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Essai Audi A5 Sportback 3.0l V6 50 TDI de 286 CH Edition One S Line en Belgique. Concurrente directe de la Bmw Serie 4 Gran coupé

Friends i hope you are well we is in belgium to try what the one that is a bit here that’s three years that it exists pencil strokes on the front side is the back side is also a little bit for friends we found a little spot pretty nice on the port of antwerp seven colors in this district green color is really super beautiful it’s very it’s minus 55 at goal successful mission

But also we get into trouble and we we show you a little behind decor i never had to place it this joke so the harbor around the port in any case in export of new frankly the sound is a bit rotten with the wind but let’s see what that that two photographers and the back then the front well know him a little more exhaust outlets then there is one which makes that here is

One that is true 3d effects in west a real touch this is the lights this is loris tuning beautiful it’s very beautiful here we have a little what a little spoiler as we say but in any case it’s very beautiful and then yeah it’s it’s blowing wind and well done bravo bravo small logo here at the deed it’s with a green color it’s not it’s not the great revolution singleframe

Reviewed and corrected which integrates different different sensors bright also at the front which accommodates what do you think i always say very aggressive very high says a threshold has nothing that has nothing that offends where there is two three nice little things the light signature is beautiful and to yes then there is a false feeling air inlets and the hyena stripes

On the sensors making the radars will see there ok and then then i don’t know what the logo she is the master in nuts and put in black and well done to 10 because well a little tuning and you see clearly photo it’s true the mass and for the gendarmerie because will spot a yes it’s loose in brac well read our academy tower in a space and yes you because you are actually to

Tell us it’s messing around then it’s that’s why then if i learned in cut and that would be because i want a an ultra luxurious car for that you rather towards an a7 where albi all city ​​it was in paris it starts at make it a bit slow than town what time am i going to set it all up but yes it’s dirty and having this years then wears if you had to choose a at five

For forgiveness if i were to for this model in any case of advanced on than an a4 for the simple reason that parma is much nicer and actually it’s habitable it’s ok it’s two adults without problem without but the roof clearance is not bad because endowed with it be a kind of friends of your choice there and five years in blue doorways in alcantara no it’s very very nice

Nice update in pot this that we will see later in the video carbon imitation want to redraw inches for at the six point of comparison this is the old a5 there at 5 or sweetbread drawn there hostile and she is even prettier from the highway on about a thirty kilometers so here in able to make beautiful beautiful consumption scores and that’s it 347 hot on the bonnet diesel

Engine four exhaust outlets it’s i am i’m pretty fan of this bmw series call big coupe i really like bm pain there i don’t know when you want you would choose what it’s not it’s not aggressive and it’s the same there are more round and nice shape on the bm both it’s the smallest august at cls there is no in between two yeah yeah carbon i don’t believe this one carbon it’s

Still well done it makes it great buttons is super well calibrated and it worked but is that nice it’s the same cross on the doors we are on one to five products we are on l 1 5 yes it is a very nice product maybe it’s the black point it’s this screen stick a little bit on on this huge passengers not even if i still prefer integrated screens sweet did you drive 100 m it’s

Very very soft well soundproofed yes if the road is in bad condition not feel what it hits a little side and comfort of the ultra nail versatile that’s for sure and even more we have five places and we have four doors false mouth because then rated at 5 you also have the sports coupe version ‘ left have tested are then what it that is you it is he it is he size what is this

Morning s5 coupe is frankly the config is pretty good it suits him pretty well one hundred thousand one hundred thousand euros a hundred after must love jesus and sportsman but good after each his tastes it’s not a this new audi a5 thursday new year gone from one to five redraw under fact is not it’s not the big revolution because i mean is that there engine we have a six

Cylinder engine hybridization i.e. there is no latency its direct share it’s really cool in 622m from couple and we felt that fucking the alliance i mean is that we has a big couple 620 so admit that and that’s pretty good because she we have a dengue acceleration 0 to 102.95 three seconds is still more powerful diesel there is the s5 honestly this one knew them widely

In addition we have the piloted suspensions is in dynamic mode a little more comfortable of course despite 20 inch rims are left frankly what more can you ask about koh definitely 7 to 5 we are five years old and a little bit even wrong tell me one little bit what you think about

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