can a lamborghini tow 10000lbs
Altair Club Cars Can a Lamborghini Tow 10,000lbs+?

Can a Lamborghini Tow 10,000lbs+?

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What the dude anything happen you’re responsible behind me is my street legal horicon super trofeo evo build along with a twin turbo kit that makes 1250 wheel horsepower at all four wheels and what good does all that horsepower do if you can’t legally use it on the road so then i thought of the brilliant idea to tow with it i put a tow hitch on it and this thing

Is pretty beefy it’s a class 4 trailer hitch meaning it can handle up to 15 000 pounds now i don’t know if the chassis of this car can but at least the trailer hitch can so this receiver is bolted onto the rebar which is behind this carbon piece and bolted to that part of the subframe this part of the subframe and there’s two bars that go up and mounts onto the

Same part where my chassis mounted wing bolts onto in other words it’s not going anywhere and if it does go somewhere it’s probably gonna take the whole back into the car with it it also has your typical trailer seven pin plug so the first thing i want to do is mount that dirt bike using that dirt bike mount look at this oh why is this making me so happy okay i

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Huracan on this dirt bike rack and it’s leaning up against my wing for now even with this dirt bike on the back this suspension looks perfectly normal i mean there is no squat at all that’s pretty impressive oh ow oh i’m squished i just want to leave a little product review out there if you guys ever come across a shitty crappy ass dirt bike found on

Do not buy it look at this there’s this photo that went super viral a couple years ago people are going crazy because oh my god it’s a lamborghini towing a lamborghini but at the end of the day a lamborghini urus is just a audi q8 it’s like the same thing it’s not that impressive in my opinion this on the other hand is a mud of a more realer lamborghini i guess

The aventador is the only real lamborghini but this is a more of a lamborghini than a year says in my opinion so the next morning i drove to u-haul to rent a car trailer for my huracan u-haul how’s it going i rented a car transport what is your last name choice choi what are you talking about a lamborghini huracan what is it 2017. you have the hitch and wiring

And all that on it yes that’s the sports one right it’s not the truck no because i don’t think you can tow a car with that car how much does it weigh you know four thousand pounds yeah that’s not enough to tilt or it’s gonna be at least five thousand toy car because the trailer itself is already five thousand the trailer itself is uh one thousand eight hundred

Pounds the hitch is rated for fifteen thousand pounds i gotta call my boss and get approval i’m gonna look at the car too okay the car doesn’t have to weigh as much as what you’re towing does that make sense like i have an f-150 as an example thing weighs 5 000 pounds but it’s rated to tow up to 15 000. yeah the rating for the hitch could be different than what

Your car can actually do the engine is what matters um have a customer you’re trying to tow a car and he’s flying with this lambo is not listed as like any other cars you know on the list i mean he has the hitch and everything so you all ended up not letting me take the trailer with the huracan so i called one of my friends with a pickup truck that’s all it takes

Yeah so this is a hybrid chassis car so i’m a little concerned about the eight bolts that hold the rear subframe onto the carbon half monocoque half cop nice call mitch at the show up here with this truck and grab the trailer because the u-haul guys didn’t let me take it with the lambo yay use a truck to take a trailer what’s the fun in that turn the wheel to

The right go forward forward forward forward forward forward to the right go forward you got to move over like an in forward clap come in oh time to do some sketchy wait hold up wait because there’s this ledge right here okay you want to watch out for this ledge right here can you see it stop stop stop stop dude this isn’t gonna fit it’s not gonna fit it’s

Not gonna fit damn that is a pop tire right there let me just try going back no bro you’re gonna dude you’re gonna pop the tires oh my god do you need my guidance yes i am not responsible for this tunnel how about no oh why are these to the car so wide it just barely doesn’t fit i didn’t realize how wide these things were some other day i’m gonna go get a bigger

Trailer so i can tell yours i’m determined to tow a euros so i drove home to at least try it out with my rs6 there’s food everywhere and confetti happy birthday the car’s a mess look at all this crap everywhere let’s try this again this time with my rs6 so the euros is 67.7 inches wide and this thing is actually 65 inches wide almost 3 inches narrower so it should

