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Altair Club Cars Check Out the New Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV | FIRST LOOK

Check Out the New Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV | FIRST LOOK

The brand new Rolls-Royce Cullinan is finally here after a long wait! Entering into the off-road market for the first time, Cullinan is quite literally the Rolls-Royce of SUVs. Join me for a first detailed look around the new introduction, from the exterior to the interior, to discover what it is all about.

Hi guys i’m schmee hello to you welcome back to the channel and welcome today to a very special first ever look at the brand new rolls-royce cullinan so i’m at the home of rolls-royce in goodwood england and today i’m going to get an opportunity to show you around the car take a look at some of the design features and jump onto the interior of rolls royce’s first

Ever suv their first ever four wheel drive vehicle so let’s get started and have a look at the cullen me hmm hmm here it is then it’s been long awaited but rolls royce finally taking the wraps off the covers have been removed from their first suv i think you’ll agree with me that it is distinctly rolls-royce as you take a look around

The car the styling the large front grille but it’s a completely new form factor and shape for them as they enter this ever popular and growing market of four-wheel drive suv cars this car’s painted in magma red it’s a lovely colour to launch it in but we’ll just take a quick walk around just so you can see the car and the shapes of it before we run over more

Detail about the reasoning behind various aspects the engine and of course jump onto the inside but i think the big thing is that perhaps it’s not as large as i initially might have expected it’s 5.3 meters long but it very much retains rolls-royce’s signature characteristics the doors for example the rear doors that open towards the back obviously around the rear

Section itself this is all completely new the shapes required to introduce the large suv form factor the shape there are new lights as well it’s running on the 22-inch wheels with a new finish that they have here but you have signature features like this spear that runs along the lower section of the side of the car and a very long high and proud front end up

Towards the spirit of ecstasy worn at the very top of the grill at the front coming into focus then more on the design it’s created to be purposeful and unforgiving to have a presence on the road you could almost see it as phantom’s bodyguard we’ll start right around the front though where you’ll notice that the grille is a different style of installation to that

On the phantom it sits more right at the front surrounded either side by the new headlights which have this distinct running light over the top and around the sides of them giving it a very high very wide presence at the front and the lines that it has they’re all very very sharp leading down towards the bottom where you have the exterior stainless steel package

Which gives you those trim parts that you can see accentuating the different shapes beneath right there you can see the technology elements of the car as well the radar sensors for example also the cameras that are installed in the front windscreen to help with the suspension system we’ll talk more about that as we continue around the car you’ll notice also that

It has very very sheer sides there are some distinct lines for example you’ll notice how it comes up towards the front corner continues with the waffle line all the way along the side of the car along the shoulder of the car before it comes around the back and swoops back forward on the lower sections beneath that you can see it almost is sculpted and indented

Inwards along the side with that distinct spear that runs the length just to bring your eye almost higher and take away some of the the sheer scale of the color on the sides of the car there are then actually six different wheel options that you can have this is i think one of the favorites with a new dark almost chrome tinted effect 22 inch wheels also available

On 21 inches as well with tyres developed similarly to phantom with the epitome of quietness it’s all obviously about the style luxury comfort of the drive and riding experience and then as we come towards the back this final pillar the swooping sporty shape of course it doesn’t come completely i suppose to a sharp end at the top of the vehicle and they’ve had to

Introduce this new element called the bustle back which is inspired by the touring cars of the 20s and 30s where you’d have your luggage almost stored on the rear of the car but it is a split-fold tailgate so it opens upwards and also a lower section and will open backwards and there are some very very nice features inside there as well coming down beyond that we

Get to the exhaust tips the visible tips on this car so either side as you can see of the stainless steel finisher in the center but mounted in the bumpers which are not actually body coloured and that’s because it’s really part of the intent of the car a car that can actually be driven off-road and be driven say in the dunes or out on ice used for a ski holiday

All of those kind of characteristics above those we move to new tail lights i would say they’re quite small relative to the size of the car but they’re finished with the jewels inside which illuminate and also that area surrounding them illuminates upon indicating or hazard lights i think when we start with the interior we’ll probably jump into the back because

It’s quite interesting to show how it works in there the i suppose newest part for a rolls royce but the car is i would think very much what you might have expected it’s a very nice package overall um it’s been long awaited until it’s finally arrived here the cullinan and that was actually their original project name for the car project cullinan named after a

Particularly special diamond a 3106 carat diamond that was moved to the uk but the name has stuck and made it through to the production vehicle this car like i mentioned is finished in magma red it’s one of the two halo specifications there are a total of eight launch specifications but obviously it is available in any configuration and being a rolls royce can

