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Altair Club Cars Car Review – 2017 Toyota Prius Prime Plus

Car Review – 2017 Toyota Prius Prime Plus

This is my review of the 2017 Toyota Prius Prime Plus

Hey everyone this is chris from dad of divas and today we are talking about the new toyota prius prime this is a great vehicle i’ve been driving it for the last week and it this is actually the plus version and one of the things that i’m just gonna go take a little walk around here so you can take a look the nice thing that i really like about this vehicle will

Show you the front here too it’s a small vehicle but if you’re looking for a vehicle that definitely has great value in regards to the price but also great value in regards to the gas mileage that you’re going to get this is definitely one that’s going to give you a ton it is a small vehicle so know that the trunk space is very limited this does come off this is a

A piece that will kind of hold off so you can get a little more in there if you take that off but that being said you are not going to get a ton of trunk space in this you can get four people in the vehicle actually you can if you if you pull this up actually you can’t pull it up but you can see four people it does have a little space here the these will fold down

The seats easily fold down you can see so you can’t get a little more space into the second into the backseat if you do need to carry some things but if you’re so if you’re going on a short trip if you’re going on if you’re going on something where you’re not taking a lot of luggage you’re not going with a lot of people this is definitely a great car plus you’re

Getting a great value in the sense of the gas mileage that you get let me turn this on it’s a very quiet car show you some of the dashboard here so you can see i’ll close the door so not too loud but very quiet you can see all the dashboard here one of the things that i’ve been really impressed with is that this vehicle gets what they say is about 56 miles per

Gallon so definitely a great value in that regard one of the things i really like you know if you can see this is you can see where the power for the car is coming from that is a fun little almost like a it’s almost like a little bit of a game i was able to in a way play play the game when i when i was driving trying to keep less of the the gas less of the power

Coming from the engine more coming from the battery or more being able to charge the battery more so being able to do that especially in city driving and charging the battery when i’m done city driving or driving on battery power definitely provides you with an opportunity to be able to save even more gas mileage did not go through a lot of gas this weekend or this

Week i should say even though i traveled quite a bit and it’s all because of the the fact that you have that this has the full array of audio the sound quality is really good this takes a little bit of getting used to it’s almost like a stick shift but you do have to it is kind of this is the way that you shift from into drive and to reverse you just don’t think

You have to have to practice and understand where the different things lie it does have all of the controls on the steering wheel which makes it a lot easier as well the price tag on this one is just over $27,000 so it is definitely reasonable and if you are doing a lot of commuting this is definitely a vehicle that will save you a ton of money in the long run and

It will allow for you to be able to do all of your commuting in style and comfort and and it is fun too one of the things that’s kind of unique in if you can see it back there you actually see through the trunk so if you look back on the bottom side of this that bottom ring that i’m kind of somewhat pointing to right now is is actually what on the outside looks

Like a solid piece of the trunk but you actually can see through it so you get more you get more visibility as you’re driving as well well this vehicle has been a ton of fun and if you’ve never driven the prius prime you definitely want to because you will save money it’s got great handling the the acceleration on eco mode is is a little bit slower but that’s

Because it’s saving you money on gas but there are different modes and drive modes that you can there’s a normal mode there’s a power mode there’s an eco mode all of those are modes that will allow for you to be able to choose how much power that you need when you need it and you can definitely take advantage of this great vehicle so this is a great vehicle this

Is the toyota prius prime if you’ve got any questions let me know otherwise have a great day

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Car Review – 2017 Toyota Prius Prime Plus By Christopher Lewis

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