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Altair Club Cars Car Comparison | Chevrolet Camaro vs Dodge Challenger |

Car Comparison | Chevrolet Camaro vs Dodge Challenger |

Yeah someone who grew up in the heyday of muscle cars and pony cars the 60s and 70s it does my heart good to see these two cars here with us today the resurrection of the camaro and the challenger is proof that all good things come around i just can’t deny the appeal of a raw and awesome muscle car i love these things i know it’s politically incorrect these days

To say you love raw horsepower but it is so much fun and i have here the chevy camaro ss and what do you have i got this the 2016 dodge challenger srt 392 both of them are raucous at startup it’s great its glorious it’s the sound of the gates of hell opening it eats priuses for breakfast at some point in time we have to figure out which we like better i can see

You’re getting a little impatient so let’s stop twiddling our thumbs and go for a drive let’s do it we are driving a 2016 camaro ss i love everything about how this car drives other than i do find the clutch pedal a little stiff a little heavy i think the automatic is that’s bet to go no yeah no i think so i know as a performance guy that’s heresy but you got to

Think of comfort it’s a very impressive package overall especially consuming the prices all in as you see it it’s 52 thousand dollars that also includes things like well that you have the sunroof you have the performance exhaust that’s an option that’s quite a lot for the price it has kick it has kick this is strictly a two-seater it truly is a really really good

We got here is a 2016 dodge challenger srt 392 it’s a great cruising car seriously absolutely it is i love the way it shifts i like the shift mechanism better than in the camaro this thing just smooth flows like butter it’s a lot more comfortable i find a technique camaro yeah i have a lot more headroom a lot more legroom you can see the corners of the car better

It’s entirely visceral entirely visceral it’s all about the feel the sound the senses when you’re on these harley you can feel it through the seat through the clutch pedal when you’re shifting through the steering wheel it’s just this cars all about feel it’s all those old-school thrills i love it hopping into the challenger from the camaro it’s just it’s a lot

More pleasant it’s a lot more it’s a lot friendlier for a car this brawny considering we weren’t really testing these for performance after all you know you look at their 0 to 100 times they’re going to be within a couple of tenths of each other what we’re looking at is how these cars compare as a day-to-day driver so what do you think as far as daily driving is

Concerned yeah the challenger is big but it’s a better cruiser it’s more comfortable it’s better laid out in my opinion and as big as it is you can actually see out of it so the challenger wins from a comfort standpoint from a performance standpoint in terms of using the car day to day i found it easier to live with i found the transmission it shifted smoother

Cleaner it was a more comfortable car to drive i like the camaro for its performance aspect i like the fact that it is really a serious sports car but there’s only so much time you can spend on the track maybe if gm wasn’t trying to turn the chevy camaro into more of a sports car than a muscle car my answer would have been different but i want old-school muscle

Car thrills and as far as that goes i’ll take a challenger any day of the week absolutely for driving ga i’m brian harper and for driving ca i’m nick tregennis

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