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Altair Club Cars Can An SUV Be a Track Car? – Modified Audi SQ5 Review

Can An SUV Be a Track Car? – Modified Audi SQ5 Review

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Hey what’s up you guys dave here once again for another video review today we’re at a 2016 sq5 it’s got a supercharged v6 that has an upper pulley and a tude by solo motorsports and here’s the best part i actually have driven sq5 before but that one was more of a looker that was the golden groceries one we called it because it had beautiful wheels and a bag

System and a wide body kit on it which actually didn’t even really look like a wide body kit on it because it was done so well it’s flushed in with the body but this is a stock body sq5 but has a lot more suspension components that are deer bags this is true suspension does agent are spring bilstein shocks got sway bar pretty much almost everything underneath

The car is built for handling and the owner of this car jesus has actually brought this to road atlanta and walked on it pretty good which is really awesome to see because it literally is best of both worlds his analogy for the sq5 is that it’s an s4 with a backpack on it and i was like that’s a really good way of looking at it because underneath it feels very

Similar to say the end for the night room about two years ago the motor acts the exact same way it comes with a really good supercharger one that’s really intoxicated and these respond really well to minor mods i’ve also driven the audi s3 which had the 2-liter in it what a completely different driving experience so it’s kind of cool to see that howdy kind of

Jumps around and tries out different platforms every now and then according to each car and not just getting the same agenda every single car and everything is about the sq5 is the interior is still as awesome as i remember it it’s incredibly roomy it’s incredibly comfortable and howdy’s in general are just really nice on the inside it’s a nice place to be and

Usually during the video review i’m yelling at you but in here i can just kind of whisper at you it’s no big deal and what’s great is the flat-bottom steering wheel and audi is like one of my favorite things about them it’s just satisfied did you turn in and everything else when you feel that block bottom because it’s essentially the same steering wheel that’s

On the lamborghini huracan because the volkswagen umbrella has no bounds what’s also good is it comes with a bunch of different options in the transmission you have sport mode although traditional automatic mode button and you get the good old dsd part a lot of people call it and it’s a very satisfied shift in between but if you’re kind of going around town and

Sport and you’re going pretty slow it can kind of be iffy it might downshift a little too soon or to play kind of figure out where it wants to be but overall it’s a great transmission isn’t really smooth another highlight of the car that has the brand spanking new pirellis on it and 295 which is a big fat meaty tire on an suv and when you see it from up front

You just see how wide they are and it’s like really menacing look and everything to up front it has the euro lights so it gives a kind of an individual look compared to the other sq5 but the boston wheels on this as well our gorgeous but according to jason they’re such a pain in the butt to keep clean because of the matte black i had to say about this v6 that

We have in these audi’s is that their response is just so great in the feedback it’s incredibly precise so wherever i am in the pedal you know exactly what kind of power you’re putting down and it doesn’t feel like a turbo car where you’re kind of in between you don’t know what you’re kind of putting down supercharged especially the roof style is very easy to

Predict sometimes what you’re kind of controlling and if i’m in sport mode which i am i can always just look throttle alright so if i get on it okay it’s completely linear and having the normal conversation with the original breaks are fantastic big giant calipers up front and you have nothing to worry about when it comes to stopping power even though this thing

Is really big compared to a sports car another thing too is occasionally on track you can get a little floaty up front because he can’t hide weight sometimes but is it really like crazy scary no it does get to be a weird got like that hellcat noise big bertha but you just gotta know what you’re driving but it’s got big fat goes up front so like once again stuff

Powers on tissue and you think that they would put brakes like this on it stock so that kind of throws me off that they didn’t do that especially when it’s a pouty and out he’s like two three me a brand so i think they should put a bigger break something splitters in the room all right just big bertha go around a corner oh my god a pile of drawbacks airing

Break feedback – really good and really easy yeah it’s buttery food julien realize the funds are going up problem i could definitely i could totally get sick it feels like because it’s just so smooth that you look down and because when you’re higher off the ground a lot of the times things feel slower and when you’re close to the ground sometimes it can make

A really slow car feel more intense feel like kind of like a miata or something in the street line but this car it’s so smooth it can do every job perfect you have room in the back seat you have room up front he never feel claustrophobic that’s just a dash cam don’t worry about that and you never via claustrophobic and your visibility is so good in the sq5 i mean

That you could probably tell that lighting of this video that there’s so much light coming in and it’s not disruptive at all in down low thank you all right it’s so calm like it’s funny it’s like an oxymoron it makes really aggressive noises but you never get the feeling that you’re in trouble like you never have the feeling that i’m going to like flip this

Giant suv because of the higher center gravity but it feels a lot like a car like the way it kind of feels compared to the s4 it feels like just at all that’s more so what i’ve noticed about that is when you’re in it and you’re going around the corner you’re just going straight you’re accelerating the sound of the engine actually helps you out because you don’t

Have to focus up looking at the tach the entire time make the very signature sound when you’re at the top of the rpm range do you know what the shift so you don’t really have to be going like this and causing more risk if you go around a corner off the road but you can just focus on the task at hand which is great i think a lot of german cars do that very well

Where it speaks to you in a way that you can just focus on driving ahead of you and you don’t have to worry about constantly doing everything but a lot of people like that kind of feedback so if you’re really into like no manual transmission and everything else i could see how you might not like this but as a daily driver it doesn’t get much better than this i

Mean yeah well like i said earlier space visibility you can put your kids in the back he does all the time it’s just an overall great package by audi and if you buy this one of those suvs that’s completely overlooked because the q5 looks so similar to the sq5 so if people cbs you fine they see the badge on it i’m sure a lot of people who don’t know german cars

Go oh he probably doesn’t know superior or something like that but you’re getting a better performance pack getting a bunch of beneficial thing the coupon and what’s better than that these awesome this car is also awwe and it makes a really nice subtle sound you don’t have any road at all like there’s no subwoofers in your ear there’s no anything there’s i’m

Good enough sounds where you can hear it but it’s not to the point where it’s obnoxious you can totally drive this every day and have any issue ready one more section drop the gears alright woo oh man okay here we go you know the you feel the weight but it’s pretty dwarfed accommodations all the sway bars and the suspension and the shock and everything it’s

Not one of those things where you go ready to turn in your length of this there’s no sense of that be like on the edge of that you’re going to flip it’s really really settled so they’ve been in some of the srt8 jeeps and stuff like that and i feel like we all run a quarter in that and i’m in trouble good low in it like that and once you get the momentum up it’s

Really easy to add power and everything else with the all-wheel drive system and inspires confidence you’re never invincible with all-wheel drive but it inspires confidence and with all-wheel drive letting off can sometimes be a bad thing so you’re going to get a little bit more to the power to push the car around so that always helps with such a big freakin car

All right you guys i hope you all enjoyed this really quick video review of the audi sq5 of you all enjoying it big thanks jason for coming out let me drive this baby i had a great time driving it it’s really interesting seeing one that’s a little more refined over more of a stylistic one with the downpipe and everything else that was a lot louder this is more

Of like the calm one and on that note guys and if you all have a wonderful day and i’ll see you next time take a knee don’t forget to subscribe okay bye you

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Can An SUV Be a Track Car? – Modified Audi SQ5 Review By ThatDudeinBlue

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