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Cadillac CT4/CT5 comparison

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Check out the 2 newest Cadillac sedans and how they compare to each other.

Hello everyone from schwann cadillac in mandan north dakota and uh in front of me i’m excited to show you the two latest cadillac sedans where other manufacturers are dropping their sedans in favor of more suvs cadillac is kind of doubling down on everything so they brought out more suvs so introducing the xt4 and xt6 giving you more variety in the crossovers

And then they wanted to stay true to their sedan heritage and just because they know there’s definitely a market out there for people who like an athletic sporty ride and that is where the ct4 which is in the background and ct5 which is right ahead of me here come into play so some people are familiar with the old ones which were ats and cts those have now been

Replaced with these redesigned sedans which were a focus of all-wheel drive or well actually you should say when the engineers were designing it they were focusing on a rear wheel performance vehicle and they do have all-wheel drive which is very popular for our market up here where we are running a lot of winter weather too so both of these are the sport trim

Package so if you’re not familiar uh across the cadillac lineup you basically have the luxury trim level then you can either go from the luxury they call it a y strategy because you can either go from the luxury up to a premium luxury which still keeps the same kind of grill look uh of kind of they look like little the little cadillac shields with that galvano

Material or you can do the sport look which gives it this really aggressive black mesh grille the blacked out wheels and then around the windows you get blacked out trim also you get a low density tail light so what that means is it’s a little less red and more clear and kind of all based on the colored leds in it so depending on what kind of look you want you

Want that classic uh premium luxury look uh with the big bright fin like tail lights or you can get the low density in the sport trim so let’s uh as i’m wandering around both of them you can obviously tell the difference in size the ct4 is the smaller of the two that is going to be a two liter turbocharged uh four-cylinder engine paired to an eight-speed where

When you jump up to the cd5 it is overall bigger and that is paired to a 10-speed but let’s start with the a-t or sorry i almost called it the ats but that’s what this replaced the ct4 which let’s take a look here so yeah overall a little bit smaller than the ct5 great for somebody who doesn’t really plan on having adults in the second row but still wants it for

Maybe kids or storage or every now and then enough to fit another person in just a short drive around town but in the sport this is the black interior package so really nice inside here you do still have a 12-volt plug-in in the back so there is some charging options for in the back and let’s take a wander here and we’ll notice that here’s one of the main kind

Of differences in size-wise you will see notice that is a 8-inch display up front there where if we jump to the ct5 there will be a 10-inch the other thing is you do still have a standard shifter in this which when we jump to the ct5 you will see the difference there and you do have a sunroof above the driver and passenger side keyless entry so you do have the

Button on the door to activate if it’s going to lock or unlock you do have side blind zone with a blinker in the mirror once again closer look they have the blacked out trim across the around the window here jumping inside you do have the bose performance system so a really nice speaker system for a great radio a great uh music listening experience your memory

Seat functions which is programmable with the key fob so key fob one will go to memory seat one position key fob two would go to two and then you can either set this as a third uh seating position or what is actually designed for of that exit position so when you turn the vehicle off you can set it to automatically move to an exit position you will also notice

This button right here doubles as both the window lock and the child lock so instead of having the tab inside the door it is now an electronic child lock the nice thing about that for safety if you’re ever in an accident where the air bags go off it will disable that so if anybody’s in the back they will be able to get out from the inside and won’t have to be

Let out from the outside but assuming you don’t have to set the airbags off it’ll work just like that little tab in the back where the children in the back cannot get out you do have these nice cadillac leather seats with electronic adjustment there as well as your massaging features and adjustable lumbar too i should say jumping in still a really nice sporty

Seat nice uh lumbar support so you’re not sliding out we can go ahead and start this up you will see you have nfc so near field communication so if you have an android phone you can simply tap it there and it will sync everything up via bluetooth we’ll turn off the volume so we don’t hit get hit with any copyright strikes and you have the nice home button right

In the center so if you ever get lost in any of the modes you can just tap that and it’ll bring you back to either this screen or this screen which gives you a radio layout your phone and a little navigation screen but you will see there is a built-in wi-fi hotspot in it it does have navigation in this one but that is not a standard feature because as we are

Seeing the trend go more people are going for the apple carplay and android auto which you can plug your phone in cast that up to your screen here and actually it is wireless now so you can actually just tie that to bluetooth and screen once stream whatever is on your phone up to that display here dual zone temperature control so driver and passenger can set it

Independently with your heated seats parking sensors lane keep assist uh and then you’ll notice down below is a wireless charging pad it is nice and large so it will handle your iphone pluses or your larger notes or different android phones like that with a case and it is compatible with apple phones as well looking down here past the shifter you do have your

Auto start stop uh override so if you do not like the vehicle shutting down at stop lights it is an intelligent system so it’s not going to do it every single time it will only do it when the conditions are right so your vehicle has been is fully warmed up hvac system is charged and ready to go all the batteries are charged things like that and it will turn off

For up to two minutes you do have your auto hold so you when you come to a stop you can hit that it’ll basically hold the brake until you hit the gas kind of nice if you’re on a hill or just don’t want to sit there with your foot on the brake at the drive-through or something like that your traction control and of course next to it is your mode select so if i

