chevrolet equinox ev is a batter
Altair Club Cars Chevrolet Equinox EV – is a battery electric compact crossover SUV

Chevrolet Equinox EV – is a battery electric compact crossover SUV

Exceptionally designed with true SUV capability and modern technology, Equinox EV is proof that electric doesn’t have to mean exclusive. Enabled by the Ultium Platform* — this sporty, refined vehicle is engineered to be the total package made affordable, electrifying your daily drives.

Chevrolet more than six months after the publication of the first photos has officially declassified the new equinox electric crossover the car despite its sporty appearance and technological equipment will be relatively cheap at the same time there is a lot of time left before the start of mass production of the 2024 chevrolet equinox the american novelty

Boasts a modern and technologically advanced cabin as standard the crossover is equipped with an 11-inch touchscreen and a cluster of digital instruments however the base version of the equinox has a lot of hard plastic and fabric upholstered seats but the interior of the american model is spacious the luggage compartment with the second row seats folded down can

Stretch up to 1614 liters the following trim levels include a heated steering wheel and front seats a 17.7 inch touchscreen monitor sports upholstery seat ventilation power seats dual zone climate control a power tailgate and an electric sunroof in addition equinox is equipped as standard with a lane keeping assistant emergency braking systems including in front

Of pedestrians frontal impact prevention blind spot monitoring parking assistance and others also the crossover received a proprietary super cruiser complex which allows you to drive on certain routes without holding the steering wheel the equinox will be available with multiple powertrains front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive for the chevrolet equinox ev five

Trim levels are announced at once one lt two lieutenant three lieutenant two rupees three rupees and two power plants to choose from a single-engine front-wheel drive produces a maximum of 213 horsepower and 328 newton meters twin-engine all-wheel drive 294 horsepower and 469 newton meters the battery capacity has not been announced but based on the mileage on

A single charge there will be at least two options the base front-wheel drive version can travel 250 miles 402 kilometers on a single charge on the epa cycle with a larger battery 300 miles 482 kilometers the range of the twin-engine equinox air is 280 miles 450 kilometers the maximum charging power is 150 kilowatts it will allow you to replenish the range of

70 miles 112 kilometers in 10 minutes the cabin has an on-board socket with a power of three kilowatts the dynamic characteristics of the crossover are not disclosed but it is known that acceleration and deceleration can be controlled with one pedal an accelerator which when released activates regenerative braking exterior and interior decoration of the equinox

Air depends on the configuration the size of the rims is 19 20 or 21 inches external door handles retractable the body is available in two-tone paint and a panoramic glass roof with a sliding sunroof the chevrolet equinox ev will go on sale in the fall of 2023 in the two rupees limited edition with all regular trims including the thirty thousand dollars low end

One lieutenant hitting the market during 2024. the chevrolet equinox air will be produced at gm’s mexican plant in ramos saraspay where the gasoline equinox for the u.s market is also assembled

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