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Altair Club Cars Can You Actually Invest in Lucid? Lucid Air Luxury (Hot Electric Car Stocks Episode 8)

Can You Actually Invest in Lucid? Lucid Air Luxury (Hot Electric Car Stocks Episode 8)

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Lucid recently revealed their flagship electric car the lucid air the whole presentation was packed with details design and a lot of exciting specifications the most notable being the claimed 517 epa estimated range that would make this the highest mileage electric vehicle on the market a title that tesla has held uncontested for years and years it’s obviously

Aimed at the very high end luxury vehicle market with the base model costing eighty thousand dollars and the highest trim the dream edition costing 170 thousand dollars a lot of the excitement is fueled by peter rawlinson who is a chief engineer of the model s and now he works at lucid he’s obviously a huge guiding force for the company and someone who has tons

Of technical experience for what makes a good luxury vehicle and what makes a luxury vehicle something you can bring to market ev stocks have been surging in price for a while now arguably a lot of that enthusiasm is spurred by tesla’s explosive price and the large jumps in battery technology and battery manufacturing that we’ve seen recently it seems like anyone

Talking about electric vehicles is going to have money thrown at their company some might call it a bubble but hype is a powerful force in some ways it’s concerning i’ve covered a fair number of electric vehicle manufacturers across the spectrum of consumer industrial vehicles some seem to really be on the right track others went public before having a functioning

Prototype which is kind of insane but knowing that it’s not surprising there are people who want to dump money into lucid tons of people have been asking how can i invest in this company however lucid stock is not available on the open market it’s a privately held company this means you can’t just go to your favorite brokerage and purchase a stock if you want

To own part of the company you need to have sort of an angel investor relationship with the executives of the company so only private investors right now when it comes to private investment generally companies even small ones will only spend time if you’re offering a minimum of tens of thousands of dollars or more so if you happen to be a millionaire with a lot

Of faith in lucid you might be able to strike a deal money for partial ownership of the company right well when it comes to the scale of lucid just a year ago they completed a 1 billion dollar investment with the public investment fund of saudi arabia so i imagine if you want to get their attention you’re gonna have to be playing in the seven figure range at a

Minimum this is obviously a company with a lot of major backers and a lot of funds to work with it’s hard to say what their current investment money looks like they very well might not be willing to sell any more ownership of the company and might not be interested in any additional investors really unless you have a staggering amount of money to invest and

You have contacts at the company your best bet is waiting until they go public if they decide to go public a company could always stay private forever if they desire that all depends on the goals of the leadership and another thing to keep in mind about evaluations of companies tesla is very much more than a car company making a really cool and fast ev does not

Equal tesla evaluation lucid in general is a rather interesting company they were founded back in 2007 over a decade ago under the name ativa they were a powertrain company for electric vehicles not a vehicle manufacturer it seems they slowly assembled a team and a lot of investment money and now they’re making their first splash into the market with the air i

Gotta say i watched the whole presentation and i think it looks like a pretty cool vehicle it seems like a company is finally willing to release a true competitor to the model s although some might argue that with tesla self-driving and their supercharging network it’s hard to really call it a competitor but overall i think it’s a stylish and interesting vehicle

I’m happy to see the company progressing and i think the more companies in this space the better i really do wish lucid the best of luck and i hope this comes out and really becomes a smash hit if you’re interested in getting into the market and investing i have a link in the description below for signing up to weeble weeble is a trading platform that has a mobile

App desktop app and web app personally i think they’re a fantastic brokerage and i use them all the time if you sign up you can get a free stock valued up to sixteen hundred dollars

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Can You Actually Invest in Lucid? Lucid Air Luxury (Hot Electric Car Stocks Episode 8) By The 40oz Profit

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