Work we’re also going to load this thing backwards to get the tongue weight eased out because this car is already squatting like crazy just with the trailer alone if you put so much weight on the front then the rear suspension squats and if you put too much weight on the back you’re gonna throw this out of stability and get a death wobble and then you’re gonna

Crash so we have to do a really good job balancing out the trailer is this thing too no this one looks better oh i have like wider wheels maybe that’s why like i have more like girth you watch your side i’ll watch this side you’re clear here just go super slow straight straight all right we’re going on the freeway with this son of a oh you feel that oh

Baby oh the engine is screaming it’s okay oh my god oh my goodness gracious yep that was like the gnarliest thing i’ve ever experienced and then i figured out that for the first time ever i can pick up more than one friend with my huracan things i can say i’ve done if we open the hatch and film out the back my car looks straight out of a video game it works i

Went on the freeway with this earlier how fast how fast do we go like 70 miles an hour are you serious we had to go uphill how fast can you go with this thing at 65 it was doing a little sway so i was like uh weighs like four times oh yeah this thing’s like five thousand five hundred pounds poor little three thousand pound huracan is towing seven thousand pounds

Right now this is what gives alex boners um what about the trans who are you worried about the trans little i’m probably gonna blow the clutch oh you think i’m both clutch oh for sure but you don’t care why let’s go get a new one you just get a new one yeah for your lamborghini yeah no problem you don’t care about it up no you just go buy a new one it’s like

Two thousand dollars for a clutch ah okay all right i’ll make it back on the ad revenue okay imagine the hits just going straight into the that’ll be expensive what the are you gonna plug that into oh you don’t have the adapter do you no you need oh yeah okay it’s just for the lights that’s fine yeah we only need lights what the what the i had to come rescue

My boy corey funk you know he broke down on the side of the road we got a check engine light we’re gonna get it off the road it’s unsafe oh yeah oh you’re gonna strap me down yeah something like that stressing me down yeah no just hold the brakes are you kidding me oh my god sir you arrived at your destination please let go of the emergency brakes we will

Now be unloading your vehicle what the dude every thing that was so gnarly i stayed in place and i didn’t touch anything i was like jump let’s go hi the ground is right there no you just got killed by like a thousand rocks like dude it hurt yeah you felt like someone was shooting pellets at us the entire time i was like wondering why he was like ducking

And covering sir it looks like i got a flat tire do you need a tow today yes please i charge 40 a mile like i said got a four-wheel drive fault i wonder why oh i’m oh i’m offroad it still drives look at that we got these diesel guys showing up wondering what the i’m doing telling with the lamborghini it’s the lbz duramax that’s a chevy america oh don’t panic

Whatever you do that’s insane still faster than my car it has a trailer on it lamborghini trailer we’re just returning real quick it’s impressive honestly yeah that’s awesome i knew i was gonna see something on youtube eventually no we agree anything happened you’re responsible your insurance who’s trapping the car yes you are because you’re responsible sorry

What do you think your 60 to 130 is with the trailer and a car in the back probably faster than most of those whack-ass cars out there built by whack ah oh my god what makes this burnout kind of challenging is agx installed this trailer break and if you don’t know what a trailer brake is if your trailer has electric brakes you can hold this down and

It’ll press the brakes on the trailer so i’m trying to shift gears with one hand while my other hand is sitting here holding this thing down luckily this trailer has this rock guard so it pretty much caught most of the fire crud i don’t think it can get any better than this my huracan towing the euro finally found a wide enough trailer straight straight all

Right stop real quick stop stop do not raise the car race car bro did you put the parking brake on okay i think this is one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen look at this thing wow it’s beautiful all right we are all strapped up i can’t get over this honestly the back tire is not squatting as much as i thought there’s a front tire in comparison so

It’s not too bad honestly the trailer tire is trying to help more than anything is me me okay honestly that wasn’t bad at all i don’t see a single bit of tire crud on here big shout out to drive la for letting us use that urus if you guys are anywhere in the la area ever and want to rent an exotic car just hit up drive la and you can actually rent

This exact urus now that is what you call homemade slicks

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Can a Lamborghini Tow 10,000lbs+? By Alex Choi

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