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Altair Club Cars Cadillac Escalade ESV platinum owner review.

Cadillac Escalade ESV platinum owner review.

Hey guys paul here with you today i wanted to do a little review video on this cadillac platinum it was really not a whole lot to it but i’ve done a previous video where i’ve told you guys that i’ve owned a 19 yukon i went from a brand-new yukon to a brand-new escalade but this escalade is an 18 so i’ll save it for another video i’ll share the whole story because

It’s a lengthy story and one could learn from it what all i did to give me a sweet deal on this escalade that i went brand newman and everybody knows you don’t want to go brand new for a depreciation aspect or if you keep it for a long time the thing with me as i bought a yukon to keep for a long time i was so disappointed with the house i’d say i wasn’t willing

To go get another brand new vehicle but i ended up getting a brand new vehicle for a better deal than i used vehicle which i’ll leave it at that so it’s a very intriguing story i’m very thankful to god for the opportunity that i got so let me show you the outside you know nothing fancy i’m wondering i am gonna underlying stick to platinum’s if you’re gonna buy

An escalade nothing really extremes platinum besides that finish a little bored do there the reason i’m doing this video is sadly there’s not a lot of videos out there from owners ok the videos i’ve seen a bunch of salesmen trying to throw you something you know or they’ve been paid to say so much good things about a vehicle and they say anything negative it’s

End of the world kind of scenario you know i’m saying so here you go get a real-world experience from an owners point of view if you guys are curious the whole yukon you know more in depth video what all happened there you caught an escalade deal what am i trying to show back here i just want to show the back end of it there’s nothing special nothing anything

That underlines platinum is that i think the rims on that side that’s about it well i only have half my kids with me today so i want some you know guys on the site and i want to just show you something i take pride in my vehicle and you know for you guys stream you know you you got a nice vehicle wire you protect you know why are using current layer because these

Car seats are booster seats are gonna ruin it so you boys wanting to preserve it without the headrests this is what i did one through there nice little material in there 20 bucks my wife got on for the mercedes and now that i got all the kiddos in here um highly advise these for you guys wanting to keep this not this let’s leather nice yeah whoo guys it’s a mess

Back here but look what my wife did man i’m horrible with logos and all that printing stuff these are the boys that keep my trucks rolling this is a truck channel yes yes i finally got a logo here’s a little sneak peek for y’all yeah truck guys pd diesel powers finally got a logo pay the guy a few bucks he came up with few cool options and i chose this one i am

Gonna make a little thing for merchandise for people i want to support the channel but yeah pretty curious boys this is who keeps my trucks rolling you know the 400 plus mile vehicles and the three and the 200 mile vehicles this is the shop that keeps them rolling i guess a little plug form spokane truck service you know they get it all if you’re in the hot shot

Industry you guys know how hard it is to to get your gooseneck next one yeah on the road but so much on a site thing stick with this cadillac for my regulars guys just bear with me and i’m doing this for mostly geared to those boys that are looking to buy one of these all right cut and dry i said in the in the yukon and the cadillac of idioma say it in this video

You’re gonna buy a school bus like this go suburban or go all-out than that lurk in skipton alley go all-out escalade platinum you want to go s click platinum for nitpicking reasons like myself very nice leather you know the actual real stitching they could bite you sooner or later like you rip one of these strings and your whole thing goes on done right this is

Real leather if you pop these plastics underneath you’ll find plastic glue and real leather real pieces of leather thousand so ladies out pull over and pop a camp on the side pop one of the caps off the side and it’s just literally leather wrapped and glued on the plastic the reason i did this because i was hot i hire wired that radar so as much as this vehicle

Is much high-end deal i love people like this you don’t i got the right away but i yield to everybody nope let’s stay focused there guys it’s just high-end as if a product gm will give you this is it and it’s not bad guys really you got to understand this is not a german vehicles american american built vehicle so you got to give some slack there and the reason

I’m saying american build because seems like the american ottoman manufacturers always were slacking the quality and fit and finish i’m fairly impressed the understanding that this isn’t you know a gm product you know they give you the real stuff they give you the real product and everything is adding up it’s not bad at all and i can’t dog them on a not because

