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Why did we do this to ourselves!? Should we sell it, or keep it!?

All right let’s see if we can get started oh you got one already yeah how’s that doing towing this truck it’s fantastic right yeah i can’t believe it i noticed this was missing yeah the high pressure fuel pump yeah oh that’s a high pressure fuel pump yeah so it’s not gonna start it might how are you gonna get fuel yeah oh it’s gone from both sides yeah moving

All right so yeah jack it up because the weight is made me feel a little better about the day sometimes it’s nice right now i like watching it should have a little bit of juice to it a little better juice all right positive here got the negative over here oh stop it yeah okay yeah just spin that fuel all right so just roll it back yeah first let’s make

Sure okay i’m right back here make sure those tires stay lined up you’re gonna feel the weight on the ramp all right guys what’s going on here tron drive we made another purchase this one however i won’t take credit for it my dad did buy it although i did influence him to get it it has a lot of potential it’s only missing the high pressure fuel pump which

Is right there so that fuels um that pumps fuel to the engine realistically and then the air fuel filter box it’s kind of a little dismantled but that’s not the end of the world i could it looks like it easily gets popped back in already popped piece back in so this one’s a little busted so we’ll take care of that know get that changed but yeah lambo v10 guys

So this v10 engine derived from the lamborghini gallardo 435 horsepower while the lambo has 493 this has 398 pound feet of torque while the lambo had 376. so yeah it’s a lambo v10 basically so we have the s6 and then the s5 now this one does start with um well it’s jumped of course it starts it gets power but you can’t actually start it because uh there’s use

Gas into the engine bay which is not a good thing so we’re gonna have to get that cleaned out before we actually get it cranked up for sure besides that looks clean all around little scratches right there no aftermarket exhaust fortunately it says it was flooded but like there’s no noticeable water line interesting howdy’s make some beautiful cars but when

They break they break and their pain in the ass effects but in the end beautiful luxurious cars so we have s6 probably has no power to it two keys like i said before um oh that’s not good there’s some water line down there all right so there is water down there not much looks like it seeped up to there is there a glove box am i stupid check the trunk oh

It’s actually on okay cool got mad yeah the power’s still on so that’s a good sign just kind of show you guys you know the process of it coming getting delivered i still have the s5 to get sorted out and that bmw gets sorted out with the holidays everything has been a little delayed but i hope you guys had a wonderful holiday season a wonderful thanksgiving

And wonderful christmas coming up um we’re going to tackle on these projects and then hopefully get them up and running before the end of the year and see how that goes again thank you for checking in all right guys just to kind of give you one more view of the s6 it does look really beautiful i know from a distance and this was made in around 2006 2000 early

2006 to compete with the bmw m5 which also featured the v10 however the bmw v10 had around 507 horsepower while this one was just at 435 so he couldn’t really compete it could compete with the m3 the v8 m3 which had around 414 horsepower but lower torque now the good thing with audis is of course their quattro all-wheel drive system which is definitely needed

Up here in the northeast for the winter time but with this featuring the v10 that’s definitely a game changer all around let’s step inside your back of course of course with the s6 it was more for luxury backseat passengers should be comfortable as well while you’re back here it’s actually pretty spacious i’m like six two out of a good day and i feel very

Comfortable you know with the seats in their standard position mostly we’ve got some crayons back here so that’s good shows you a good sign of who owned this car prior i know it’s really comfortable the seat’s very comfortable back here and then let’s see what we got here some storage cup holders okay that’s cool that’s kind of snazzy so you just okay that’s

Kind of snazzy as i almost break it the s6 embroidery is really nice bose surround sound speakers the carbon fiber trim not bad we have paddle shifters as well left and right and then is this a valet key so wow we have the valet key and the spare key does it come on without power yes it does it clicks on service dude yeah i’m very unfamiliar when it comes

Let’s turn this off that’s annoying so you have to go into the actual screen to turn it off interesting that’s what okay that’s auto interesting interesting we have heated seats info navigation is not active okay battery level very low so we have a low battery exterior lighting hmm so the screen randomly blanks out hmm because this doesn’t work that doesn’t

Work encourage shut itself off okay interesting all right so the car has some issues so that doesn’t drain the battery oh there might be an issue with the infotainment system after poking around so get the high pressure fuel pump in first to kind of see exactly what’s going on oh that’s your storage area should i find a glove box okay this just

Needs to get cleaned up so maybe some water just pulled up in the front because even on the driver’s side okay this is going to be an interesting project what do you guys think do you think it will run do you think we could get it going do you think we should sell it should we keep it this is an interesting car for sure i’m excited to see how this one goes

It plays out again we just need a high pressure fuel pump that’s really on the road we’ll see what else it needs but not a bad start all right thank you for stopping in check it in yeah we’re gonna get this sorted out one more walk around so rare body spoilers really nice the way that it swoops down like audi does make some beautiful style cards all

Right guys so i’ll see you guys on the next episode thank you again have a wonderful healthy holidays and take care bye

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CHEAPEST V10 S6 AUDI By Toran Drives!

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