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Butt-ugly those are the words i personally would use to describe the old chevy spock which was but is interesting to look at as a brick but all that is about to change because this is the new chevrolet spock and it is anything but ugly the spark might be a small car but it’s bold styling does give it some on-road presence gm intends to sell the new spike in

150 markets around the world to prove how serious they are they’ve spent 27 months and 1.8 billion rand in developing their urban vehicle architecture on which the spark is based the chevy beat concept car was shown alongside the groove and tracks design studies at the johannesburg international motor show in 2008 general motors conducted a poll to determine

The public’s favorite and after winning fifty percent of the votes the beat was to become the new spot as always some of the dramatic proportions and clever detailing has been lost in translation from concept to road car but its origins remain clear the oversized bow ties all around help to make it easily recognizable and the badge also features prominently in

The front-end styling together with headlamps that stretch to the rear of the bonnet in a deep arrow spoiler it’s about as aggressive as a microcar can clear light lenses house individual chromed bizzles which add a touch of sparkle tooth design designed to represent chevrolet’s notion that a small car does not have to be compromised the spark aims to be trendy

And practical well spec gets still offering good value for money if you’re a gareth cliff and you’ll be very familiar with the term stomach’s in jest art now the spot has got a little bit of that going on with what they call body in wheels after you can see that very clearly from the back with the way it tapers up to the top it does have some really interesting

Lines especially from the side and that also shows off this integrated roof spoiler just quite unique to the segment actually it’s all part of the the vibe they were going for to be edgy and aggressive with the design anything but cute and cuddly does it work still making up my mind thanks to the extensive use of high-strength steel the spot boasts the stiffest

Body shalini a segment this enhances its passive safety as does the clever pedal retraction system which helps to prevent the drivers lower leg area from injury during a severe impact driver and passenger airbags are standard in both available models in addition the ls model that we’re driving also has abs and ebd but both of the derivatives are really really

Well spect you’ve got power steering air conditioning you got an mp3 player with front loading cd there’s plenty of stuff in this car and this model is 10,000 rent extra that you get electric side mirrors power windows on the front and you get auto locking doors so it’s all very well spect i mean a little bit irritating thing is that there’s no unlock button for

The whole car and it doesn’t open with just the door which i guess is a safety feature but it is a little bit irritation inside the spark is not as adventurous as it is on the outside the only exception being the instrument pod which resembles that of an up-market motorcycle they tell us it combines an analog speedometer with a digital display for the tachometer

And supplementary information what’s the similarity between up-market motorcycle and the new chevrolet spot beats me but i’ll have a guess noise that’s about the only thing i can think of that it would make this slightly similar to a motorcycle don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with the engine 1.26 two kilowatts and an eight newton meters of torque nice

Power and delivered nicely but for all the spill in the press release about super absorbent this and special insulating that didn’t expect it to be a little bit quieter at the higher speeds maybe it’s expecting of a too much from a 1.2 engine because they can be quite noisy it does ride more comfortably than a motorcycle with the usual mcpherson strut front and

Torsion beam rear suspension breathing more than up to the job quirky design details aside the designers have done a good job of getting the most out of the sparks compact dimensions it sports one of the roomiest cabins in its class and is also a useful 170 litres of luggage space the new chevrolet spark continues what the crew started in terms of lifting shift

To a brand that you want to own in the noughties rather than one you remember fondly from the 70s the old spark solving huge numbers around the world so much so in fact and in south africa they’ve decided to keep it on as the spark light with two models priced under 100,000 rent this at 115 for the l and 125 for the ls should also get its fair share of buyers if

It was my money i’m not sure that it would be my top pick but it does offer a good all-round value for money package and it’s not bad idea

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