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Altair Club Cars Chevrolet Express 3500 Van to Camper Conversion

Chevrolet Express 3500 Van to Camper Conversion

Grand tour of Bluester a 2001 Chevrolet Express 3500 passenger van converted for full time living or camping. It also acts as a tow vehicle for a 2019 Continental Cargo 7’x14′ enclosed trailer that has been converted to a RV camper.

Blister is a 2001 chevrolet express 3500 passenger van he’s equipped with a 5.7 liter v8 gasoline engine that produces 255 horsepower at 4 600 rpm he spent his first 15 years on the road transporting children to and from daycare built on a one-ton chassis and equipped with a touring package he has a max towing of 7 800 pounds and a max payload capacity of 3961

Pounds he sports an indingo blue paint job hits the name bluester having gone through a complete interior conversion his duties these days are that of a towing vehicle and camper a 12 volt max air fan has been added to the rooftop to keep him cooler on those hot summer days let’s take a look at the interior now i started off by creating a floor pan with the

Furniture laid out the way i wanted it arranged once i had the layout i removed all the seats and installed a plywood floor that i could use to anchor all the furniture to by doing this everything is modular and can be easily removed any time it’s needed okay let’s head around to the back barn doors and take a look at how our layout turned out this is our garage

Area where we have a large tote for storing tools in the corner is our auxiliary 12 volt electrical system with a 100 amp hour battery and fuse panel next is our office area where we have a slide out drawer for a laptop or ipad and a big picture window for a great view while working here’s a shot of our rooftop max air fan you can see we have reflectix panels for

All the windows moving to the side barn doors we have our kitchen area with lots of water and dry food storage as well as a cooler for cold items we have a large slide-out drawer for utensils pots pans and such and one of my favorite features in the kitchen are the built-in can organizers they make storing and rotating canned goods super simple with the four i

Have i can store up to 48 cans you just keep moving cans from the bottom to the top until you find the one you’re looking for blockout curtains have been added between the cab and the living space with the center section rolled down and snapped in place you have complete privacy coming in from the passenger side cab you have a complete access all the way to

The rear doors for easy access to the bed same access from the driver’s side cab as well space under the bed provides a lot of room for additional storage here’s the kitchen and dining room mode where we have a table top set up on the end of the bed and our shop stool ready to rotate 360 degrees now keep in mind blisters primary job is as a tow vehicle for

The attached 7 by 14 enclosed trailer that has been converted to a camper there’s a link to the tour of the trailer in the description bluester’s camping setup is for satellite operations in areas that would be tough to get to with the trailer although he’d make a great full timer if it just had a solar system and a raised roof all right that’s pretty much the

Grand tour inside and out i hope you enjoyed the video if so how about take a second and hit that subscribe button or give it a thumbs up both will help me out and i would really appreciate it thanks for watching

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Chevrolet Express 3500 Van to Camper Conversion By Chuck’s Magic

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