cayenne turbo v audi q7 v12 tdi
Altair Club Cars Cayenne Turbo v Audi Q7 V12 TDI – Fifth Gear

Cayenne Turbo v Audi Q7 V12 TDI – Fifth Gear

Tiff and Jason are going head to head to see which car is better, the Porsche Cayenne Turbo or the Audi Q7 V12 TDI.

This is the brand-new porsche cayenne turbo the pinnacle of porsches suv range with an 80,000 pound price tag and a turbocharged v8 petrol engine its aim is to batter every other suv into submission but this top spec od q7 makes it look as butch as a flower shop with a 98 thousand pound price tag and a turbocharged v12 diesel engine this is an suv of titanic proportions

So in an off-road challenge you’d probably expect this big expensive buster win especially when there’s a younger current racing driver behind the wheel but it won’t because not only is it a diesel but it weighs half a ton more the petrol pad porsche which i’m sure will win the day as per usual tiff is talking nonsense this one is all about pulling power but we’re

Going to see who can get furthest up the hill towing this old volvo i’ll go first in my 500 horsepower porsche cayenne and to make it a little harder for tiff i’ll be sitting in the volvo with the brakes on three – oh dear come on come on no problem power of petrol whoo with the day and i got just to make sure he stops which she’s going to about i’m sure that

We’ll be far enough to beat the audi very poor right beat that miami also has 500 brake horsepower but with a massive 737 pound foot of talk it’s got nearly 50% more pulling power than the porsche that’s gonna be a breeze right 3 2 no doubt of it come on girl come on hamburger is on our we breezed it at the checkered flags on first we’re still moving off i think

That’s past as a snitch just edged past maybe time for test two where tiff’s lighter porsche could make amends it’s a race against the clock to the top of the quarry a twisty drive on the loose granite surface means until it a and grit will be critical and it’s the audi’s turn to go first right three two one beep way to go the diesel q7 was struggling for grip

And that wasn’t the only problem yeah i’m on the song i’ll get on with your friendly ranae’s the boost the boost takes forever and my traction control system didn’t like cornering on the loose surface oh no you keep jumping on the great rock right side was going about 80 miles on their either cork nine point six nine how’d you know i have no idea whether that’s any

Good or not i was just not i’ve done the rac rally let’s see what the porsche can do in three two one go oh park doesn’t count i’m go i’ve got anything oh i’ll make that up though trouble it’s a bit of christian but that’s got a rally man that was a bit of a bum with a complex torque vectoring system shuffling the power to whatever wheels have the most grip the

Kn have the corners mastered what’s they make degrees whoa look like a power starting to empower them why there maybe below so had i beaten jason’s one minute and nine seconds what would it not win well right see now the stopwatch says it took at one minute ten point nine one to get them so technically i win but cuz you didn’t wait sub stopped and i said go you

Were farting around and you were in park and that added at least what four five seconds on didn’t say was already was i can get you ready i won okay tif forget the false start the porsches engine is more responsive and it’s handling more accurate so while the q7 does look more impressive on paper the petrol powered porsche cost twenty thousand pounds less and they

Sharper to drive which makes it our winner unfortunately our off-road test turned into more of a test of victoria’s nerves and the actual pickup ease of the car companies are scheduled i know are you ready you could get a london bus in that gap he’s left okay here we go oh go on johnny i do have brake turn the thing round i was placed mine was quite neat that was in

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