cadillac escalade review 0 60mph
Altair Club Cars Cadillac Escalade review – 0-60mph, 1/4-mile & brake tested

Cadillac Escalade review – 0-60mph, 1/4-mile & brake tested

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This is the new cadillac escalade and it’s a little bit like messier 87. you don’t know the reference it’s the biggest black hole in the galaxy in fact this car is so huge i’m sure it has its own gravitational ball oh my gosh yeah in this video i’m going to talk you through the exterior design the interior see what’s good and what’s not good about it and of

Course i’m going to take it for a drive anyway i’m at watson and you’re watching carlo buying a new car then head to car wow and my team will help you find your next car at a fair price car wow your one-stop car buying comparison site let’s start this video by talking about the design of the cadillac escalade so at the front it is big at the side it’s very

Long very long in fact i’m going to measure it out now so it’s one meter two meter three meter four meter five meter almost six meters long though this is the long wheelbase version meanwhile at the back it’s it’s very wide it’s also very chromey isn’t it that’s because it’s the luxury model you can get a sport model which isn’t quite so in your face now price

Starts from over 70 thousand dollars rising to over a hundred thousand dollars however if you want one in the uk you’re going to have to pay for shipping import tax registration a warranty and if you want to find out much this one here that i have is through clive sutton the importer put a link to his website in the description go check that out here in the front

The cadillac is big it’s big loads of room there’s quite a distance between you and the front passenger you’ve got this huge center console which separates you massive screen bank here and it’s sort of curved as well remember when like tvs were curved it was like a phase well cadillac have just caught up to that trend now that everyone else has moved on so the

Infotainment system itself is pretty decent it’s very easy to control and navigate through you can use it as a touchscreen or you can control it with this swivel wheel and of course you’ve got apple carplay and android auto the digital drivers display doesn’t seem to come on unless i actually start the engine so bear with me i don’t know if it’s an american thing

Or a car thing or whether it’s a me thing there we go so you can scroll through different menus and settings and stuff like that but one thing that i find a bit weird is the rev count it’s like this like straight line bar don’t like don’t lie at all i’m gonna turn that off there we go i do like the fact that you have physical buttons for the climate control that

Is nice and the quality in here is it’s pretty decent as well it’s not up to the standards of the bmw x7 though in fact if you want to see my full in-depth video review of that car click on the pop-out banner up there or follow the link in the description but there is lots of storage there’s storage down here there’s a space here for your mobile phone though i’m

Not sure it’ll fit my foldy phone i guess it will just about like that also under here there’s some storage with some usb ports and down here a big size glovebox i bet you can fit a 45 in there seats are comfy and very large very large it’s all right yes it’s all right and there’s this thing here which they seem to have in american vehicles quite a lot that’s

For your break on your trailer here in the middle row of the escalade there is plenty of room now you can get it with three seats here or in this case two individual chairs because this one is a seven seater version lots of knee room headroom’s really good look at the armrests like that and obviously i can recline my seat and i can slide it like that all very

Good like this as well big windows and they go all the way down also the quality here in the middle row is the same as in the front which is a good thing they haven’t cheaped out back here speaking of which lock we’ve got this big screen here there’s another one for the other middle passenger and you can connect your phone to it to run android auto off it also

Look we’ve got hmi inputs for it so you could run your playstation 5 off it if you can get your hands on one and there’s some cup holders here as well we’ve got the climate control system it’s all pretty good now i’m going to jump into the back row now show you how you do it so just pull this he says it’s that easy well it is easy if you don’t it up like i

Just did i’m gonna pull this back see how much room i’ve got back here look at this decent headroom it’s comfy i’m not sitting too close to the floor there’s three seats across here as well i’m liking that oh it’s a bit dark isn’t it um okay i’ll just open the sunblind yeah might be able to see a bit more because back here you have decent amount of storage as

Well look we’ve got a cup holder there little trophy mobile phone there’s also the all-important usbc there for charging your phone that’s big practical comfy family wagon in it let’s talk about the engine so there’s two to choose from one is a three liter straight six diesel which you don’t want because you want this one it’s the 6.2 liter v8 horsepower and

Torque 420 horsepower and 623 newton meters of torque it’s a bit of a shout out to my friends over at the straight pipes wait a minute 420 horsepower from a 6.2 liter eight cylinder my old mercedes a45s had a two liter four cylinder with 421 horsepower so one horsepower more than this thing america no the escalade is not only good for carrying people it’s

Also good for carrying all their stuff i’m going to show you the boot and to open it you press the cadillac badge which looks like it was designed by the modern artist mondrian in case you don’t know who mandarin is he did paintings such as this anyway open sesame this boot is cavernous look at that there’s so much space there’s a bit of extra storage under here

As well but if you need to carry huge things like wardrobes or maybe coffins you can fold down these rear seats so look they do it electrically yeah easy no manual labor at all i’ll just do these too come on there look at that space i’ll show you how big it is i’m going to get in i’ll just take my shoes off actually so don’t mark any of the paint work look look

It’s absolutely blooming massive huge isn’t it huge you can put a mattress in here and use it as a shag wagon anyway let’s get out now this is one annoying thing about this particular car so in certain suvs you can actually raise and low the air suspension by pressing a button in the boot so you can lower it so it’s easier to get out of but not here so yeah it’s

A bit high that’s when over on my uncle that brings me up to five or nine things about this car this car is literally brand new look it even has the protective cover for the infotainment display oh i’m so tempted to just remove that it’s satisfying anyway even though it’s brand new there’s some scratches in this veneer already i think this will scratch really

