car shopping until i fell in lov
Altair Club Cars Car Shopping Until i Fell in Love With The 2022 Acura Nsx S Type

Car Shopping Until i Fell in Love With The 2022 Acura Nsx S Type

Car Shopping Until i Fell in Love With The 2022 Acura Nsx S Type

What’s up youtube back with another one we got jayla over complaining about it god damn everybody come playing she said get your drinks she said she want me to have that cushion orange juice cushion orange juice yeah yeah we at the damn lexus dealership getting oil changed and they you know saying they got some nice little heat here man they got one car like a

Pacific same car guy but this nice y’all 5.0 twin turbo i didn’t see this car yeah look kinda nice this is where one two forty seven oh this one nice this one’s nice oh a6 v6 turbo tars what’s up my man you working where all the good actors at i said where are the actor is it inside over there okay yeah i’m just looking looking for something with some

With some speed to it some speed yeah with a speed car all right so you got plenty of that let’s see let’s see what you got oh you said we got going inside okay wow what you do uh i buy cars oh okay like you bout to use cars yes sir oh my god look at this how y’all doing good oh my god this one’s crazy oh my god this thing crazy the nsx accurate nsx 22 how

Much this car cost 170 000. 190 bro this is horse but typist oh my god well so these two are part of the owner’s collection yeah yeah they told me uh that they brothers you know yeah yeah that’s crazy he was like hey brothers that’s why you told me come over here check it out i was like oh man this thing is a type ass that we made got pulled off the truck and

Pulled right into the showroom floor yeah this is it this lasted on or so yeah yeah so he ain’t selling this one no no these two are just part of his collection that are that are staying here oh my god how fast does he go uh 200 or so 200 oh my god i don’t even want nobody touching me man this thing is a beauty it look like a little man this thing crazy you think

It’d be the lamborghini yeah he thinks about the aventador but the huracan for sure um do we ever drive it yeah i see it let’s look little rocks on it he drove it no oh man he they took it off the truck they pulled it in for service and then filled it up with gas and then pulled it right in here and put the ropes on it man it’s been in here a couple months now i

Guess this thing is nice bro just to have money just sitting like this that’s nice right yeah you’re not even driving what you guys got outside this older model yeah this one’s a nice one 91 and it’s 2022 one’s got twelve thousand miles on there so five or twelve thousand miles and this is too huh yeah you got some stuff i like that one don’t even know made

Me want to get one of these the lamborghini yeah yeah like i’d be doing like youtube and stuff yeah yeah yeah yeah so so no lady i might be coming here trying to see if he’s trying to get this uh i might have to hit him with a little extra 50 you know right i don’t know if he would you don’t think he’ll sell an extra 50 on top i really don’t oh man i mean we

Don’t we won’t sell anything over msrp anyway against our business practices right i just i don’t think he would if he ever considered selling it he wouldn’t sell it for more it just has a regular price man but i don’t think he ever will and he’s going to sell it for the extra 50. you know yeah this has been sitting here for 15 years that’s an older one but this

One he can get a new one yeah like they still making them obviously no these ones are done now this was the last batch of them they’re done yeah this thing’s so crazy bro yeah he got him collectible yeah for sure and i wouldn’t even play i’ll probably wrap it wrap the whole car just could that way if something did happen everything is nice yeah man yeah let me

Get that let me get there man i’m gonna mess with austin austin you most definitely you’re gonna get me together on this car y’all i’m i’m speaking into existence i like this i see me in this two hundred thousand i just wanna come in here with the cavs like hear me throw it down right yeah like hey man call the boss up he gonna sell the watch he’s gonna sell

It and rock him can’t even refuse it he gonna buy another one yeah well i’m gonna let you go austin yeah it’s nice to meet you guys nice to meet you yeah if you have any questions so bad that when i do get that that 200k to just spin on the car i’m gonna definitely get me one of them that was harder than the lamborghini all that i like that the laces right

Here that’s my nice with the peanut butter seeds too chris i like that that’s brand new you got the stickers going there nice yeah that’s that 5.00 stupid it ain’t got no red seats in there like oh man that’s so nice i actually like the seats on it stupid it’s the color though

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