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In this video I will sketch the Alfa Romeo and discuss the design elements that make it one of the most recognizable and iconic designs in the car industry!

Hey folks arvin here welcome to gym to draw on this episode i’m going to be drawing the alpha romeo julia so let’s get it on okay folks let’s kick it with a cool car sketch and today i’m going to be sketching the alfa romeo julia which is an italian car that is currently owned by stellantis the word julia comes or means youthful which i i think is somewhat closely

Related to romeo and juliet from the old uh shakespearean story now one of the things i’m embarking on in my process for sketching is to try to replicate some of my analog techniques which is using a grayscale marker in the background and then coming back and refining the sketch with the pencil prismacolor pencil so what i’m doing here is i am actually using a

Marker tool within a software called creda which is completely free and i i tell you creda just does an amazing job of giving you the right kind of pencil effect so i’m going to start off with this the 60 or around 40 to 50 gray scale marker it’s a warm color marker that is an offset color of my background here so that i can kind of lay in my lines loosely so that

When i want to come back and i want to refine everything else i can come back and tighten things up with the with the pencil now one of the the nicer things about the alpha romeo is you know this is a competitor the three series they’ve got some beautifully aggressive stylized lines and showcasing their iconic grill called the scudito now the scudito what it means

Is a shield and that’s basically the shape that you’re getting and it’s evolved over so many decades from the history of this car with keeping this triangular shape that’s now kind of elongated down more triangle in shape now than it was back in the past it’s it’s meant to be a shield and it’s really the centerpiece and the focal point at the front of their car

And when you think about it what an awesome imagery when you think about a shield because what the shield also signifies is is somewhat of a warrior every time i think of a shield i think of the movie gladiator with russell crowe because uh again it’s iconic and it signifies strength and sportsmanship and athleticism and that’s what this is this is a luxury uh car

That is nimble and fast and athletic and i think they do a fantastic job of communicating that and and more and more i think about it when you think about all these design elements uh for these vehicles it really has even that much more meaning and substance to their design now another thing i want to note here is just the powerful graphical elements of not only

Just the shield but just the fog lamp areas because you’ve got this trifecta of three different shapes that really provide a lot of strength i mean they’re they’re pretty overbearing shapes you know you’ve got the shield here in the front and then you’ve got these two uh positive and negative shapes so you just got this distinction here in the fog lamp area that

Takes up the majority of the real estate to the front of the car and that just gives you a really powerful statement graphically you just can connect those lines and get like another triangular shape right you got the inverted triangle here on the grill from the shield and then you’ve got the the two other fog lamp shapes and then if you connect them to the top

That also kind of gives it a triangular shape so it’s just kind of re-emphasizing that whole graphical look and bringing a lot of solidarity to design it’s really a pretty remarkable i just the more my look at this when you study it you just realize man this thing has just got so much history it’s just gorgeous and i it’s no wonder that it’s a sense of pride it’s

No wonder that it’s uh iconic and really exemplifies the history of italian card design and why people are so prideful of the grill because it really does signify something and it sets them apart and provides the brand identity for this car you look at that grill you know it’s an alpha romeo foreign thing i gotta confess i mean this is this whole process for me

Is just an experimentation i’ve never used digital software to to really try to replicate my analog look because i traditionally love sketching with prismacolor pencils and and now because it’s just easy to to get a tablet out and and use these tools that you can create a pretty close representations of what you would do in analog and do with digital tools and

That’s kind of what i’m doing here i just want to try the process of of using my markers and then from my markers coming in with a more analog look and a more sketchy feel look instead of because sometimes when you look at digital they look digital right i mean you’re doing a digital painting they do they don’t look like brush strokes they look good and they’re

Impressive but it’s just not the same thing right i mean i just love the feel i just i love working with the tools and it’s still not going to be the same but it’s just nice to have that execution and that feel where you’re doing it by hand right and you’re working with a sharp pencil which is now always sharp so what i’ve done here is i’ve changed the color a

Little bit i was working with a darker brown color and i’m coming back with like a tuscan red this is something i often love sketching with so i’m just coming back in and emphasizing the colors and creating some darker lines to give some contrast to the sketch foreign is it’s always good for you to map out your proportions beforehand so when you’re looking at your

Reference photographs or if you’re into automotive design and you want to learn about proportions then it’s it’s proportions are always going to be different between a sports sedan versus a regular family sedan versus a truck versus a cub cuvs are typically crossover vehicles that are uh built off of a car platform so they typically have very similar proportions

But just sitting up a little higher in vehicle or i just hired to the ground so i’m just getting to wrap up here i hope you enjoyed this and this is somewhat educational i just love talking about this stuff and sketching i mean if you learn how to sketch it’s just one of the most therapeutic things you could ever do in your life because it’s uh it’s also economic

Because it’s what do you got to do you just got a piece of paper and a pencil and you just start going to town and so i encourage you to ask me any questions if you’ve got any other comments or questions feel free to comment below and also subscribe to my channel and i’ll see you next time to draw have a good one

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