It’s my stuff yeah there’s imperfections but not because it’s my stuff the best stuff in oil no it’s it’s fine it’s acceptable you know i mean as much as i don’t want to go to the yukon topic but you know the i was even fine with the fit and finish on the yukon yes it came a lot lower than i expected nelly to be i was considered denali as a high up there bullcrap

You get ripped off just as focused as i can on this on this vehicle i absolutely love it you guys got to watch my yukon videos and you want to realize how much i hate dreaded driving on that thing you know i owned a yukon for six months and i put 3,000 miles on it that’s how much i had when i was trading it in and keep in mind that was winter months in january

Is when i got it and i got rid of it in june that is sad you know that’s when it was either either the suv or the truck you know the mercedes couldn’t get used you know in the summer months i’ve owned this thing for a month and a half now maybe two i’m pushing you know 2,100 miles but keep in mind these are summer months you know we’re talking about august here

This is the mercedes gets driven as much as possible because we enjoy a good wedding and this vehicle has a lot more miles than wrecked on it in a short period of time you know the miles get wrecked on a lot harder on the cadillac so that alone should tell you guys a lot the bones are the same as the yukon and those a lot of comparison is just um underlining weak

Points of the yukon so y’all could understand where i fell off my chair or the wagon or whatever you want to label me i absolutely love this escalade what do i love about it the engine the transmission the suspension it’s functional that’s practical you hear what i’m saying it’s functional and it’s practical it’s a shoe that lover is still like a 1998 lover has no

Business being this cadillac but it’s a jam product and i think your 98 ship it would probably have the same lover there well overall i mean some people are bent out of shape about these things i absolutely love it you know i drove my i drive my one-ton rama around town i love this whole ship doing this drill a little doppler you know ee wobbly knob looking thing

I was just not much some people get bothered by the shifters i think they’re very convenient they’re out of the way they’re up-down and shifting anyway so as far as the vehicle itself i’ve been going back and forth of comparisons but explorers vehicle itself road presents it definitely has a broader road presence i had the pepper dust paint on the yukon it looked

Cool it’s an awesome paint the black is black you know black just king seems like all the time biggest pain in the neck to keep it clean but one of his cleanest i think it’s the best-looking color out there all was more than terior i’m not much of a light leather interior kind of guy but when i saw this maple leather i was uh i was very happy with it it’s not like

That tan it’s not that white or off white leather it’s like maple it’s like mocha kind of colors it’s very complementary to the cadillac and i wasn’t like against it i mean i was looking around for catalogs but i highly prefer the leather you know there’s other leathers what i’ve said i’m like no absolutely not no white leather but in the pictures i wasn’t like you

Know too fond of it but when i saw it in person i very much liked it it’s it’s classy it’s this prestige you know there’s there’s there’s definitely room for this kind of color for this kind of leather in this vehicle so i just wanted underlying that coming from a guy that top of you know top of them the first thing i’d say is no black leather and the story kind

Of deal so anyway that’s it you know fit and finish is fine it’s good it’s acceptable ride quality is awesome surpassed my my expectation quality of materials built out of the spores interior very much like it you know you got all can turn focus on the road here but you know like really nice products kept the plastics to a minimum you got it’s not quite classic

Buddy something funky’s like a rubbery plastic kind of deal but you know it’s nice i very much liked it i was not expecting i needed underlying this going into the platinum i didn’t i wasn’t chasing all the bells and whistles i was after the seats if you guys haven’t seen my yukon that’s the biggest things in my seat there i absolutely they’ve missed the mark so

Bad the platinum’s have the massage seats and they have the whole shebang that’s what i was after i was really after the seats well when i looked at a luxury a premium and a platinum it’s it’s for me as cut-and-dry you know if i’m gonna pay such an ectopic for a vehicle and to put it in perspective i will never pay and hopefully you know mark my words i will never

