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Altair Club Cars Can it handle Traffic? 2022 Toyota GR86 City Review

Can it handle Traffic? 2022 Toyota GR86 City Review

We all know the #Toyota #GR86 is bred for the track and canyons, but can it be an enjoyable daily driver in daily traffic?

I am heading to downtown naples florida and the new 2022 toyota gr86 this is of course the second generation of the revival of the lightweight uh and affordable rear wheel drive front engine sports car today i’m going to tell you what it’s like to drive in daily life is this going to be the right car for you we’ll see now last year toyota brought me out to new

York the monticello raceway there to race well not race but driver on the track this car right here the gr86 is absolutely amazing experience not only on track but off-road this vehicle handles like a razor blade here in florida i don’t have anything that’s a turn that’s not an on-ramp or like an off-ramp so what is it like to drive in daily traffic what is it

Like to just be in i guess a normal life not driving through the mountain roads of new york or like a race track now in town it’s it’s an easier driving experience than the outgoing model just for the fact that we have a lot better torque in this vehicle 185 four pound feet of torque that torque curved dip that we had in the last generation is gone we have this

Larger 2.4 liter boxer engine here and it’s just every time i pop the hood on an 86 it blows my mind how low that engine sits in that engine compartment driving it around town is actually quite enjoyable because i feel like i don’t have to ring this engine out and in fact it doesn’t bring me a lot of benefit either now i want to talk about the transmission and

The clutch feel in here when this vehicle is dropped off at my doorstep i killed it immediately it bites hard right at the bottom of the pedal so right when you start lift off the clutch pedal the clutch just engages and there’s there’s very little room for error you pretty much have to push this pedal all the way down and the second you let off the clutch uh

It starts biting and it’s it’s kind of unforgiving in that way but once you know it’s there like the friction zone’s right at the bottom of the the clutch travel uh then i haven’t killed it since i feel like this engine and transmission needs a lot of fuel for you guys to to to ship smoothly most of the time i’m getting better at it but like it does still have

A little bit of rev hang like the first gen and in order for you to get that smooth shift you really need to make sure uh your your revs your transmission and the reds your engine are matching up when you’re shifting there’s not a lot of like cushion it kind of punishes you if you don’t get it just right now you can kind of massage the fact by giving it a little

Bit more gas than usual while shifting into the next gear but it’s still not the easiest i would say to ship smoothly and just it’s not the easiest to drive smooth regularly i just got out of the six-speed manual hatchback from the honda civic and that is just so easy to drive it’s very satisfying the shifter feel in that car feels a little bit better than this

The throws feel slightly longer than the civic hatchback manual and the civic sis on another world like i feel like that manual transmission is just more more enjoyable to drive day to day than this vehicle um it’s smoother you also have more torque lower down it’s more predictable as well and then when you get into this vehicle since the visibility’s squished down

And you sit so low like you feel like you’re going you want to race this car the second you get into it so i really would love to have like this vehicle to be like a track car but for everyday livability i just i honestly think there are better options out there if you want a six-speed manual some things about the interior the steering wheel feels great the shifter

Does feel good i would probably give it a solid b it doesn’t feel super satisfying when it slots into the gears like it does in like the civic hatchback that i just drove i love that the hand brakes right here that’s one of my favorite things and the manuals you need to have that handbrake next to you so thank you for subaru and toyota for making sure that this is

Really easy for me to access um it’s not the most comfortable for me to shift uh meaning my elbows like on this hard piece of plastic in the middle here now you can close the glove box but that’s where like my phone sits and that’s where you plug in your phone like i don’t have a wireless charger in here uh and there’s no like usb ports around here for me to use

That i’m aware of so i have to plug it in underneath the armrest therefore i can’t really set my elbow on the area to make it that comfortable but i do feel like it might be slightly better ergonomically than the outgoing model overall the seats hold me in fairly well they’re not i’d say they’re pretty soft they’re not super stiff or anything so they’re actually

I could actually see myself sitting in the seat for a very very long time uh it’s the the ride is a little bit firm though so uh luckily the seats also on the soft side to kind of make up for the firmness of the ride and if i had to drive this vehicle in the midwest it would not be that that enjoyable uh with the crappy streets where i used to live in omaha but

Down here in florida it’s it’s easy to live with i would say even though it’s on the stiffer side yeah just throwing around that roundabout there like this vehicle just feels so light and wanting to just rip up any turn unfortunately i just don’t have any south florida i get cool you know cool coal nuns and things like that but you know not not cool turns to throw

