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Altair Club Cars Cadillac Lyriq All Trim Levels REVEALED | Full Specs and Latest Updates

Cadillac Lyriq All Trim Levels REVEALED | Full Specs and Latest Updates

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Following the ev’s arrival for the 2023 model year the 2024 cadillac lyric receives a number of important updates and improvements including the inclusion of two new trim levels the 2024 cadillac lyric sport and the 2024 cadillac lyric premium luxury cadillac’s new trim level philosophy will be extended to the all-electric crossover in 2024 expanding the lineup with

The more opulent premium luxury and performance oriented sport the vehicle seen in these images is the 2024 cadillac lyric sport which has a number of notable design changes when opposed to the standard cadillac lyric luxury the 2024 cadillac lyric sport for example features a redesigned grille design and a different lighting pattern although the top horizontal and

Lower vertical lights look to be the same the inner grille portion is smaller and includes a noticeable center divider bar giving the front fascia a lower and broader appearance the inner grille design alters as well discarding a luxury trim level spectacular lines the window trim which replaces the polished silver feature on a luxury trim with new black surrounds

Is especially notable since it continues the sport design present throughout the body in the corners there are also a set of huge alloy wheels moving to the back of the vehicle we note smoke tail lights as well as a black finish and a horizontal lighting in the hatch and the tall vertical lighting in the corners the back badging stands out due to its silver color

The lyric media team was able to acquire the following exact specs for the various trim levels of the 2023 cadillac lyric 2023 cadillac lyric premium luxury specs starting at 59 990 dollars get ready to be amazed by these specs engine and transmission engine type electric transmission type single speed drivetrain all-wheel drive dimensions and measurement interior

Space seating capacity is five-seater this is all we could get for premium luxury trim 2023 cadillac lyric luxury specs starting at 61 795 dollars get ready to be amazed by these specs engine and transmission engine type electric horsepower 340 horsepower torque 325 pound feet transmission type single speed automatic drivetrain type rear wheel drive steering type

Continuously variable electric power turning diameter 39.7 feet turning diameter wall to wall 39.6 feet suspension systems available front suspension 5 link and rear suspension 5 link tires designations front tire p 265 50r 20 rear tire p 265 50 r20 wheels type aluminum wheels front wheel size 20 rear wheel size 20 fuel and mpg fuel economy combined 89 mpg city

97 mpg highway 82 mpg battery range and charge times range 312 miles dimensions in measurement exterior dimensions length 196.7 inches height 63.9 inches max width 77.8 inches front width 65.9 inches rear width 65.9 inches wheelbase 121.8 inches ground clearance 7 inches interior space seating capacity 5-seater front seat leg room 41.4 inches front seat headroom

38.6 inches front seat shoulder room 58.9 inches front seat hip room 56.5 inches rear seat legroom 39.6 inches rear seat headroom 37.7 inches rear seat shoulder room 58.6 inches rear seat hip room 54 inches weight and towing curb weight hundred and eighty eight albs colors and materials standard interior materials nor intellect seat trim sky cool gray intellect

Seat trim features and options infotainment hd radio not available bluetooth connection standard hard disk drive media storage not available premium sound system not available satellite radio standard smart device integration standard wi-fi hotspot standard auxiliary audio input standard entertainment system not available mp3 player standard interior trim bucket

Seats not available cloth seats not available leather seats not available leather steering wheel not available premium synthetic seats standard vinyl seats not available wood drain interior trim comfort head up display not available navigation system not available steering wheel audio controls not available power liftgate standard power mirrors standard a slash

C standard adaptive cruise control standard automatic parking standard climate control standard cooled front seats standard cooled rear seats not available cruise control standard hands-free liftgate standard asterisk heated front seats standard heated rear seats not available heated steering wheel standard keyless entry standard multi-zone a slash c standard

Power driver seat standard power passenger seat standard remote engine start not available remote trunk release standard seat memory standard universal garage door opener standard seat massage standard rear slash not available keyless start not available navigation from telematics not available telematics standard additional packages luxury preferred equipment

Group includes standard equipment safety features backup camera standard cross traffic alert standard rear parking aid standard blind spot monitor standard lane departure warning standard lane keeping assist standard abs not available night vision not available tire pressure monitor not available brake assist standard stability control standard traction control

Standard airbags driver airbag standard front head airbag standard frontside airbag standard knee airbag not available passenger airbag standard rear head airbag standard rear side airbag standard seat belt airbag not available warranty summary basic four years per 50 000 miles corrosion four years per 50 000 miles drivetrain six years per 70 000 miles hybrid per

Electric components eight years per 100 000 miles maintenance note one year per one visit roadside assistance six years per seventy thousand miles rust through six years per unlimited miles warranty note preliminary 2023 warranty 2023 cadillac lyric sport specs starting price msrp 85 000. performance specs engine and transmission engine type electric transmission

Type single speed drivetrain type all-wheel drive dimensions and measurement interior space seating capacity is five-seater 2023 cadillac lyric platinum specs starting at ninety thousand dollars performance specs engine and transmission engine type electric transmission type single speed drivetrain type all-wheel drive dimensions and measurement interior space

Seating capacity is five-seater the lyric cadillac’s first all-electric car is one of the most anticipated new vehicles for the 2023 model year the lyric a five-passenger crossover aiming squarely at tefla’s popular model lie has a starting price of roughly sixty thousand dollars cadillac claims it will have over three hundred horsepower and a range of over three

Hundred miles we estimate a zero to sixty amp acceleration time of around four point five seconds the exterior of the lyric which is available with rear wheel or all-wheel drive is spectacular with unique lighting signatures and a really unconventional grille it’s over 10 inches longer and 2 inches wider than a model lie the cadillac also has a much longer wheelbase

The lyric including its chassis was planned from the start to be an ev

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Cadillac Lyriq All Trim Levels REVEALED | Full Specs and Latest Updates By Exploratics

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