Easy it’s hard to see on camera but i can see it with my eyes and it would drive me crazy and in case you’re wondering clive that wasn’t me seeing as we’ve got a 6.2 liter naturally aspirated v8 under the bonnet and the fact that the americans don’t seem to bother about noise rigs nor petrol particulate filters this car should have an amazing exhaust note when you

Rev it go on rev it let’s hear it now revit that’s pathetic even though this thing is about as long as an olympic swimming pool it doesn’t have rear wheel steering like you get on many other premium suvs and that might make it a bit problematic to maneuver in fact i tried to lock up the turning circle of this particular vehicle but cadillac don’t list it that’s

Probably because this thing has the turning circle of your anus sorry sorry i meant uranus you know planet because this thing has a gas-guzzling v8 it’s about as aerodynamic as the ever given and weighs over 2.7 tons the economy isn’t particularly good so this thing has a 90 liter fuel tank which should get you very far shouldn’t it but not really you see this

One has half a tank remaining and it says that the remaining range is there for 130 miles which would mean that i’d only be able to do 260 miles on a full tank most car manufacturers locate the shark fin aerial somewhere towards the back of the car in the middle neat but kind of like i just plunk this one here maybe it’s because if they had to put it all the way

Back there they need like miles and miles of cabling to reach it it’s not all negative though here’s five good things about this car to make it easier to get into this tour vehicle when you open the door the running boards extend so you can step on them and then they go away you shoot the door there you go you can get the escalator with a banging akg stereo with

36 speakers look there’s even speakers in the headrest you also have a microphone in the front so the people in the front can have a sound link to those all the way in the back the car’s heads-up display features augmented reality technology so it’ll actually superimpose directions on the road ahead of you so i’m going to show you a cutway of what that looks like

Now it’s cool if you’re struggling to see things out of the rear view mirror don’t worry you can just flick a switch on it and then you get a live camera feed from the back so you can see things that are low down nice speaking of seeing things that are lowered down look at this i’ve just noticed this horrible stain on my shorts i had that on me through the whole

Video why didn’t someone tell me as with other cars you can get an optional fridge underneath the armrest to cool your drinks however this one goes as low as -5 degrees centigrade because it has a freezer mode though i don’t know why you need a freezer in a car unless you’re moonlighting transporting organs transplant okay let’s go for a drive in the escalade

Now i’m going to test it in the type of environment that this car would never be driven in at all where it’s built and made in the us of a because this is known as an alpine route which i don’t think they have in america not really why some canyon roads but generally this car will be used on the highway basically in straight lines so this will be a bit of a weird

Test for it how is it going to cope on this twisty section of test track is it going to be an absolute disaster i think it may well be but let’s find out actually do you know what i thought you’d just like topple over in the bends but it’s not terrible it really isn’t now the old escalade is to have old-fashioned rigid actual rear suspension this one is fully

Independent all the way around it also has air suspension and you’ve got adaptive dampers and the car uses a camera looking forward to read the road and it can automatically adjust the stiffness of those dampers it’s not terrible it’s not brilliant but it’s better than i expected it actually goes around corners pretty well and over bumps it’s fine it doesn’t glide

In the same way as something like a mercedes maybach gls does speaking of which if you want to watch my full in-depth video review of that car take the link or follow the link in the description but i’m more than satisfied with the way this car is going around this track tell you what the engine makes quite a lot of noise when you put your foot down and it doesn’t

Give you all that much power but then this is heavy as i’m noticing now as i need to break from this corner yeah that was a bit scary but the brakes do the job you have to give them a bit of a prod but they’re okay what’s not so good though is the gearbox so sometimes when you put your foot down it takes ages for it to go what you want me to go quicker okay i’ll

Change down the gear and because this thing is so long you could be left floundering at a junction you could create like this big hazard as you’re pulling out onto the main road oh well but yeah i am slightly surprised and it’s reasonably quiet in here it’s comfy enough i’ve got a decent view out cause i’m sitting up high although that bonnet is it’s it’s rather

Long it’s more like a bow of a ship it’s huge this thing huge but it certainly has some presence come on that’s it again come on gearbox wake up somehow we are blah my neck it is a statement though isn’t it driving around in something this big especially if you’re in the uk you will get attention will it be the right attention i’ll let you be the judge of that

There are a few more things i want to do in this cadillac escalade so the first is a break test from 60 miles an hour okay when i get to 16 i do full emergency stop use my specialist timing gear up here to see how far it takes to come to a complete standstill so here we go let’s get to 60. here we go four magic stop now oh oh oh oops let’s see how far that took

35 meters which actually isn’t too bad next thing to test is acceleration so it’s time to launch it oh yeah you can see how quick it is from north to 60 miles an hour and over the standing quarter mile let’s do it it’s not the quickest off the line come on what’s going on 60. that has taken 7.75 seconds come on quarter mile let’s be having you 15.9 seconds whoa

Now if you’re interested in buying a cadillac escalade or any other car for that matter you’re probably gonna have to sell your current car so click on the pop-out banner or follow the link in the description to go to car wow because we can help you sell your car will ensure you get a fair price for it and you’ll pay the price you’re quoted oh yeah now if you want

To check out anything about our website such as sell your car or even buying a car simply google help me car wow my team and i’ll help you choose the right car for you and get it for a fair price from one of our trusted dealers so then what’s my final verdict on the cadillac escalade should you avoid it should you consider it should you shortlist it or should

You just go right ahead and buy it well i reckon you should shortlist the escalade it’s big it’s comfy it’s luxurious and it’s exclusive especially in the uk i hope you enjoyed the video if you did give it a like let me know some other american cars you’d like me to review in the comments below click on those windows for more videos and on that box there for a special car wow surprise

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