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Altair Club Cars Chevrolet Express / GMC Savana – Extra LED Turn Signal Light Install. Make Your Van More Visible

Chevrolet Express / GMC Savana – Extra LED Turn Signal Light Install. Make Your Van More Visible

In this video, we will show how we did the installation of the additional LED turn signal light indicators in the 2021 GMC Savana. The NEW turn signal lights were installed on the side and underneath the rearview mirror. This way the van becomes significantly more visible to other drivers when changing lanes or parking.

Hi guys we will show you how we did installation of the extra current signal light in gmc savannah or chevrolet express i’ll turn it on and show you how it works right now we have all our current signals on we have bright led in here right now originally the vehicle has one turn signal in the front there is one in the back right here the problem with this is the

Fact that when you have a vehicle next to your van approximately in this area this vehicle doesn’t see your rear turn signal and it doesn’t see your front turn signal either and this creates a problem in order to fix it we installed this light and now if you change a lane or if you are parking this clearly indicates your intentions today will show you how we

Did the installation of this extra turn signal and we’ll show you how we connected the wires the light assembly that we used for this installation is called optronics mc68afs can be purchased at your local parts store it’s originally meant as a marker clearance light for this kind of installation but as you can see it actually worked quite well in our case as a

Turn signal we already removed the cover this is how it looked originally this light assembly has self grounding bolt which is uh located right here but in case of this installation we actually has we have a different grounding wire which is white in this case as you can see which runs to a grounding point inside the vehicle the reason for that is that there

Is no metal part behind the plastic in this area that’s why it cannot be used as self grounding the bulb socket has two contacts you can see the black wire which is plus in this case and the second contact you can see a metal plate in the back behind this bolt this is the ground and as i said before the white wire goes over there to connect the grounding wire

The white we used this type of tone which is not visible but it’s behind this bolt to attach the light assembly we had to use some glue gorilla glue in the back of it and then simply using these two screws it gets attached to the body to the trim of the vehicle to run our wires we had to make a small hole in the tree right here and both the black and white

Wires go inside and later as you can see it was sealed with silicone uh the bulb that we used right here is from oxito as you can see it is a amber light bulb but in this case the white one will work as well because the cover is amber too the socket sizes that will work in this case uh right here 168 194 2825 t10 etc because this bulb is actually quite small it

Fits perfectly in this case if you guys like this bulb i’ll leave the link in the description to provide the hydro isolation in this case as i said we used the gorilla glue around the base of the light and as for the cover you may be will be able to see a slight convolution in this area both on the cover and on the base of the light which actually in this case

Prevents the water from getting in and in our experience even this heavy rain it didn’t cause any issues to prevent any corrosion between the bolt the tone and the the metal contact behind the tone we use this the electric silicone will put back the cover this is how it looks as i said it’s properly sealed even without any additional silicone the placement

Of this light assembly doesn’t cause any issues with opening and closing the door this is the maximum open position for the door right now and as you can see it doesn’t touch this stream at all another possible options for this installation could be on the body of the rear view mirror so for example you could either install it here or maybe on this side like this

But the problem with this is the fact that these mirrors often get damaged by trees or other vehicles and this will basically destroy this light by the way we have another camera right here side view camera and we have a separate video about that and i will leave the link for this in the description to install our turn signal light we had to actually remove this

Whole rear view mirror assembly we have a second one here and i’ll show you how it looks so this is where the light will be this is where the hole is for the new wires right now the trim inside the door is removed and this gives us this opening and right here you can see the opening where our wires came out off you can see the white and black we actually have

More wires here because we have as i said the side view camera but for this installation we have white and black wire right here which later on go inside this rubber sleeve and they will exit in this area at this point we have this protective sleeve for our wires and they will go inside this opening we had to make a small hole here as well what you see right

Now is a red wire it actually switched to red at some point one more time so our plus wire which actually became red now goes inside that plug which separates the engine from the cabin and our grounding wire which is white and it is still white gets connected to this bolt right here inside the engine compartment it is actually hard to show you the full path

Of the wire but here it is the black one inside this protective sleeve and it goes all the way to this lamp which we have already removed and as you can see we are using these connectors right here the blue one it comes as a female and male side right now it’s connected so we have to cut this original green and purple wire this is a two signal wire in the

Vehicle it was cut and reconnected at this point you can see the green again and this second wire gets connected to the wire that has become red as i said and this completes this pass for the wire on the driver’s side i’ll try to show you this is the plug that was used to run the 12 volt wire right here and this is the ground wire in a similar location but on

The opposite side of the vehicle on the driver’s side the idea is exactly the same we used these connectors to connect the new wire the differences in this case the turn signal wire in the vehicle is blue and white and the connector in this case it’s the one on the right and again in order to seal these connectors we used some uh the electric silicone inside

The connector right here and for the outside part right here where the opening is we will be using a rubber liquid rubber unfortunately there is no label on this one we’ll just show you how it looks you should be able again to buy it at your parts store and this is how it looks now you install this light start with the left side there is a hook right there and

Clip on this side one more look at our new turn signal lights as i said before it does improve your safety on the road it definitely improves the visibility of the vehicle i will leave the link for the light bulbs and for the light assembly in the description check them out and we’ll see you guys in the next video oh

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Chevrolet Express / GMC Savana – Extra LED Turn Signal Light Install. Make Your Van More Visible! By Morozov Automotive

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