checking out the 2022 ford e tra
Altair Club Cars Checking out the 2022 Ford E-Transit Low Rough, Long Version Cargo Van

Checking out the 2022 Ford E-Transit Low Rough, Long Version Cargo Van

What excited me about this electric cargo van:

Kwame luv here from gig brothers today we’re at warner creek ford looking at my dream truck for gig brothers the 40 transit cargo van so come on let’s take a look at it all right so my main thing i was focused on was the inside i wanted to see you know the width of the side door it’s plenty wide enough to get my equipment in i’m standing right there i want to see

How how high up the load in was you know from straight up straight from the street i wanted to uh see what this divider the bulkhead partitioner looked like what the the side panels look like if i decided to order those order those the vinyl flooring uh one thing about the flooring is it’s a little soft and you can actually feel the ridges and dips up under it so

I would probably play for the more expensive option of getting the harder cargo uh flooring and that’s the vinyl so uh the front is incredible you know uh later on you know my focus was to see i’m six foot four so i wanted to see how far back the seat would lean back and uh now you’ll see that later so let’s go around to the back of the van uh you know another

One of my concerns was how far up high up is the load in so i had my son stand next to it he knows a measurement of course you know there’s it’s lower off the curb where he’s standing but you know it it’s not too bad you know i have a ramp so i have to get my equipment up there that was one of my concerns now that’s a sensor on the back here right now this van

Comes loaded with a lot of things a lot of different options it had about six thousand five hundred and ninety dollars worth of uh extra add-on options uh in the front you’ll see this is where you’ll you’ll do your your charge pretty convenient to me uh some of the options it has is the rear compartment lighting the tie down hooks which i definitely need 253

Degree opening i didn’t really know what that meant passive entry start you know probably not uh necessary for me reverse brake assistant the bulkhead with uh the window partition and i’m really considering after looking at it in person the uh the sync 4-hd navigation are really cool because you can uh sync your phone to the uh the the main the main system on

On it uh the blind spot assist 1.0 d-pillar handles which were really cool i i i definitely will be getting those two additional keys which is a must pro power on board which with 2.4 kilowatts really incredible you could power a whole campsite i’ll probably do some outdoor gigs gigs with that honestly so here i’m in the front of the cab uh me and my wife were

Checking it out pretty roomy like i say i’m six foot four i i love the uh how big the computer screen is i love the way they have the the knob for uh the rear and and drive it starts up beautifully of course it’s you know it’s electric what you expect uh man but one of my main concerns still remains and that’s the range at only 126 miles you know i just

Can’t see taking this too far which is what i would want to do because it’s such a fly truck uh but anyway you know it still might be worth it because gas right now is crazy and it’s a shame because at six foot four i fit great behind the driver’s seat and i’d really love to take it on a long drive so last thing it’s also had a eight year 100 000 mile warranty

On the battery which is standard man so all electric i can’t wait for this to come out hopefully this summer man i’m trying to be the first line to get one alright gig brothers we out

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Checking out the 2022 Ford E-Transit Low Rough, Long Version Cargo Van By Gig Brothers Audio

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