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Cancel Your Cyber Truck Order

Welcome to Cars In Reach! In this video, we’re going to share with you details about the new Tesla Cyber Truck. So, let’s deep dive into the video knowing about the Vehicle. 👉 Subscribe to my channel to stay tuned:

When the tesla cyber truck was first announced in 2019 it took the streets by storm with a truck that was supposed to really change the game for tesla both in terms of performance and of course how it looked the car resembles something that was taken straight out of a sci-fi movie and that was one of the many things that made the car quite desirable for many ev

Enthusiasts fast forward to 2020 tesla started showing signs that the car could be underway as it was seen around but following the covid-19 pandemic everything about the tesla cyber truck just seemed to be shut down with things not really looking optimistic for those who would have loved to have added such a truck to their garage it’s been three years now and we

Still have nothing on the part of tesla regarding the cyber truck and also with several other competitors coming around to also steal the show the real question now is should you still wait for the cyber truck or is it still worth the wait well in today’s video we’ll be taking you through the details on the cyber truck as well as a look at some of the competitors

You can look towards if you’re looking for a super ev truck do stay tuned and enjoy if you’re new to the channel well this is cars in reach and if you’ve not already taken the action please don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and let’s get you going with the latest updates on some of the newest cars in the industry as well as some other automobile content you

Definitely would like now let’s head back to what we have for you today one of the major things that has plagued the delivery of the tesla cyber truck so far is there several delays that we’ve had to see over the years following the announcement made in 2019 to start work on the cyber truck the pandemic was one of the first reasons why plans were stopped it was

Then believed that the production will be postponed until 2021 but again supply chain issues stop this from happening and even though there is another 2023 date likely to be discussed the whole situation with a cyber truck just feels too tricky to help potential buyers decide what and what not to do the truck should it ever arrive he is expected to come with some

Really superior features right from the exterior design to the interior performance features and also the level of technology to come with it as opposed to the initial design that was seen when the cyber truck was first unveiled spy shots of the truck have shown that it will come with side mirrors though these mirrors will be made removable the cyber truck will

Also have a massive windshield wiper that will have just one single blade for the entire front of the truck to add to this the car’s exterior will also be made of steel with tesla claiming that it will be made of 30 times cold rolled stainless steel while there is not much really already revealed about the truck’s interior it is expected that the cyber truck will

Retain virtually the same design as can be seen in other tesla models though as big as the cyber truck will be you can expect a few updates here and there away from the interior tesla will also be including the new 4680 battery cells in the cyber truck with this also believed to be among the reasons why the cyber truck has been delayed up until this point the new

Batteries are known to offer 16 more range and also six times the power of the older batteries with the new one serving as a cost-effective option for tesla however the range of the cyber truck will vary based on the several modes that come with it though you can expect the single motor model to offer 250 miles of range at the bare minimum with a dual motor model

Reaching 300 miles and a tri-motor model even offering more than 500 miles of range on a single charge to add to these amazing figures the single motor tesla cyber truck will also be able to go from zero to 60 miles per hour in under six and a half seconds and while this is going to be pretty slow based on tesla standards the dual motor model will come faster

At four and a half seconds and with a try motor model doing it in 2.9 seconds the cyber truck will also be able to tow 7500 pounds on the single motor with the dual and tri-motor models being capable of 10 000 and 14 000 pounds respectively among the many things that really made the cyber truck pretty desirable upon its unveiling was at the price that had been

Announced for the truck was just 39 990 which meant that potential buyers could get all the amazing features already known and though still to come for a fairly reasonable price as opposed to some of its competitors that charge a lot more however with the delays that we’ve seen as well as with the supply chain issues and other increased costs that tesla has had to

Cater for to bring the car into reality after all these years it is highly likely that the truck will have an increased price and it could even be twice the amount that was initially announced with the truck’s top models also coming at really high prices as well if you’ve not already done so please subscribe to the channel for more car updates like this with this

And the fact that it’s not sure as to when we’ll even get this car it would only be best to ignore it and look at the other trucks we can actually see now with two options in the 2022 gmc hummer ev and 2022 ford f-150 lightning the gmc hummer ev represents the comeback of general motors hummer brand that was previously discontinued in 2010. now as an all-electric

Sub-brand of gmc the hummer reappears as a pickup truck that is quite admirable when you look at its features the truck comes with 1 000 horsepower on its top powertrain and also uses three electric motors that offer an estimated range of 329 miles per charge and also reaches 60 miles per hour in 3.3 seconds the hummer ev also features removable roof panels an

Optional adjustable air suspension and a cool four-wheel steering feature which sure but makes the ev a great off-road ev option as well the truck comes in three available trims plus a special edition one trim that is the most expensive in the pack the starting price of the ev is 86 645 and while this is quite expensive compared to what might come with a cyber truck

The gmc hummer ev is still one to consider if you’re in need of a quality ev in its rate also another option to look out for is the ford f-150 lightning truck that has been labeled as ford’s most ambitious innovation since the model t the ev truck shares quite a lot in comparison with regular f-150s body and cabin though it does replace the gasoline-powered engine in

The regular f-150 with a pair of electric motors and two battery pack options the standard range battery is said to deliver a range of up to 230 miles per charge while the extended range offers up to 320 miles per charge it has several impressive features including an extra large infotainment display as well as a very large front trunk cargo bay the starting price

For the ford f-150 lightning is also very low compared to most of its competitors with the base pro trim having a starting price of 41 769 and the top platinum extended range trim having a price of 92 669 if you would however be interested in waiting for a truck you might as well consider the 2024 chevrolet silverado ev the ev is expected to go on sale in 2023 for

The 2024 model year and it is also expected to come at a base price of 42 000 with its highest trim expected to sell for around one hundred and seven thousand dollars the truck will come with a large battery pack that will provide up to 400 miles of range per charge with chevrolet even offering the chance to charge the battery as fast as getting 100 miles of range

In just 10 minutes the dual electric motors will also produce up to 664 horsepower with up to 10 000 pounds towing capacity also to come it is expected to provide stiff competition for the ford f-150 lightning and the tesla cyber truck as well and it does look well enough to pull off that kind of competition though we’re not sure exactly what tesla is planning for

The cyber truck with another year running out again there have been rumors about the possibility the car maker releasing a smaller version of the cyber truck instead of what is to be expected and while these are still only rumors it is unsure whether or not the smaller version of the cyber truck will be as impressive as what we’ve seen so far from the larger cyber

Truck that’s been in the new since 2019 however since nothing is sure about the cyber truck the ford f-150 lightning gmc hummer ev and the chevrolet silverado ev are worthy options to consider which of these options do you think is the best kindly respond in the comments section also don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to the channel as well as turn on

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