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Altair Club Cars Can you power your house with your EV (electric vehicle)? | Auto Expert John Cadogan

Can you power your house with your EV (electric vehicle)? | Auto Expert John Cadogan

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Is it the right time to replace your combustion car with an ev and maybe even run your house using the big fat battery in the ev overnight logan from i get new cars cheap australia only even evs though website god now i’ve got this question here from steve beggs bago who says are recently watched you youtube on the ev costs in your v2l comments

Which i watched with interest well thank you beggar i’m very kind i appreciate your interest i have rooftop solar blah blah blah my thoughts are to purchase an ev and then charge it during the day and run the house at night from the ev well good thoughts beggar oh but there are a few practicalities to consider aren’t there like let’s just think about that let’s

Move forward in time to a hypothetical place in the future which we might call electric utopia where the grid is solar and wind predominantly and everybody is a little compromised therefore at night aren’t they because the sun has off basically and if it’s not windy then all those air conditioners in the middle of summer and all those fridges and freezers that

Need to chill our food and things of this nature you know the inflator for your blow up whatever it’s all going to require electricity which has to come from somewhere and i’d suggest that somewhere it could be the big fat battery sitting just out there in the carport or something inside yo ev because it’s got like i don’t know 400 k’s of range and then you’re

Probably only going to drive 40 or 50 k’s tomorrow so you’ve got all of this energy that you really don’t need straight away right you could suck energy out of that and run your house you could even hypothetically pump it back into the grid and sell it to yo electricity retailer as a means of stabilizing the grid at times when the grid is not really keeping up from

Its photovoltaic and wind type resources right generation resources so that would be kind of paradise on earth wouldn’t it but there’s a couple of problems right now and problem number one is actually getting the energy out of the ev a lot of evs don’t allow that off the bat and i suppose as there might be some plug-in thing that allows that down the track like

A bi-directional charger where you can suck electricity out of the grid and put it in the battery at times and then at other times you could tell it to suck electricity out of the vehicle and pump it back into your house and by extension into the grid if that sort of thing is allowed and we get the infrastructure together which is yeah kind of doubtful because the

World is run by politicians who are all failed lawyer with no real grasp of the technicality so that’s an impediment to getting anything reagan done isn’t it anywho right at the moment you can buy some evs with v2l capability like the mg zs ev i think hyundai ioniq 5 and the upcoming ioniq 6 will allow v2l as well the question then becomes how much electricity can

You get out of them and in the case of the mgzsev it’s two and a half kilowatts which is roughly one standard domestic power point pumping its little heart out at its maximum supply of about 10 amps right so that’s not going to run the whole house pathetically enough is it it’s not going to cope with you three split system air conditioners and yeah two fridges in

Your freezer and your five tvs and the kids and you know you might have some blow up accessory that you need to quickly pump up in the evening just before bed hypothetically it’s all going to drain a lot of electricity is what i’m saying in two and a half kva might not be enough so there’s that and there’s also the question of regulation surrounding getting energy

Out of your battery and putting it back into your house which is not all that straightforward like you can certainly plug with emg you buy an aftermarket excess or not enough to market you buy a genuine accessory and you plug it in it’s a cable right and when you plug that cable in it’s got like a powerpoint in the other end of it and you plug in an extension cord

And a power board and you run a few appliances of it dead simple okay you can be out on location at a freaking picnic charging up your i know electric bike or running your espresso machine because you couldn’t make instant coffee you know that’d be you’d be a peasant wouldn’t you so there’s all of that kind of functionality built in you could run an extension cord

Here into the fat cave and run these lights and you know plug in a usb adapter for a camera or whatever and you could roll even in a friggin blackout which is how i kind of like it you know always up that’s me kind of thing however in the domain of regulation it may well be that to power your whole house off a car in the future you’re going to need some safeguards

Like you’re going to need a means of shutting down the power to the grid right because if you want power failure blackout type protection then it’s no good if that switch remains open the main switch in the switchboard if that’s still open a couple of problems there there’s dudes out there trying to fix the wires during a power failure they’ve got their hands on

The bits that would otherwise be live and you’re pumping electricity out into the friggin street which is counterproductive especially if a whole bunch of other people are doing that it might energize the grid enough to zap them and then there’s every other house in your friggin street all of which have you know fridges and air conditioners and power hungry devices

Of this nature which are all switched on and dormant during a friggin blackout and you can’t possibly power all of them up with your own ev so that switch needs to automatically go off and then there’s the other regulatory aspect to all of this which may be that they will require you to upgrade the wiring in your home to current standards and that’s going to be a

Problem if you’ve got like a 50 to 100 year old house with 50 to 100 year old wiring in some parts because the cost of upgrading that could be megabucks much easier i think temporarily to just run a few appliances off the car if you’ve got v2l functionality like the mgzsev so i hope i haven’t misrepresented any of that too badly and i hope you get where i’m coming

From bago like the big guy goes on and says my shoe is we now have a beautiful kona n series the only beautiful kona in existence there you go beautiful that’s not an adjective i’d use but anyway that’s in the either beholder i suppose that we would charge for that we would change charge change tomato tomato we would change for the ev and after your comments

