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Altair Club Cars Cheap motorhome, sleeps six. Ahorn Canada AD

Cheap motorhome, sleeps six. Ahorn Canada AD

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The Ahorn Canada is a cheap motorhome which sleeps six – if a price of around EUR75k can be considered cheap. It is only comparitive! The Ahorn Canada AD sleeps six, two in the alcove double bed, two in the back and two in the semi dinette conversion. The kitchen has extensive worktop space, numerous drawers and cupboards for storing kitchen utensils. The alcove double bed can be folded up and thus offers an open feeling of space during the day. An additional wardrobe offers the possibility to remove shirts and clothes from the living area and store them carefully.

Hello and welcome to achorn in mulheim near dusseldorf this is the canada a.d from arjon for something like this you’re looking at around 65 to 70 000 euros depends on the specifications that are given to the vinyl by the purchaser anyway this vehicle here will sleep six and if you want more details that will be hopefully in the description sleeping six you can get

Two up there two here and two in the back down here this vehicle has an enormous kitchen for a vehicle of this size three burners there stack of space here and a large sink it comes also with a large wardrobe i mean you’ve got six people in it you’re gonna need a large wardrobe and down here we can find the boiler easy place to get hold of the boiler if you need

To get it for any reason and in here we’ve got the garage at the garage look how big that is huge door on that side and an equally huge door on the other side excellent garage you can get stacks of stuff in there but come up here and show you the bed here all right so access the bed via a ladder and of course uh if you do that should you want to see the boiler

Well you’re gonna have to move the ladder uh storage at the back up here although it’s quite honest could be better and uh there well at least that side it’s got a uh cover on it so things won’t fall out window and a second window so you can watch what’s going on outside uh the ladder there you go or attached to these things here and you’ve got a couple of cool

Pegs there as well uh in here we’ve got the washroom and it’s a quite a large washroom it’s a toilet there there’s a mirror and here we have the shower it’s just quite deep now you um make a bed from this by putting the uh table down and then moving the cushions around uh up here we’ve got storage a lot of storage really uh and uh and the other one and up here

We access via the ladder and walk up the ladder space above for um empty beer cans or whatever else you might take to bed with you chris packets that type of thing and there’s one mirror not mirror that’s a window window over there and there is here this net which will come up here and stop you potentially from falling out of bed and let’s face it at that height

You probably wouldn’t want to fall out of bed now there’s a variety of event engine engine sizes to choose from well normally there is but in the current market something like that is getting more and more difficult to actually choose reynolds aren’t doing too badly but if you buy a fiat and don’t if you want to feed it then or a fiat based motorhome then don’t

Stop being too fussy with the engine size unless it’s really vital for you uh this bit here will come up and lift up easily as you can so see i didn’t mean to lift it up but i’ve just lifted it up and uh let’s try and put this back in now uh oh no i’ll take i’ll take the i think this thing off all together put this to one side and i’ll lift it up for you just to

Make the point the reason i’m making the point is because i did want to show you what’s in here which i couldn’t do as long as that ladder was there and down here we’ve got a thetford freeway fridge meaning it runs of gas unless you’re on hookup or you’re moving in which case it was around 230 or 12 volts foreign ing about the gas uh i’ve just had a really hot

Summer in fact it was the hottest summer of my life and in many cases the gas didn’t work out as well as it shows done you know to put the lights on if i can i should have done that when i came in but anyway i’ll walk you right to the back with a view of the lights so i can’t really appreciate the lights uh on a bright day like today normally the problem is that um

It’s too dark in exhibition halls uh under here we’ve got storage that one’s not very deep but there’s a stuff behind it that one’s quite deep thank you so i’ll put the ladder back just to demonstrate how easy the ladder is to put in position yeah i’m doing this with one hand and as we’re coming out i’ll turn the lights off where this convenient thing here oh

Do you want something there you know what’s happened there the uh must touched the this and that one doesn’t come out so i’ll close that and have a walk around the vehicle here we’ve got the enormous garage oh this is curly strasser out here the one where there’s more rv dealers than anywhere else in europe so that is for the uh the cassette uh that’s for the

Gas and let’s come around here a horn camp actually i just told you that was for the gas that isn’t the gas is on the left-hand side sorry um the anyway so good uh thanks so much for watching i hope you found that interesting if you did then you might want to subscribe i upload every um day at 21 15 and there this is this has the largest selection of motorhomes

And camper vans on youtube so all the best from me in germany

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