My car into the radio in here gets really loud but it is not a very well-rounded system the base on it you have to lower all the way down because it just feels like you’re blowing out the speakers if you push the base even a little this car is very loud but it does make you happy when you get a chance to wring it out like like you’ve seen i’ve been in traffic

The whole time it’s very hard for me to wring out the cars on a regular basis but it does reward you with a very nice sound i know some of it’s pumped through the speakers which i just railed on the speakers for not being very good in here but they did a good job making this vehicle sound pretty good i just left it in fourth here and it was like at 1 500 rpm and

It dug out of that really really well it doesn’t like the low rpms nearly as well as let’s say like the civic s9 with that little turbo 4 cylinder i mean i feel like that engine does well or even as low as like 1000 rpm if you just want to like lug it around this vehicle not quite the same also fuel economy i’m getting like 26 miles per gallon which is isn’t bad

For a sports car but as i keep comparing to this to like the civic si for example it’s not that hard to get like 35 40 miles per gallon out of that little 1.5 turbo in a bigger vehicle that’s more accommodating the back seats all but useless in this vehicle i sat once in the back of a brz and that was quite terrible but there’s no way i’m getting in the back of

This vehicle unless i have to seats do fold down if you need to if you want to expand your storage a little bit now there’s one last thing that i feel like the gr86 has going for it over the brz over let’s say maybe even the civic si and that is it’s drop dead gorgeous looks and that’s completely subjective this vehicle to me and i’m gonna follow this tacoma here

This vehicle to me is mind-blowingly simple and beautiful and elegant all at the same time as well as being pretty aggressive so you know you have the supra on on the top end of the gr lineup and that thing is just obnoxious in every single way with with all the gills and slits and most of them are fake his vehicle takes a much more minimal approach while still

Looking aggressive toyota knocked the ball out of the park with the overall design of the new gr86 the side gills i love the dual exhaust the simple headlights it just all comes together really really well and like this would be a vehicle where i look at on a daily basis if i had it and it would just bring a smile to my face whether i’m inside of it or outside

Of it i’m gonna fling it around here the g wagon didn’t come to a stop at that stop sign when you get the shifts just right in here and you know how to kind of predict those following rpms to match up the next gear change it is very very satisfying a brake feel very predictable nice and strong put into second here pedal down right now it’ll do 59 miles

Per hour there in second gear so would i change anything about the new gr86 that is a difficult question answer of course i could always say more power i would like a more peaky engine for this but you know i can’t complain since it’s better than the old engine in every single way the handling is fantastic as i found out not here in florida but on the raceway

Monticello in new york that was phenomenal the brakes feel great in here i love overall the ergonomics in here are really really good i do feel comfortable even though the suspension is stiff but for vehicles in this class let’s say around thirty thousand dollars rear wheel drive front engine like maybe the miata is only competition and that vehicle kind of stands

Alone that vehicle is way more fun than this in my opinion just on daily driving it is just as handsome overall i think especially the rf model is just not drop dead gorgeous the transmission the shifting i prefer how that vehicle drives overall it’s it doesn’t punish you as much as this vehicle does if you just don’t have everything right with this and that might

Be a pro for this vehicle for someone who really wants to master this vehicle it’s just like the mx-5 is so easy to just pick up and drive and drive it very smoothly and very accurately with this vehicle there’s a little bit more of a learning curve with with the clutch in this particular model and just making sure your shifts are smooth waiting for that perfect

Rpm uh match up where just feel like the mx-5 you can you can get your rev matches a little bit easier uh and you can drop the top on that and act completely hooligan in that vehicle as well as you can in this but got the hard top which some of you might prefer but gr86 thank you toyota subaru for making this vehicle it’s an outstanding sports car and you’ve made

It better in every single way we’re just living in good times we got the gr corolla coming we have outstanding hondas with six speed manuals right now we also have mazda having some six speed manuals left especially the mx-5 the new wrx is really really good it’s just a little expensive the integra has returned that vehicle is absolutely phenomenal so anyways guys

Gonna end it there we’re living in like the second uh second birth of japanese sports cars here in the early 2020s and it’s a good time to be an enthusiast especially for manual transmission cars we’re living in good times anyways i’m gonna end it there i get the pleasure of driving this back to my house from a beautiful downtown naples florida i’ll see you guys

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Can it handle Traffic? 2022 Toyota GR86 City Review By Kirk Kreifels

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