Also be made in a very bespoke way as well and presumably with options opening in the future also but this car has the magma red with tan interior let’s come around to the back where it will be possible to open it up and i have the key here which is finished to match the interior of the car so open the tailgate one press of the button both parts will open up and

Outwards now the lower section of course gives easier access to lift your luggage in for example but also it can introduce new options that will come in future with what can be done back here some of the teasers that we’ve seen from rolls royce so this is obviously carpeted it has a few rather trick features the first one to talk about are the rear seats the 40 20

40 splitting rear seats that are controlled via electric motors using these buttons so if we press this forwards the seat is motorized and falls forward we’ll just do the other side as well you will notice it goes most of the way and then the headrests move before it folds virtually flat so significant feature is that those seats go almost flat if you want to use

Them as a table or to put things in or whatever may be going on and in addition to that if you’re trying to load let’s say long pieces of luggage you will notice that there is a step that’s done to maximize the rear space there is also the option to press this button here which will angle that part that you can see there to enable you to put luggage in even more

Easily on top of that the parcel shelf can be folded up and put into this cubby storage area underneath the boot floor as well so that’s quite practical and efficient as boots go and then you can close various parts if you wanted to just close the rear tailgate the lower tailgate that button would do the job there or you can press the top and close that down very

Very convenient and practical to move to the interior of the car let us first open it up so you can feast your eyes on the luxurious interior now there are of course some design and styling features that we’ve seen on other rolls-royce models but also some new things to talk about as well in the first we need to pop these seats back up which you do by pressing these

Buttons you can see how they raise slightly and then move the headrests before they go into their final position you’ll also notice next to those buttons we have a usbc port one on each side as well as in the front tan interior on this car some nice finishing touches for example the embossing here that you have on the door card and also rolls-royce have developed

A new trim for this car as well but some first things to just talk about you can notice the plaque here the cereal plaque that’s installed on the car akin to rolls royces of old you have a very low side sill so the stepping into the car is very very easy it’s flat on the floor either side of the tread plates a fun feature is the fact that the doors actually come

Over the outside of the sill so for example this part won’t actually get dirty which means you’re not going to dirty your clothes stepping in and out if you’re using the car in an off-road environment now before we get too much onto the interior i actually want to open up the engine bay and talk a little bit about that side of things and what is powering the

Car so if we come around here obviously very high at the front of the car behind the spirit of ecstasy you have the 6.75 liter twin turbocharged v12 that makes 571 horsepower and 850 newton meters of torque all the way from 600 rpm so lots of torque from very very low revs which means it is a great car to drive in different off-road environments that’s where you

Want the power it is a permanent all-wheel drive system with a slight rear bias it has an 8-speed automatic gearbox which uses rolls-royce’s uh satellite geographical technology to almost predict what you want before you actually get there but that’s mounted up there in the front generating an awful lot of power i think more than enough would be a uh an accurate

Description so let’s just close this back down and head towards the inside for a second gently close that and latch it down behind the spirit of ecstasy proud at the front click right inside most cullinans will find themselves as self-drive vehicles of course so the rear is very spacious as well if the owner was was to be chauffeured around in it for example but

Let’s start up towards the front i’m going to take a step in here over the lovely carpets and we’ve got down there in the foot wells very deep lovely place to be sat this is for sure so new features that we have in here for example it has a touchscreen now there are a number of uh features that we can go through and show in more detail there we’ve also got

The analog looking but digital display and i think this is a very very good integration of the system it’s similar to how we saw it on phantom but you have the chrome bezels which give that traditional appearance but with the benefits that come from it being a full digital display it has a slightly smaller steering wheel than phantom and thicker which fits the

Characteristics more of this car but let’s talk very specifically about distinct features including the off-road mode button so rolls-royce have kept this very simple there isn’t a huge wealth of buttons that you have to worry about and work out what you’re pressing there is a simple button for 90 percent of use cases for example so basically that will manage

The systems you can go deep into the menu to adjust things specifically should you wish the car is also sitting on an air suspension system and actually from the key you can double press it to lower the car 40 millimeters before you even step in it has all the latest tech in terms of cameras um 360 parking assist as well the first rolls royce that has a parking

Assistant system to park itself there are some cameras located up here in the windscreen to make the ride incredibly comfortable and this is the new type of trim that they’ve created as well box grain leather that is back rolled just to give it a distinct finish around the color and clock that you have up there and also the screen that you can hide away should

