to bonnell ford and placed an order for a mustang maki but the mustang maki was going to be you know four or five six months down the road it was a new option for people in my my situation um that there would be a manufacturer swap at first i you know i was just

So so upset with this whole process i just didn’t want to have anything to do with that then you know the more i thought about that we did decide to switch the buyback and all the paperwork that was submitted for that it was they told me that it was relatively easy to switch it into a manufacturer’s swap you know my definition of relatively easy is a little bit

Different than theirs but it wasn’t like starting all over again it was you know picking it up in midstream depending on what state you’re in there’s a usage fee uh in massachusetts it’s deducted from a buyback so whatever miles i had you know multiplied by the formula they used to figure out the usage that was deducted from the buyback but it didn’t enter into the

Manufacturer’s swap forty five hundred dollars or something like that that was deducted from the cash back right but it was it didn’t affect at all the swap the case manager that was assigned to me you know he’d tell me that he was going to call at the end by the end of the day and he did he responded to emails you know just really quickly he was awesome he was the

Person that kept me with general motors you know up to that point i was like oh man this this is just too much so anyway i decided that you know i would give the euv a try and um you know i’m glad i have it i can’t tell you the number of times that i bang my head on this little thing here it needs this redesigned that’s you know we fixed it uh yeah the sun is

I’m looking like the depth seems very it’s pretty similar right um the the whole car is six inches longer uh and there’s three inches extra in the back seat which is significant because it’s you know a smallish car to begin with but that’s leg room correct they did an interesting thing with the headroom because of the sunroof there’s a sculptured part that that

Is up higher where your head would fit um you’ll be able to see that in a moment um but actually i think the technical specs is that it’s just slightly smaller storage capacity right and i i well i believe it’s because of the rake of the window and then um you know everything on the interior is just a little softer um i noticed you know sitting in the driver’s

Seat there’s some cushioning here it’s a softer material yeah and on the 2020 you know you can bang it um and it’s you know hard plastic so there’s some cushioning here um i on my 2020 um there’s a chrome strip above the uh instrument display or the infotainment display and the chrome strip catches the light you know whatever inopportune time it is so i actually

Wrapped it with some flat black car wrap and that cut that down like the rims on this one a lot more me too also the blacked out i just think it looks better there’s always the gold seems to stand out it doesn’t go with the colors many most of the time it’s okay on this one right right yeah i blacked out plaster dip to our 2017 because it went with the white and

Uh black trim if it was faster dc fast charging it would be per for for me it would be a perfect vehicle so yeah i guess moral of the story is consider your options uh so thank you john for sharing your uh yeah we got into the balti uv my pleasure thank you for watching as always like subscribe to all the stuff that youtube enjoys and we’ll have you back with more

Ev owner stories soon cheers foreign

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Chevy Bolt EV MSRP Swap: 2022 Bolt EUV Owner's Experience By Plug and Play EV

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