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Altair Club Cars Can the 3-Cylinder 181 HP 2021 Ford Bronco Sport Deliver All the Bronco Feels?

Can the 3-Cylinder 181 HP 2021 Ford Bronco Sport Deliver All the Bronco Feels?

Want the Bronco life without the bigger price tag (and off roading capability)? The Ford Bronco Sport is designed for every day driving, comfort and convenience, but it’s still rugged and ready for adventure. It has fun details and features but we wondered if the smaller 3 cylinder Ecoboost engine could do the job around town and on the highway, so we put it to the test.

The ford bronco family offers a lot of options a lot of flavors a lot of choices there’s something for everybody as they like to say including this this is the bronco sport so not actually the larger more capable bronco line but something that’s a little smaller a little more compact but still has a lot of capability and a lot of function within the ford

Bronco sport lineup there are five additions there’s the base there is the big bend which has a lot of great features but not as luxurious as the outer banks which is the model that we’re test driving a little fancier is the badlands edition which has more off-road chops it has skid plates it has paddle shifters it has off-road suspension and it has 250

Horsepower so a little more power than this one does and then for those who really want the collector’s item there is the first edition the model that we’re test driving starts at about 33 000 uh our price all in with destination charges and and a couple of packages on here is about thirty seven thousand dollars for your thirty seven thousand dollars you

Do get the bronco look so it has the badge spelled out across the front and it has these classic retro inspired headlights that are very similar to the headlights on the original ford bronco but probably the most magic thing about the ford bronco sport are all the little details not just details that keep reminding you that you are part of the ford bronco

Family but also details that make time in this car a little more convenient and a little more fun it starts here with there is a bronco bucking bronco icon there on the wheels there is an outer banks badge here whichever addition you get you’ll have a badge there are there is a what they’re calling a safari style roof so the roof line is really high and it’s

Higher in the back than it is in the front you do get roof rail standard which is a pretty nice thing there is a smart key so with your key in your pocket all you do is push these little bars here on the side of the the handle to open to unlock and unlock the car and a lighted on the side of the car here there is a keyless entry system so you don’t even have

To have your key you just need to know what your sequence is to be able to get into the ford bronco sport back here though there’s some other cool details the rear end of the ford bronco sport gives you the bronco badge it also tells you right here that it’s a sport it also tells you that it’s a ford there is towing capacity about 2 000 pounds of towing on

This particular edition the outer banks edition but i want you to notice a couple of things this and then down here so here’s your rear view camera here and there’s a little notification here that says glass and one that says door now it’s not an automatic opening door so you just release it but you still have to pull it up it doesn’t do that automatically

It’s got these uh hydraulic lifts here interior lots of cargo space lots of capability and then it’s outfitted with these hard plastic or rubberized floor mats here and on the seat backs so you’re going to keep your easy to keep clean and easy to keep the floors from being damaged there’s a couple of details here one that i love is this work light so these

Lights come on to give you extra light if you’re loading things in or out of the car when it’s dark but notice that i told you that there was a glass option and that is this wonderful for people who carry things that they need to access all the time so you just want to get a drink out of the cooler you just want to grab your tennis racket you just want to grab

That dance bag and you don’t need to get get everything out or you don’t want to open it up for everything you can just open the glass and get whatever it is you need inside the cargo area of the ford bronco sport driving the ford broncos sport was pretty easy both on the street and on the highway making it easy is ford’s co-pilot 360 driver assistant

Safety systems that add a lot of assistance and help to not only let you relax behind the wheel but keep you safe on the road so the standard package that comes with the bronco sport even from the base model includes lane departure assist automatic high beam headlights and pre-collision braking we had the co-pilot 360 plus package 895 dollars that adds lane

Centering adaptive cruise control and what that does is it allows you to set your speed the car will follow the traffic ahead of you and then it will also keep you in your lane really nice to be able to sit back and relax and enjoy the premium sound system relax your hands on the steering wheel just a little bit as you drive you

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Can the 3-Cylinder 181 HP 2021 Ford Bronco Sport Deliver All the Bronco Feels? By AGirlsGuideToCars

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