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Button post notification bell we’re almost at that thousand subscriber mark you know what i’m saying we’re coming up slowly but shoulder but you know nevertheless we are grinding you know what i’m saying we are going up this 2021. and pretty much i know you see the thumbnail so today i decided to do a different type of video and yes it’s more of a mechanical video

Um as you guys can see i have the decent ultimate right here i got a couple things going on i just replaced the battery of query uh just got the ac situated uh just filled it back up for the freon so i got that done but um the problem i’m having it uh you hear it running but the problem i’m having is when i put it in gear whether it’s uh reverse drive first

A second the car starts out if i put it in neutral the car is fine um let me go let me show you guys what i’m talking about see i have the car running and um right when i go to put it in uh let’s say reverse it dies so i put it back apart start it back up cut the ac down and it starts back up just fine let’s say neutral neutral is fine once i put it in drive

Right here the car dies pushing apart start it up let’s go down to uh ds back to park and it starts right back up um so i know there can be a couple of things uh it could be a outer control valve some people might think it could be a weak fuel pump some might think alternator but um what’s driving me more to it being something else is the fact that you know

It let’s just say if it was a weak fuel pump the fact that the car is still starting back up and it was driving with no issues so it had no drivability issues at first before this happened uh far as the alternator um i don’t really think so not really due to the fact that the car starts up back up just fine and it’s been running before i even got on the camera

It’s been running for like an hour and the alternator didn’t kill the battery because usually most cases that’s what the alternator does it kills the battery and the battery can’t serve its purpose of supplying the components you know each power supply that it needs so um pretty much um did some research with these nissans and pretty much i it came down to the uh

Torque converted similar which is uh in the transmission you check off the transmission well drain the transmission check the transmission pan off take the filter out and then the sensors are up underneath that so that’s what we’re going to be exploring today i know this this is a different type of video but um i’m pretty sure it’s some of you guys that might be

Going through some of the same issues um it’s pretty much the torque converter isn’t locking up with the flywheel at all so it’s causing the car causing the car to go to like in a fail-safe mode and it causes it to die because when it’s in neutral the total converter doesn’t have to lock over flywheel uh necessarily neutral but when it’s in gear it needs to lock

Up you know i’m saying that way you can find this like rpm and then you’ll be able to drive and you know yada yada but when it’s just in parking neutral it’s not locked up at all so what i’m about to do is i’m about to um cut the car off get up on the car drain the fluid uh take the bolts off around the pan and just kind of you know go as step by step as i can

So stay tuned all right you guys so as you can see um this is the transmission pan right here please don’t get it confused with your engine oil pan right here i mean you can always tell the difference if you don’t know go on top of the card and if you see the motor on this side with the serpentine belt and all your components like your alternator ac compressor

Isla pulley that’s the engine side when you come under here of course you can see the transmission underneath you know what i’m saying you’ll be surprised i actually seen somebody you know yeah leak out the wrong one so you don’t want to do that so pretty much that’s the drain plug right here so i’m about to drain out this transmission floor until this pan is

Clean and just let it slowly drain into there and then i’m going to take all the bolts out around it and uh get the both side and drop the paint so you just want to take a three uh socket loosen it up get it to get like a little steady little drip or maybe a little bit more than that like a little stream going you know so you don’t want to just take it all

The way off and then just have everything just slushing down especially like since i’m like on the street i don’t want to get all on the street because sometimes uh the oil will come out faster than what the pan can take at that time so just want to create a steadily stream just kind of help the pan out as much as you can i’d have to get out of floyd drain uh go

Around with a 10 millimeter uh long socket and uh take off all the timing about all the way around the pan all right now that i have the pan off as you can see you can see the valve body and the solenoids on top of it so pretty much what you’re going to do you’re going to take all of these bolts off to get the uh valve body off um pretty much i’m gonna start with

The filter first i’m gonna take the bolts off around the filter and make sure that you uh set your orientation up on your boat that way you can keep up where they go because some might be uh smaller or some might be shorter than others so pretty much you know take a picture video whatever you do to keep up with the boat orientation valve body and the transmission

Filter i want you to take the bulk type of filter you just uh it’s three bolts in there you just pull it down and it’s gonna come out all right you guys so once you get all the bolts uh taken out of uh i have them in the orientation kind of where they go this is the whole uh valve body with the solenoids on top and i actually split it just to kind of see what

Was going on in between here so i have the lower part of the valve body right there and uh pretty much when you replace the whole assembly um it comes stacked together so you can just put it back in so make sure when you put the new one up don’t separate it because it has like i think like some bearings in the gasket that goes in between you see like the gasket

