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Altair Club Cars Cadillac Lyriq – cadillac lyriq ev reveal – full presentation

Cadillac Lyriq – cadillac lyriq ev reveal – full presentation

cadillac lyriq – cadillac lyriq reveal.

This with us the challenge we had was how do we keep moving forward how do we take cadillac into a new direction where people see it as still a cadillac but very much a future forward vision for cadillac from a luxury styling perspective our creative design partners have really had free reign on this vehicle it is a designer’s dream to start with an all-new

Architecture it takes up less space it allows you to have the freedom to design this interior the way you want from start attention to detail with the edges the surfaces the fits the finishes the selection of materials we’ve thought several layers deep in terms of how we want to communicate what the future of cadillac promises to the customer the interior

Designers start out with that first read the beautiful surfacing striking the lines and making sure that they are uninterrupted and flowing and the placement of woods metal with the warm accents the contrast between cool and warm is just beautiful and that allows for that second read the third read is that layer of discovery it’s those discoveries that help

The customer fall in love over and over again there’s so many cool elements in this interior when you open the door we have this layered approach to the wood and metal and when those parts are put together it’s illuminated from behind with a beautiful texture that’s also echoed in the speakers below if you look on the end of the ip we’ve got murlettes in

There that’s kind of like an easter egg as you open the center console the little drawer opens and it’s beautifully lined like a jewelry box it’s the texturing within the metal that you find around the curved screen on the ip and that same texture you’ll find on the multifunctional controller it looks like it’s made by a watchmaker or a jeweler that’s the kind

Of surprises that we wanted to develop for a luxury customer we wanted to have clean simple design the foundation allows for great proportions the exterior design is no longer limited with a constraint of a combustion engine so instead it frees us to be much more creative it’s an opportunity to really push the fashion of car design the lyrics also unveils the

New face of cadillac we wanted to reinvent the crest in a way that looked very technologically advanced but had a very jewelry and bespoke appearance the black crystal appearance of the grill and the avant-garde lighting are integrated artfully so the face becomes much more expressive sculptural and sophisticated the vertical lighting had a lot to do with our

Relationship with our engineers and really being able to work back and forth with them to develop a technology we’ve never had before when we walk up the lighting sequences start with the badge and then it fills in through the grill and as the grill fills up it pushes the light down through a technical reign of the vertical signature it also pushes that light

Back through the whole horizontal of the vehicle from the nose to the tail my ultimate goal was to make this hands down the best cadillac suv that anyone has ever seen the lyric paves the way for cadillac’s all-electric future it sets the tone for cadillac’s design language moving forward it’s effortless it’s simple and it’s refined lyric harmoniously

Blends sculpted surfaces fluid lines and next generation technologies creating lyric is just a chance of a lifetime to lead a team that is extremely passionate and creative we knew that we were working on something really special when we started to give luxury evs the soul this is going to be one of the most fun to drive vehicles that i’ve ever worked on

There’s nothing about it that doesn’t captivate me when we get aligned behind a task and a mission and a vision we can accomplish just about anything as we strive for the best electric vehicle in the world we are also making sure that we are providing a true luxury cadillac ev luxury is something that takes care of you when you least expect it it’s walking

Up to a vehicle and have it welcome you and really awaken all of your senses when you approach the lyric interior the first thing that’ll be prevalent to you is the beautiful curved 33-inch display it’s just a stunning display it feels like you’ve purchased a high-end tv in your living room we have graphics that go all the way to the edge the beautiful colors

And the fact that this is a battery electric vehicle the ux team did a beautiful job years ago we would make it obvious that it’s an ev bright greens bright blues your battery gauge is huge when we’re working on evs with a brand like cadillac it has to be sophisticated it has to be elegant we know from speaking to our customers and doing research clinics that

Generally ev customers kind of fall into two different categories there’s people who are really into the data and want to make sure they understand everything that’s happening with their vehicle there’s also the other side of customers who maybe don’t really need all that data and just want to be assured that everything’s okay and with the infotainment system

And the lyric you’re able to get as much information or as little information as you’re comfortable with technology has always been a key element in cadillac’s and the lyric is no exception traditional heads-up displays have one plane of information that makes it look like graphics are floating on the hood this new dual plane hud has two different planes of

Information one looks like it’s floating on the hood and another looks like it’s looking on the road the near plane will be really crucial information like your speed that far plane will be things like navigation turn by turn it’s a step beyond anything we’ve ever done before when it comes to the audio assistant that we have an alert it’s a 19 speaker akg studio

Our goal was to transport the customer into our recording studio to establish that emotional connection with your system with akg is the right brand for cadillac often designing new features that you don’t fully understand yet is a challenge supercruise is a great example supercruise is the industry’s first truly hands-free driver assist system we introduced

It in 2018 on the cadillac ct6 and it’ll be coming to the lyric we’ve added many new features to supercruise the biggest one being our lane change on demand feature where the driver can actually request a lane change and then the vehicle execute the lane change on its own when the customer is using super crews it’s very important that the customer feels safe

