chasing the other driver on my r
Altair Club Cars Chasing the other driver on my road trip.

Chasing the other driver on my road trip.

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#australia Because I am happy whenever I see Suzuki Jimny That is the reason why I chase the other Suzuki Jimny Driver.

Thank you and we are now leaving the car park and going downstairs and the road is wet no rain but the road is wet thank you foreign er and we are now here in the rap road heading for the campground oh this one yeah this is a camping area but it is close yeah it says come outside clothes for repairs do not come here thanks okay we go i believe there

Are more campgrounds yeah along this road so we’re going there yeah because like what i’ve said hotels are very expensive 200 or something 250. something dollars and with that 250 dollars i can’t buy arup rock and this is where i’m going to sleep tonight and there is one card that just arrived yeah i also just arrived but i think they changed their

Mind they’re not going to stay here anymore hey let me show you outside yeah there is this river anywhere there are one more camping ground up there good morning guys it is now 6 20. hey yeah this buggy the glass but outside is already bright the two guys that came here last night they are building their tent until maybe eight o’clock i see them with their

Flashlight keep on moving yeah hey hey i think they occupied the toilet yeah it’s covered with the tarpaulin now yeah so basically they attached the tarpaulin from the back of their car to the toilet i am just going to brush my teeth and boil some hot water and then i’m going again i already have the water here and you know you notice that black one hey

That’s basically i burned the rice that i cooked last time but i do not have a lighter i don’t know i i lost it i am tempted to ask those uh two guys if they have lighter but i am shy let’s go and have a walk around here so like i showed it yesterday that there is a river here i noticed that the water becomes uh dirty yeah it is not very clean anymore because

Of the rain last night oh this river is actually divided from two yeah there’s one on the side and also coming from the side oh i get to it trying to organize my water but i don’t have a lighter foreign ers inside my car there’s actually no internet here in the area especially in particularly in that camping ground and so yeah i slipped the whole line i was

Thinking of doing my computer editing but yeah i prefer to sleep and then i wake up from time to time oh how many trees being cut here oh look at this this is where i am supposed to come yesterday but it’s close but yeah those ladies they come over there in the pens i want to do that last night but i said it’s better to be in the right place oh the name of

This place is a man spilled state forest so if you plan to come to mount bowler and you don’t want to spend money on expensive hotels and you want to sleep in your car yeah this is the place where you can come to sleep the name of that camping ground where the lady is is a carter’s mill camping ground while this one is a carter’s mills day visitor area this

Is just poor picnic and the one where i came from the name is a buttercup camping ground actually i won’t be able to check my internet this time because i am transferring the portages of my dash cam to my mobile phone if i exit in here yeah it is going to disconnect from the dascom and we’ll stop downloading the footages we’re going to check the internet on the

Next stop oh look at that another dead koala if you actually get to the other side you see the scenic greenery hills in mountain looks beautiful this place is all in one so they have this big restaurant and they also have a coffee shop pick up our area and then we have a convenience store where they sell a alcoholic beverages some kinds of groceries cold

Drinks and on the other side they have uh some stuff for skating yeah for snow nice you know because this place is near to the mount buller the ski area a actually in every course that is going to the mount buller required to have a tire chain a not necessarily to put on the tire but you must be carrying one for your safety and security yeah also to avoid fine

In case a police are asking for a change you have something to show but yeah jameson and this area of mansfield yeah there’s so many scenic uh yeah viewing uh yeah there’s so many silica view greenery hill mountains pull up greenery farming of cows and sheep they are beautiful yeah also the area of mount buller including including that yeah amazing and in

Case if you are planning to come here in the area of mount buller from melbourne it will take around three hours based on what i’ve seen online yeah yes and we reached this place i don’t know if this is a city or a town oh it’s a city because there is a city center yeah you can read it there see the center let’s take a walk together under the ocean shower

And the speed here is just a 60. oh there is chimney over there i will follow to that chimney and i will give him a yakihul kober i actually have this extra excuse me yeah i just gave it to her that’s the lady and she said that it’s uh her daughter a car the name of the place is avenalia and it’s like they said it’s a rural city yeah we’re going to walk

Around there’s this big grocery coals lots of big cars hey beautiful car like that yeah wrangler unlimited i left the car in the one hour car park it’s a free parking for one hour and we are here in one of the city here in victoria the name is because i saw this super cheap they maybe have the just like these cars having this kind of products just look at

This this 5.99 yeah 390 liters and in here 3.99 360 liters and we are here still in a shiparton in front of a super cheap i check inside but they don’t have the yeah the one roblox for this car i just put petrol 30.05 liters and it is a 51.96 thank you foreign

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Chasing the other driver on my road trip. By Abroadero Ako

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