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Altair Club Cars Changing the fuel filter on a 2018 GMC Sierra 3500 L5P Duramax

Changing the fuel filter on a 2018 GMC Sierra 3500 L5P Duramax

All right today we’re going to change the fuel filter in my 2018 duramax which is the l5p duramax this is the fuel filter it takes you’re going to need a millimeter socket and something to attach to it to get it off and something for the fuel to drain into and the fuel filter is right by where the fuel tank is up underneath it is right here oh there is a drain

On the bottom of the fuel filter housing to drain water out of which i believe also will drink fuel but i’ve never done it but it might make it a lot easier to do so you don’t take a bath okay so that’s how the filter comes out that’s 12 000 miles on this filter i’m not sure if you guys can see that that’s what the filter looks like i believe it has like 30

Percent left on the oil life indicator in the truck but i change it every other oil change about 12 000 miles this o-ring on the housing the filter housing comes off and gets replaced it comes with the fuel filter cartridge and there is a little o-ring up here on this nozzle that also gets replaced and that also comes with the new fuel filter all right here’s

This little o-ring gonna go back up here not too bad this cartridge only goes in one way if you forget how the other one went it’s pretty self-explanatory if you look at it in the bottom and it just gets pressed in there i don’t think you guys can see me over here but i can’t really move the camera but i’m just putting the other o-ring on the filter housing

And now we can put this back stop with this on oh let’s see i think it says on the cover this takes 25 foot-pounds of torque but i like to just do it until this top part is completely sealed and that o-ring kind of disappears up there i’ve never had one leak but i wouldn’t do too much because it’s just plastic so i don’t know if you guys can see the o-rings

Disappeared up in there and that housing is pretty much all sealed up and that starts to get a little difficult to go and that’s as far as i’m gonna go hopefully the socket will come off there we go see if i can that way we can see if there’s any leaks once we get the truck going so that there it is the center part there comes out and that’s to drain water or

Possibly fuel but i don’t ever drain the fuel maybe next time i will when i change the filter so that’s a better look of that and i don’t know if you guys can see up there the housing is back nice and tight together up there um it says on the cover where is it it says i don’t even know what that means two plus 0.5 nm not sure how much that is so it’s probably

Not 25 foot pounds but i wouldn’t overdo it on this now i’m gonna set you guys up to watch after you do this you have to prime it to get the air out of the system and this is a self priming system so you just have to put this all back together turn the ignition on and let the i think lift pump pump fuel through it and it’ll bleed itself and then you run the

Truck and make sure that there’s an air in the system if the truck runs good you’re good to go i’ll set you guys up here again sorry guys having camera difficulties here all right so i’m gonna go turn the ignition on in the truck and you’ll hear the lift pump kick on after about 30 seconds i’ll start all right so you can hear the lip pump is kicking on and we’re

Checking to make sure nothing’s leaking you can hear all the fuel moving around and i think it’s ready to start i’ll go start it all right there doesn’t seem to be any leaks to let the truck run for a few minutes you can hear the pump running here in the tank it’s pretty loud but you probably can’t hear it over the rest of the truck so that’s all there is to it

Cool all right guys we are going to reset the fuel filter life and then we’re done and that’s all there is to it if you try to do that while the truck is running it won’t reset to a hundred percent for a few times it will do it eventually but not it’ll take a while so it’s easier to do it if you just have the key on and that’s all i hope this helps somebody

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Changing the fuel filter on a 2018 GMC Sierra 3500 L5P Duramax By Ashley’s Outdoor Adventures

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