Using this new high-resolution display using real-time rendering of 3d graphics we’re able to provide that safety information the components that make super crews actually function some of them appear on the interior side and we design them to be so seamless for the customer that we give them all the space and comfort that they expect in a luxury product the

Company-wide collaboration that has taken place between exterior design interior design color and trim the user experience studio all these different team members working together collaboratively has shown us that there’s a lot more we can do to make a much more polished and finished product you spend years at drafting tables in conference rooms at computers

Math modeling and clay to get the vehicle to the point where you actually sit behind the wheel and drive it the electric propulsion system really opens up a lot of windows for us to offer a wide variety of range and performance options including some very impressive 0 to 60 times the battery pack is tied into the underbody of the vehicle it’s going to help

Stiffen the vehicle such that your handling your steering feel and your responsiveness are going to be light and they’re going to be quick the way the altium battery is integrated into the lyric really helps us lower the center of gravity that combined with a nice wide stance to the vehicle is going to give you a great road hugging experience around corners we

Designed this vehicle to have nearly a 50 50 weight distribution which means the more predictable the more precise and the more fun to drive a vehicle is when you think about an ev and you think about driving dynamics the first thing that comes to mind is the near instantaneous torque that you get out of the electric drive motors the fundamental architecture of

Lyric is rear wheel drive and then lyric goes a step further with a performance all-wheel drive option that offers another drive unit in the front of the vehicle so not only are you getting power distribution to all four tires but you’re actually increasing your horsepower when the first pre-productions came off of our manufacturing line and i had the time to

Drive it and i was able to feel the handling i was able to feel that near instantaneous torque i was able to feel the ride control this vehicle will be a no excuses performance cadillac in any vehicle development aerodynamics is critical but on an ev especially when you talk about things like range anxiety aerodynamics becomes that much more critical lyric is

Our first execution of a vented roof spoiler so that allows us to maintain the square back shape of an suv but also get the optimum performance our electric vehicles don’t make noise as internal combustion engines do so the level of wind noise contributions becomes heightened we have not reduced any of our noise abatement strategies or content and in fact have

Added more such as our road noise cancellation road noise cancellation understands the road noise that makes its way inside the cabin and using our microphones speakers amplifier we would cancel that noise the lyric is the first program to adopt that feature with evs we define performance on a number of dimensions they’re the traditional ones like acceleration

And stopping but it also goes to what’s the range what’s the charging time what do we have in terms of automated driving technologies what do we have in terms of displays and in all of those areas we’re breaking new ground not just for cadillac but for the industry for over 100 years we’ve been dealing with internal combustion engines on typical body-on-frame

Or frame integral vehicles this is a completely different problem to solve what excites me most about this program is the brand new platform we really took seriously the customer pain points around electric vehicles that they don’t go far enough they cost too much and they don’t charge fast enough all of those things are being addressed with the altium system

In the cadillac lyric we’ll be able to achieve much better mileage much better charging capability we’re serious about an all-electric future and we have what it takes to deliver at the global battery systems lab we’ve got our standard test procedures that have leveraged our decades of electric vehicle experience and we’ve got the software and test scripts to

Make it all run we can shake a battery while we’re powering a battery while we’re thermally conditioning it through arctic temperatures to desert extremes the lyric is built on a new modular electric vehicle platform powered by altium the crown jewel of the altium system is the battery cell itself where our strategy is to use the fewest number of the largest

Cells possible these cells are then packaged into modules this system is a simple lightweight and a space efficient solution which enables us to optimize the battery energy storage and the layout for each vehicle design we take 24 cells put them in a module and then we wire them in one of two ways in our smaller battery packs we wire the cells two in parallel

And 12 in series in our larger battery packs we wire the same cells three in parallel and eight in series having those two different modules at those two different configurations lets us arrive at the same optimal range of battery pack voltages regardless of how many modules you put in the battery pack so we can build batteries that have 6 8 10 or 12 modules

12 modules would give customers the most power and the longest range and six or eight modules would give customers a more affordable entry point we also engineered another group of battery modules where we took the same altium cells and instead of stacking them across the module we stack them from the bottom to the top these are used in special vehicles that

Have extremely low roof lines the altium propulsion system will be launching with a state-of-the-art ncma chemistry this is a new chemistry where we’ve taken a standard nickel manganese cobalt chemistry and we’ve added aluminum the addition of the aluminum allows us to increase the nickel content and decrease the cobalt content which gives customers more range

At lower cost what makes ltm’s technology so unique is that we have the ability to reconfigure it in so many different ways and it integrates into the vehicle in a way that gives more space inside the vehicle and a more luxurious experience range is critically important when selecting an ev we’ve designed lyric to achieve 300 miles of range on a full battery

Charge we will also offer both a level one and a level two ac charging as well as dc fast charging capability up to 150 kilowatts to make sure that the concern of range and the concern of charge time is not something that will ever get in the way of the cadillac customer being able to enjoy their driving experience when you reflect on what we have to work with

In terms of the ultim propulsion system the battery technology itself the drive motors the controls that all comes together in the first instance with lyric

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