Right here kind of start off right there so um yeah i just want to kind of see what’s going on since i’m replacing the whole thing like i said uh we have some lock-up solenoids right here i’m not sure which one is which so don’t ask me i just know that one of these solenoids that’s uh it’s making the car die so i’m just gonna replace the whole thing you know

Because the cbt uh system and these transmissions and the nissans go bad all the time so they’re notorious for the valve body and solenoids just going bad so i just decided to kill 100 burgers and one stone just replaced the whole assembly with the cylinder noise included on top as you guys so your boys back to finish working on the nissan as you can see got

The new packaging right here this is the rebuilt valve body right here and um that’s also a new transmission filter right here this is the old one this is the new one this is the old valve body and as you can see i actually took all the bolts underneath the valve body off so it actually split into and there’s actually like i said earlier there’s a gasket in

Between there so i got the new one and as you look up underneath here the the bolts that don’t really need to be taken out that i guess splits this or already in here already installed so it’s just the outer perimeter bolts that really needed to come off when i pulled this out so you know label you learn but no big deal so i just got to focus on putting the

Outer perimeter bolts back on for this to go back up and then uh also when you’re doing this job make sure you check your solar noise make sure you have all your solenoids on make sure everything is plugged up these two will unplug i can lay flat i’m guessing you know since it was being shut it was easy to flatten it out by taking these and laying them to the side

That would be nice and smooth and i’m comparing them to this over here just make sure everything is looks the same make sure it’s the same part all the cylinders on here of course already connected everything’s connected so we’re good to go to go back up inside the transmission so i’m about to get some uh some cleaner and clean this up have this nice and then

Start putting everything back together okay so i got the valve body pushed off uh in the bottom of the transmission i started this one bolt right here and it’s holding everything else in because these was obvious on the valve body so pretty much um just follow the outside perimeter all the way around until you get rid of all your screws as you can see i kind of

Have them laid out in a box right here punched in a box so i can just ignore the middle screws because i know they are in the valve body and i just patch into the outer screws all right you guys so don’t miss this step right here i do have one bolt holding a valve body on so it’s still kind of loose but right here there’s a stepper motor that comes out of this

Little slot right here this is the old uh valve body you just pull this out right here it comes out as one piece and then go underneath here as you can see you see watch they got them the uh one or two bolts started right here and then just take this right here and then push it in right here and then make sure the slider is facing down and then push it all the

Way in and then you have the set right here then when you put the keyway on here you’ll be able to align the keyway uh arm in here in the stepper motor so please don’t forget that step uh i should have put it in there if i put the valve body on but you know i didn’t put all the bolts on so you know saves me for doing a lot of extra work all right you guys

Saw on the valve body here i have all the outside bolts on right here i got to do the stepper motor still but i’m coming up here to this part right here and as you can see um i’m doing the filter now so make sure you have the bolts nice and torn down on the outside then come and uh put your filter back on and put all the bolts one two and three back on your

Filter then come down to the stepper motor all right you guys i have the filter and stuff tied in back there so now come down to the stepper motor right here and then pretty much you want to tighten it down and then you’ll see the stepper motor actually starts to grip with the lever which means that it’s tight and then just kind of make sure that you make

Sure make sure that you have your sensor plugged up this is plugged plugged in right there and just kind of take a second and look over it and then after that then you can go back on with your um outer gasket just kind of clean around the edges if you see the dirt and debris and then go back home with your pan all right you guys so i got the oil and everything

In the transmission so now the the moment of truth the car is off right now so now i’m about to uh start it up i got the jacks and everything removed from the bottom so now i’m about to start it up and everybody puts their hands together and pray that this car runs i think it will get in the comment section let me know right now do you think the car is going to

Run after i changed all this all right y’all coming all right cool so now the moment of truth let’s see if it starts up i just have the car started okay good news good news so now we have to do the magic trick which is put it in gear blast so let’s hit it it’s alive we moving and grooving people no check engine light we are moving yes sir okay doors just

Automatically all right so it’s not fumbling we’re moving so we are good so to anybody if you have a cvt transmission if you’re dealing with a nissan or um any other car that’s cvt based or you just dealing with a car period you know what i’m saying that seems the cut off we put it in drive it could be the uh the module inside the transmission so um make sure

You guys take note of that and then hey so on to the next video man yes sir so i hope this helps a couple people out definitely help me out because i ain’t got to worry about paying all that money for a shop but anyway you guys hey kyle pat y’all know how we do it oh make sure y’all like subscribe comment and make sure you come back to the next video because you

Know we’re dropping i might have something for you for the next one all right peace out hey what are today what’s everyday all day in the game so till then y’all know what’s fun you

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