Pay seventy thousand for a luxury escalade much rather pay forty fifty thousand for a suburban because the shill is the same brilliant i make the body panels and stuff we’re talking about nitpicking stuff like the bumpers the headlights are different but the actual body itself my quarter panel wooden doors they’re all the same from the suburban the transmission

As long as i get my tenth speed in 6.2 engine did i’d buy that suburban a heartbeat over a yukon of any trim and over and escalate in the luxury or the premium so i’m not saying go big or go home i’m just saying let’s be practical let’s be real why are we buying these vehicles if you’re gonna spend a hundred thousand on a vehicle like this well let’s just stick

To mr. p i’m not saying i spent on both let’s just say msrp is 102 on this vehicle okay why would you spend 102 over like a denali as what 80,000 a suburban is like 50 60 msrp realistically to get in a suburban like 40 50 and you know just 10 grand often that’s how they saw you but that’s that that’s my advice to you either go all out by yourself the platinum

Escalade highly advising but that’s only about the fit and finish the suspension and the rest of the stuff and what i mean by finish i’m talking about qualities components used inside the shapes or should i say the body the door panels are about the same but the materials used it just it just didn’t click with me i would not spend seventy thousand much rather

Spend you know ninety thousand on one of these platinum’s in versus seventy but that’s personal preference functionality and should i say like function and practicality meaning how useful and how practical it is has nothing to play with this and just say this have i’m underlying bang for your buck that’s all just the suspension is awesome you know the suspension

Of these cadillacs are absolutely awesome the headlights i didn’t focus on the other escalade but i know the this escalade has leds and man are they bright it’s just phenomenal and keep in mind guys stop you know i got four kiddos so we got you know child there a child will not hear now and then we got a couple of those fellas back there they’ve been doing a good

Job keeping it down i know this whole video but it works well yeah what works well for my family my family loves it well well the kids love it they get four dvds i do not know why you need four dvds there i don’t see any point in them to or pointy yeah so you got you know dvds in the headrest and then you got these up here there’s really no use for it and then

Of course the driver could watch if this apart that’s it you know all three bodies i’m talking about suburban yukon and escalade are all the same so practicality is gonna be all the same functionality i mean you could really nitpick on stuff you know some have power running boards some don’t you know i’m really starting to like the running power boards and the

Suvs i didn’t really care for him but i’m really starting like because it looks clean when you’re just driving but then it lowers a lot lower than a stationary running board right when you open the door so it’s pretty nice as long as it holds its thing together and serves me i’ll be a happy camper what really blows my mind parallel me while we’re parked here

We’re parked let me show you the gas watch this thing gets mad still blows me away you know i’m running about 50% in town that’s the life of the vehicles at 2100 about 16 for the last 486 miles it’s been getting 18 miles a gallon guys keep in mind that’s a lot of quite a bit of idle time 50 50 percent of those miles are in town 50 on the interstate but you know

It’s just phenomenal a lot better than my yukon and i just it has to be those little spoilers hold on so guys i’m here to see what’s going on the kiddos has to be those little spoilers that they have up on the bumpers oh so yeah man i know this video turned out very long hopefully it’ll help somebody out there on the mark as i said in the beginning that it’s sad

Owners don’t really do reviews on these kind of vehicles absolutely love them absolutely before i wrap up this is something i i’ve grown to love very much this little button here you know dry cooler and then you got your little fridge in here so to sum it all up hated my yukon so much just because of the seat amidst the marks so bad when into an escalade platinum

Just because of the scene i was able to get a good deal on it not knowing that you know i would love it so much it was a checkmark for me you know i mean i had my fourth kid on the way thank thank god you know four days ago i had my fourth kid but not you know i went into this platinum just to have a solid school bus but i absolutely love driving this thing i enjoyed

Driving this thing and i’m looking forward to some road trips it’s weird you know attempting to have this neutral because i’m a car guy and i love my fast cars i don’t mean that fast vehicle but absolutely fun anyways boys as always mid low blessing may almighty find a god bless you child

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Cadillac Escalade ESV platinum owner review. By PD Diesel Power

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