On the mg zsev that will be a serious consideration i don’t think you’re running your whole house off the mgz scv dude the counter does 10 to 12 000 kilometers a year local running mostly and it will do us for many years but all in caps so this is an important but this is a big butt but i’m considered re the battery life of the ev regardless of the make i choose

In will it be worth anything in five plus years old and or the cost of battery replacement if we can get one man battery with development will probably be way ahead of the 2023 model don’t think so okay there’s a couple of floors here in the logic bego the first one is that the battery is going to croak in five years okay if it’s a lithium-ion phosphate battery

It should be good for about three and a half thousand cycles of charging which would be one full sort of charge a day one significant charge a day for 10 years okay and by that time it should have reduced to about 80 percent of its initial capacity which is not going to be a huge deal i’d suggest so the longevity of batteries if the manufacturer thermally manages

Them appropriately so that they don’t get too hot during intense charging or discharging the longevity of batteries is kind of gonna be okay they have to monumentally it up to get that wrong and looking at you generation one nissan leaf well done design is there okay the other thing is that these new technologies battery development being way ahead in five years

That’s just not the case there’s no new battery technology on the horizon and in fact five years ago or three years ago however far back you want to go there are examples of people such as the pt barnum of evs elon musk sprooking this electric future like the tesla semi and the cyber truck and both of these vehicles are in part predicated on miraculous new battery

Technology and he even has battery days where he spruks new battery technology that never happens okay and it never happens because the periodic table of elements is friggin known lithium is the goldilocks element there are no new elements to discover this is not tony stark doing some magic in an avengers movie this is real science okay the periodic table is

Known lithium is the goldilocks element you can tweak the chemistry sure okay and that’s like every other engineering compromise if you tweak the chemistry for maximum discharge you you shorten the life of the battery and you also open the door to overheating causing inextremist catastrophic thermal runaway which is that fire that you just can’t put out until all

Of the electrolyte is exhausted by the fire all right so chemical tweaks are possible but it’s a compromise game it’s not let’s use miraculous new technology to make batteries even better that’s not foreseeably going to happen and if you want to wait for that if you think that’s going to happen if that’s a nice fantasy for you then hey i’m happy for you to have

Your fantasy but it’s just not foreseeably on the cards all right and if you want to leverage the future on some maybe that sounds great wouldn’t it be lovely if this was a script in a movie like that’s up to you dude but here in the domain of facts and what’s available it’s not going to happen sure there are lots of nice ideas like super capacitors and graphene

And things of this nature the only problem with that is they’re in the lab mucking around with that stuff and there’s no evidence that it’s ever going to be production ready because there are actual impediments to rolling it out okay bego goes on and says my quandary is keep the kona in and install a battery in the garage or swap the kona for an ev v2l okay so

I’d suggest that just buying an ev getting rid of a perfectly serviceable combustion car and buying an ev just because it’s a battery on wheels that you can run your house overnight with is ridiculous at least it’s economically irrational if you are gonna buy an ev then okay get one with v2l if you’ve made a commitment to clean air for the city or you’ve made some

Commitment to national energy security both of which things can be defensively facilitated by evs then yeah dude get one with v2l and suck some electricity out of it and run aspects of your home overnight right approved but spending 50 grand replacing a perfectly serviceable reasonably new car just so you’ve got a battery on wheels to run your house overnight that’s

Absurd it’s functionally absurd you could get something like a blewetti ac 500 okay that’s like a five kilowatt inverter and then you have these modular battery packs called b300s battery packs they’re three kilowatt hours each and you can combine your ac 500 with as many modular batteries as you want up to six of them for 18 kilowatt hours of battery storage

To run your house with okay that’s a phenomenal amount of energy to burn overnight kind of thing you could pump it up every day using your rooftop solar and that would be available to you at a fraction of the cost of an ev and also easier to integrate into a house right now incidentally so that is that i’ll put a link to blue eddie in the description this is not

Sponsored by blue eddie although i do have a commercial arrangement with them if you buy any of their stuff i will get a small commission i’m just using the blue eddie ac 500 as an example it’s not available in australia just yet it’s coming like its deployment is imminent at the moment you can get an ac 300 with b300 packs and that’ll supply three kilowatts but

The 500 is a substantial upgrade and if you’re thinking about running your house overnight i’d really be thinking about that anyway big o goes on and says ps or love you no bs commentary on all things motoring but i can do without apology cheers mega everyone is a frustrated executive producer aren’t they i don’t know what’s the problem with political commentary

Like politicians are the reason why you can’t plug your v2l into your house right now and run the house off it okay because they haven’t got their together they’re generally inept scientifically illiterate failed lawyers and right-wing politicians in particular tend also to believe that they’re a special class of human being the ruling elite instead of just what

They are which is people who want to serve the public that’s what they should be you know but they’re not and we allow this and it’s disgraceful it really is so what’s wrong with pointing that out bego i ask you i mean in the immortal words of pauline hansen please explain

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Can you power your house with your EV (electric vehicle)? | Auto Expert John Cadogan By Auto Expert John Cadogan

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