You wish but just everything in traditional style is very very very nicely finished you know all the things you touch and press and feel have a solid literally feel to them in the way they are the way they interact standard heated steering wheel good storage and compartments as you can imagine there is a wireless charging pad as well for the phone as well as the

Car having usb-c ports i’ll show you how those work in the rear of it as well memory seats heated seats but the contrast of tan leather with the different blacks and materials the rolls-royce embossing and piping around the headrest as well you see on this car and a virtually borderless rear view mirror i noticed too with lots of controls up here for the full

Panoramic roof and that’s actually one of the things you notice if you just take a look around at the glass and how much you can actually see in here the sight lines are incredibly good you’ve got great visibility through that rear window it’s a window that would normally sit in the the rear luggage compartment of the car but in this in this case actually sits

Just beside the rear passengers but it means you get a pretty good visibility of course we’re sat um quite high up spirit of ecstasy out towards the front um but that’s comfortable position um the bespoke audio system and of course um two pedals with the eight-speed automatic uh and the uh selector for the park reverse neutral and drive over there to the side

As well as low range no paddles or anything like that on a rolls royce the satellite gearbox does its thing so on the interior as well we have hill descent control and a popular off-roading piece of functionality let me jump into the rear you can see the assistant systems and settings just to show you some other things in there but to do so let me just close the

Front door press of the button oh it would help if i press it properly there we go and the door shuts perfectly so let’s step into the back where there is plenty of room so although it might not be marketed as a car to be chauffeur driven there is more than enough space to be you have two buttons here rather than the one the first is to the picnic table which

Reveals the touch screen so the car has three touch screens actually one on each side and of course up at the front if we bring that out as well you have all of your media vehicle settings everything that you could imagine wanting to go through available to you in there and if you then close the picnic table it will close both elements of that and shut them

Away with their motors it’s nice having the air conditioning vents just here to make the comfort of the rear even better and yes what else can i show you yes of course um the button to close the door up here so you don’t have to step or lean out to pull the door too and then you’ve also got the headrest control here should you wish now being a rolls royce it

Is supposedly incredibly quiet and peaceful inside the car when you’re driving and i can very much believe it because my experience of phantom 8 was fairly exceptional in that regard you’ve also got the through load system here if you wanted to bring your skis along you could fold the system down i believe you pull this and pull it forward yeah there we go access

To the to the boot should you need it um through that system just close that back up into place lots of space lots of airiness and this is without even having the panoramic roof actually opened at the moment um light controls in various bits and pieces so if we open up this door i haven’t yet shown you the tradition of the rolls royce umbrella that is there if

I open up the front door actually it has obviously moved away from the front door towards the rear and the reason for that is if we close the door if you were sitting in the front seat you would be able to give a press of the button and pop it out without having to actually get out of the car and get any uh get wet at all so that sits inside the rear door clicks

Into place there’s one other thing at the boot actually that i didn’t yet show you we just come around back here and open it up again pressing the button there we’ll only open the upper section but i want to show you this button here which is the electronic towing eye tow hook at the back obviously the car might well be used to pull horses to pull a boat on a

Trailer to pull a race car on a trailer it has a built-in towing hook right there which electronically mechanically falls away which is a nice little additional touch um for it as well press at the button and it will fold itself and tuck back out of sight in a second there we go off it goes so close that back down standard buttons to lock it up as well from the

Rear should you wish well i think that is more or less it for now a first look and walk around of the exterior and interior of rolls-royce’s suv the cullinan i think it’s wonderful that the car has finally arrived i’m very impressed with how it looks myself i think i thought it might be more angular but it has a sporty presence without necessarily overdoing it it

Seems very very practical in terms of the technology level that we’ve seen and the fit and finish on the inside akin to what one expects so no doubt it’s going to be hugely popular potentially rolls royce’s most popular model of the current lineup certainly over the next couple of years i look forward to seeing how they will be used when owners get their hands on

Their culinards i’m sure some will be taken across the dunes and the like south in the middle east many might be used around the city just for practical purposes as well as i think it seems like a car that you could actually drive if you think about it the length 5.3 meters it’s not significantly longer than an estate car or any other suv but then it has all of

The luxuries that come with being a rolls royce so big thanks to rolls royce for the opportunity to come down today and shoot a video to show with you or share with you the new cullinan i hope you’ve enjoyed this video stay tuned for plenty more i’m sure with it to come in the future fingers crossed an opportunity to drive and see what it’s like out on the roads

So thank you very much as always for watching guys i really appreciate your support that is it for now i will catch up with you again next time cheers

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Check Out the New Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV! | FIRST LOOK By Shmee150

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