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Altair Club Cars Chevrolet Silverado EV, ZR2s and Corvette Z06 at the Chicago Auto Show 2022

Chevrolet Silverado EV, ZR2s and Corvette Z06 at the Chicago Auto Show 2022

Join me for a view of the new Silverado EV “In real life” with an overview of features from Chief Engineer Nicole Kraatz

One of the most hotly anticipated vehicles at the chicago auto show this year is the silverado ev from chevrolet it’s an all new platform what gm calls the altium platform it’s built from the ground up as an electric vehicle unlike for example the ford lightning ev which we’ll talk about in another video later the silverado as a dedicated ev platform offers a lot

Of versatility in terms of what bodies can go on it how they package the vehicle what they put into the vehicle in terms of features and even some more freedom in terms of freeing up interior space and trunk volume and tailgate and mid-gate design which i’ll show you in a sec so i’m very excited for this promising ev platform from gm and especially the silverado

Ev the chief engineer was here to speak there she is there getting miked up by one of her colleagues and she gave this amazing presentation on what to expect from the silverado ev and how it is better than the competition which i happen to agree with i do have a reservation for this vehicle it will be built in two and a half years which seems like forever and it

Kind of is but i am excited that gm is building this vehicle we’ve reimagined the full-size truck from the ground up and what we’ve done here is really take advantage of everything that an ev architecture can offer the new architecture allows us to design in features in terms of the sculpting and capability of the vehicle so that we offer our range of 400 miles

What that means is we’ve redeveloped the vehicle itself recompartmentalized the front the cargo cabin as well as the pickup bed our 0 to 60 time is four and a half seconds under four and a half seconds we’ve got 780 pound feet of torque and with the 400 miles of range this really offers a very compelling vehicle for customers who either are current full-size truck

Pickup owners or owners who are considering a full-size truck but weren’t totally sure that they were ready to go into a full-size truck um the ultim battery platform itself is built into the structure of the vehicle so this is not a traditional body on frame vehicle it’s not a traditional body frame integral vehicle either the ultim architecture allows us to build

The battery structure into the vehicle it lowers the center of gravity of the vehicle and it offers a very refined ride that’s different than a traditional full-size pickup truck when you’re using the glass in position and you’ve got the tunnel on this is all weatherproof storage when you’re when you’ve got the tailgate up so you’ve got nine foot overnight feet

Of storage that you’re passing into the cargo and it’s all covered with the tunnel cover and inside of the cabin from a vehicle perspective we also have our off-board charging capability with our 400 mile range pack you can use it to drive 400 miles or you can choose to use that battery for charging your job site your campsite and even your home can be charged

After the presentation from nicole kratz i took a look around at the zr2 silverado that’s the first zr2 silverado ever it looks kind of like a raptor or trs competitor although not nearly as aggressive i’m guessing it won’t be as powerful and so on but looks kind of cool i like the colorado zr2 as well which has been out for years and this is the uh the first

Time that the zr2 name has been offered on the silverado after that i took a look at the new z06 corvette it was roped off i didn’t bother going into the fenced area to take a look at it but it is pretty sweet and then there’s some other corvettes and camaros around here too um i’m kind of an old-school z06 c6 guy i like the older corvette from like the 80s and

Maybe mid-2000s and so on but these are pretty cool too i know they’re very popular and very good bargain for what you get performance-wise well if you want to see more from the chicago auto show this year subscribe to my channel and take a look at more videos that are going to come up over the next couple days as i get more footage and explore more of the models

Available for viewing out here on the floor thanks for watching

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Chevrolet Silverado EV, ZR2s and Corvette Z06 at the Chicago Auto Show 2022 By Mind of Matter

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