chevrolet express 2500 3500 2003
Altair Club Cars Chevrolet Express 2500/3500 2003+ Lower Control Arm Bumper Replacement

Chevrolet Express 2500/3500 2003+ Lower Control Arm Bumper Replacement


Okay so today we’re gonna work on a 2004 chevy express 3500 so it’s a one ton van i’m gonna replace the lower control arm bumpers if you take a look under your vehicle you might get a surprise so these vans kind of ride low on the suspension and you can see it there not much left of it on this side and so we’ll take a peek at this side compared to the other side

And from what i remember is pretty much fried just on the passenger side to get a bit of an uneven bump when you’re going down the road so do this job we’re gonna put it up on wraps which i’ve already done got a three ton outdoor kind of jack here this one’s made by pro eagle i think they’re the only company that makes it sorry my camera is having a fit with the

Light see if we can bring it out and that’s just it it’s that easy to move when you’re outside so that is why i obtained that i’ve got the two bumpers here and then i got a couple flathead screwdrivers so you’re gonna get the vehicle up on wraps so you can get under it then we’re gonna unload the suspension a little bit using the jacks i just get the camera set up

On the tripod and we will do that alright so we’re just gonna put the extension on the jack here it’s meant to lift high lifted vehicles so it has extensions on there there’s like some indexes on the side so when you put this in here you turn it sideways otherwise you can put the extension in turn it sideways put that in there i says up to the top if this one’s

Not adequate you can go to even longer extension for your vehicle so it’s basically a three ton chinese jack for the most part like i’ve got another all-aluminum three ton jack the same valve body and arm and everything this one’s got a skid plate underneath of it so that if you are using in the sand it still gets some support and obviously it’s got the wheels so

It’s way easier to move around and the snow and the sand and the mud and dirt compared to a regular indoor kind of jack so that’s why i picked this up so we’re gonna try to get this under here lift up the van if we could see that or not hopefully we can the sun is a little bit challenging today so i’m just gonna go after the mount for the control arm here it’s not

Lifting the vehicle we’re just gonna unload the suspension there’s no harm in getting crushed under the vehicle just don’t put your fingers in any pinch points should the jack let go so that’s pretty good i’m just gonna set the camera up on the other side of the control arm and we’ll see if we can pop out one of those bumpers all right so that’s the bumper there

It looks like it’s just a press fit in here but don’t put your hand in here hey so jack let’s go so we’re just gonna pop this out i couldn’t do it with the vehicle fully weighted on the springs it’s not going to come on isis off torn to bits it’s tempting to put your fingers in there but we’re not gonna do it all right so you’ve got that car my knees were thought

Of it see if we pop over the other side and get it him here we are again same problem other side you got it take these out look at the new ones and we’ll put replacements in alright so you can see the difference here between the ones that are going in to compare to the ones that came out not much left there i don’t know what what’s going on here i weigh quite a

Bit more my wife with her sides washed more so anyway we’ll get these put in you’ll see that i bought dorman part here i looked at the costs on the ici delco replacements and that’s just not going to happen they want way too much money for their part in half the time the dormant parts are the oem part anyway just said a lower price i’ve bought mercedes parts that

Came in doorman boxes in the past for my jeep has got a mercedes engine and transmission in it so i wouldn’t be afraid of doormen so we’re gonna go with these have to put a block in the suspension there too so i can get my hand in there with the risk of losing my fingers should something surprising take place so we’ll get these put in here we’ll be done all right

So i threw a jack stand here underneath for the crossmember this one to be safe put a bit of load on the jack stand so it doesn’t pop out should things go haywire on me do need to get a set of frame stands for this vehicle it’s a can get fairly far off the ground and that’s the best solution because these things are kind of maxed out so i got it on a pair of two

By eights so we’ll slip under there and get to sing it together alright see if we can get one of these bumpers in here now so the way it’s set up is that there’s some tangs here three of them before the matter it’s a lock into the foam so try to put it in behind two of the tangs and then walk it in the rest of the way using the screwdriver and the fingers damage

It putting it in either it’s pretty stiff material specter up here all right so there you have it that’s the job see pop those in obviously there’s not much space here so that’s why you have to do it with the suspension unloaded so you can use some wraps and a jack to achieve that

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Chevrolet Express 2500/3500 2003+ Lower Control Arm Bumper Replacement By Stephen Rivett

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