cadillac ct4 highway pov test dr
Altair Club Cars CADILLAC CT4 – Highway POV Test Drive – 2.7L Turbo

CADILLAC CT4 – Highway POV Test Drive – 2.7L Turbo

Today we take the 2021 Cadillac CT4 Premium Luxury for a POV test drive on the highway!

Welcome to gc cars my name is eric and today we’re going to take a test drive on the highway in this 2021 cadillac ct4 premium luxury we’ll switch camera perspectives real quick so you can see a little walk around of this specific cadillac premium luxury variant like i said trim and yeah we’re just going to do a little highway purev drive here and just enjoy the

Drive it’s a little bad weather but it’s all right i think it stopped raining for the most part so we shall be fine and as always if you want to hear all my thoughts and an in-depth see an in-depth review of this cadillac ct4 click in the top right hand corner because i made one so yeah you can find everything from interior exterior handling right quality everyday

Usage everything is covered in that one without further ado let’s go and drive this ct4 is not equipped with the um adaptive cruise control sorry i blank there it’s not equipped with adaptive cruise control also obviously as you can see not equipped with supercruise but next month we’ll have a cadillac escalade and i think i was i looked at the right escalade

Where i picked up the press car so we should have supercrews on that escalade and we’ll definitely test it so make sure to subscribe if you want to want to see how well supercruise performs because on these highways they’re all supercrews enabled so i’m curious about that and how that will work all right cool feature about the ct4 is if i want to accelerate right

Now if i want to catch up a little but i don’t want to wait for it to downshift or just i know i will want to accelerate in the second two just split the throttle that did not work right now okay let’s try that again just flip the throttle oh maybe we need to be in sport sorry let’s see so sport okay so flip the throttle yeah there we go performance shift so

Of course this kicks decided to go just in front of us now for no apparent reason but what it does so when you’re in sport mode and you give it a little kick a little blip on the throttle it’ll downshift and keep that for a few seconds so you can accelerate drive around the corner whatever you want to do with all of your power what i will want to do is get by

This nissan so blip all right and then i’ll automatically go down i’ll hold the rest for a little we can of course we can shift with our manual without pedals we have here but i’ll just let it do it by itself general though i want to go back to tour mode because we’re not driving sporty here today we’re just cruising it’s warm enough now to turn off heated seats

And the heated steering wheel but yeah in general it’s very comfortable ride without trying to say too much that i’ll cover in the review but i think it’s a very very comfortable cruiser here this cd4 great for highway driving so so that’s one lot large truck not a long truck always a little bit of a mess emerging here especially when you got people from the

Collectors want to go on the left and then like meet people coming from the don valley who want to go to the right lane it’s a bit of a always requires all your attention that’ll sort out eventually because we want to take the next off ramp it is if i am correct is that it i think it is okay oh this is not the off-ramp i wanted to take but that’s fine i just

Kind of have to what we’ll just take we’ll just turn right here then that’s fine it did become a beautiful day after all and right now i’m just basically looking for somewhere to park probably can just turn right here in that residential area yeah i didn’t show you the interior really at dinner so there you go it’s a brown leather it looks really nice we got our

Sunroof which we can let’s tilt it not open it because we don’t want to have any water in here and yeah no i think it’s a beautiful cabin has its drawbacks though and i hope you’re not as blind as i am let’s just stop her right here okay wonderful park turn it off i can leave that up because i’ll just drive back in a second but yeah that’s a poe drive here

In the 2021 cadillac ct4 um yeah i guess that’s the full review either top right hand corner or probably down on your left right now and we got more pv drives if you’re interested in those we got a night pure video where we test the high beams and we’ve got a city pov drive where we tested at slower speeds thank you very much for watching hope you liked it and

I hope i will see you in the next one thank you and goodbye

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CADILLAC CT4 – Highway POV Test Drive – 2.7L Turbo By GCCars

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