cadillac xt5 test drive review
Altair Club Cars Cadillac XT5 Test Drive/Review

Cadillac XT5 Test Drive/Review

I drive and talk about a 2017 Cadillac XT5 Platinum AWD crossover. starting price for the base model is $39,395. Luxury AWD is $47,795 and this model is $67,155.

So this is a 2017 cadillac xt5 crossover really nice car v6 engine 3.6 liter 8-speed automatic transmission it’s got a little paddle things behind the wheel for those that like that direct injection variable valve timing reportedly 18 miles a gallon city 27 on the highway i drove from new york to massachusetts yesterday and it was a great ride when i was getting

About 20 22 miles a gallon it’s one of those cars and when you come up to a stoplight it shuts down i think you need to be sure listen there that’s a really quiet and a really gentle re-ignition i know in some other vehicles i’ve driven that have that feature it’s kind of annoying but in this case it feels unobtrusive and obviously is designed to save on gasoline

So there’s all kinds of buttons all kinds of modes this one comes with accident avoidance technology i can set a lane indicator so if i fear out of the lane on the highway the left a five year to the left the left side of the seat starts vibrating if i hear to the right the right side starts vibrating it has adaptive cruise control which is actually a great feature

For the kind of holiday driving we do sometimes or any kind of highway driving as you slow down and speed up you set the distance that you’re comfortable with being from the car in front of you and the car automatically breaks or when traffic opens up it accelerates so you set cruise control for 65 if you’re obeying the speed limits and you set the distance for

Narrow and all you have to worry about is just keeping the car pointed in the right direction so it’ll slow down and speed up based on the vehicle in front of you just a really handy feature not quite self driving but it’s part of the way there there are some luxury features in this particular version this all-wheel drive version in sport mode that has some really

Nice get-up-and-go huge panoramic moonroof which is great has heated seats which screen is telling me 44 degrees here in new england massachusetts so heated seats are nice heated steering wheel is nice stereo system you know all the normal modern features this carl set you back $50,000 give or take depending on how many things you add to it it’ll climb from there

But it’s roomy inside for adults we drove up yesterday and really a pleasant and all the cup holders usb ports the rest of that becoming pretty standard with cars these days all present and accounted for there are certain things that you know you can adjust and that’s the beauty of all these systems there’s a heads-up display some people like that i find it really

Distracting so look in the instruction manual it’s super thick and more than 365 pages i remember thinking and it tells you how to turn it off dial it down so that’s gone there’s a speed limit warning so every time i was topping the speed limit which happened now and then it would be pat you and a warning would come up on the screen turn that off so i know some

People object to all these systems but you can really dial them all back and make it just a simple basic driver it handles nicely it’s taller than a car it’s shorter than a truck and when you walk up to it from the outside it it looks you know on the smaller side when you get inside it feels a lot bigger than it actually is which is you know one of those tricks of

Design that cadillac and others seem to have mastered the huge amount of glass helps but also just the way the interior the car is laid out it provides for a pretty spacious feel four-wheel independent suspension it sticks nicely to the road driving along these beautiful curvy twisty country roads it’s really a nice ride

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Cadillac XT5 Test Drive/Review By Tod Mesirow

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