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Camper Van Tour

Break free on the open road in this Low Mileage 2018 Promaster Camper: $50k

Are you ready to start a new adventure i’m sam and this is my man santa claus and she’s for sale in the los angeles area for fifty thousand dollars she’s a 2018 round pro master with a 136 inch wheelbase which means she’s small enough to fit in a compact parking space and a high roof between small enough to stand in it’s got the cute little eyelashes foreign and a

Pill box window that opens from the inside and you can’t forget my favorite part the sunroof she’s also equipped with 200 watts of solar power on the roof welcome to my home this is the front of the van the cab both seats in the front swivel all the way around for extra dining you’ve also got a third jump seat installed great for small children or extra passengers

This seat has a metal plate underneath the van for extra security and builds up for extra storage security systems systems installed on it one with a front and rear camera and one that also tracks the van so you know exactly where it’s gone you can set a parameter for if your van gets stolen unfortunately and leaves that parameter you will be notified it also has

Glass protection so if any of your glass windows are shattered in when you’re traveling it will get a notification it’s 42 000 miles it’s got low mileage and lots of life in it there’s tons of storage in the van starting with this large full-sized closet with hanging rack and six drawers it also locks because they have to be locked away in the van so it doesn’t

Tumble away when you’re driving you’ve got packages on the back of the seats if you want to store things always important to keep a fire hydrant and storage above the cab also for your little ones this wall is magnetized and you can play magnets and fun little games with your family while you’re on the road in the kitchen i’ve got a ginormous 36 inch stainless

Steel when i traveled with my little one i was actually able to bathe her in this you’ve got a steel backsplash a gallon-sized berkey for water filtration this is a gray water system meaning only clear water can float flow through it no milk no dairy and it will shoot directly out the bottom of the van so you never have to empty your water storage underneath here

We’ve got a i’ll be cool fridge that opens right up and keeps everything you need cool i found this to be about three days worth of food little storage for trash can cleaning products whatever else plates forks knives anything you need in your little tiny kitchen the van is fully insulated with havelock wool it’s got hardwood floors and every window has a custom

Insulated shade on it these back windows also have these cute little shades you can see out the window right now we’re on the beaches of marina del rey for added safety in the back of the van at the bed there’s an extra alarm system that when you push a button it sounds just in case you get into trouble now the vent system is new when i lived in the vent in the

Van the bed went from side to side which meant you could only sleep in it if you’re a 5’7 record the bed now goes from front to back and the way that you build it is you pull out this drawer which houses your 1500 goal zero power bank system it’s all of your plug-ins for the van and next to it is another little drawer your battery system in it it’s charged by

Your 200 watt solar system so the solar panels charge these batteries which charge your gold zero you’re going to have enough power to do whatever you need now this piece of wood sits underneath the cushions when it’s in dinette mode then you pull it over and fit it in please a big old man now underneath this huge bed you also have tons of storage a lot of these

Pieces pop up fit right back into place so you can store your backpacks your clothes anything you don’t need to access immediately if you want to hide stuff down there and underneath here is your water system this has a water pump that i’ll show you outside now the van bed is big enough maybe a baby maybe you want to take a nap now the back end of the van is

The outdoor kitchen and shower area it’s a new propane stove a eureka i’ve actually never used it because i’m an awful cook so that’ll be new for you you can keep your utensils gone here your cups your fixings your pantry style you’ve got a propane tank in here that’s nicely secured with its own carrying case this is refillable at most home depot stores pull up

The lever send it back lock it in place unlock this here pull down and inside this box just like we saw the water gallon storage on the inside pull out your hose plug it in to your spray port turn on the pump and you’ve got an outdoor shower the van is located in los angeles california i’ve got a clean title in hand and i’m ready to sell it’s listed at fifty

Thousand dollars and my contact information will be below it i’m willing to travel to surrounding areas such as san diego or springs

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Camper Van Tour By Mx Sam I’Am

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