Jump through that to the here you will notice there is a my mode which you can change basically the uh sound that is so it changes the level of noise canceling coming from the engine and wind noise in the vehicle so it will kind of help uh give you an engine sound if you want to hear it or if you don’t want to hear it you can mute that as well as change kind of

Your steering and things like that your tour mode which is going to give you the smoothest ride possibly uh or at least that’s the default with their set sport which changes your shifting points to shift a little higher and of course snow and ice which changes the shifting points to shift lower in the thing so you don’t break the tires loose um you do have manual

Mode which does allow the paddle shifters here at the screen i apologize for the sun glare here you will notice on the left hand of the steering wheel is going to be your cruise control settings uh your adaptive crews or for your like gap adjust and then your heated steering wheel also over here are going to be your voice command so when you have your smartphone

Connected if you press and hold it will activate the voice assistant so in android it’s uh google’s assistant or an apple it’s siri or mute uh or hang up the phone call on this side is gonna be all your controls for the display up front with your volume and we won’t dive too far into depth with this but you do have your rear view camera that is running off the

Back hatch there so without that let’s jump over to the ct5 where we can see the size-wise difference i don’t want to make this video too long and we’re already at 10 minutes this is more so just a comparison between the two so the one we’re gonna be jumping over will actually let me jump into the vehicle here first since the car wash is going a little poor

Timing there but we can see how much the material in the vehicle cuts down on that outside noise but looking at the ct5 starting this up once again we will go ahead and mute the radio right off the bat so we don’t have to deal with any sort of copyright strikes or anything like that and we’ll jump through the demo screens you will see the screen is quite a bit

Larger than that ct4 so ct5 jumps up to a 10 inch screen also has apple carplay android auto navigation as well as in this one since this is the platinum package you have your video recorder which kind of a nice feature about that you pop in an sd card we’re going to turn the fan down here since it looks like it was set a little bit higher but jumping to the video

Recorder about that is it will actually use the cameras around the vehicle so if you’re in an accident or if it sets off the alarm like some of the keys your vehicle door dings your car something like that that sets off a sensor those cameras that are in both side mirrors in the grill and in the back which are giving you your surround view camera will actually

Record and you can pull that information off to either track down the person that uh keyed your car did sort of damage or if you’re in any sort of accident you can prove whose fault it was instead of a uh he said she said uh kind of battle so kind of nice there surround vision camera the other thing when we’re talking about the cameras and we can jump outside

And point this out to you now that the car wash is down but your rear view mirror is you can have the normal mirror or flip the switch and it’s running off of the camera off the back hatch so cutting down on a lot of those blind spots giving you a lot better view of the road and it’s really nice because it’s the camera is actually hidden up in the onstar and

Radio fin up top so it gives you kind of the same angle of the mirror would give you layout of the center console is a little bit different so much like our suvs you do have the electronic shifter where you can just pull back for drive or forward for reverse with the park up top you have a wireless charging pad once again large enough to fit a larger phone uh

As well as you get this kind of carbon fiber look around the whole thing too and your mode select is up here so also you do have the my mode and different functions that are on the ct4 it’s just moved up top because they have added the rotary controller with jog function in the ct5 so much like our suvs this is all a touch screen up here but if you did not want

To reach up out while you’re driving it’s a little bit more clumsy to reach up and kind of navigate you do have rate where your arm rest would be in your ham hand hangs you have the volume knob as well as your different control to jump to through the different menus as well as the most commonly used uh buttons across there too on the side here is of course your

Cup holder and the spot where you will drop a key if say the battery is getting lower or where you need to program something you do also have another drop down for a phone or something in here but your wireless charging pad is up front if we pop open the center console one thing we didn’t do on the ct4 but you will notice you do have a couple more ports here so

Your usb type c usb type a and there is a routing port here too so if you want to plug in a phone you can do that as well as 12 volt right there this one also does have the heated and cooled seats uh but as i mentioned this is the platinum package so this does give you that nicer uh leather style uh as well as that nice chevron kind of pattern throughout too so

This is the upgraded interior definitely a nice vehicle has a lot more of the camera features and things like that as well as i didn’t mention this on the ct4 but you do have heads up in both but the difference when we’re looking at the steering wheel and gauge cluster where you saw more of that with stationary gauges this is a full digital display up here so you

Can customize what you see as well as give you kind of the readout so once again that my mode will give you a different layout tune how you hear the radio things like that but now that the car wash isn’t going let’s take a quick go a little bit out of order and take a quick look around the exterior of some of the differences so the big thing still keyless entry

Keyless ignition but you’ll notice there is no button on the doors anymore and that is because much like some of the other sports cars in gm’s lineup it is just an actuator right inside and it will sense to see if it keys in the area if it’s locked and unlock it and then actually you will see it has little cadillac crest and that would be where you could lock it

From walking away i mentioned that the rear view camera mirror that is where the camera is for that as well as here is your backup camera the other kind of neat thing about this and i don’t think it’s going to go because i think the key fob is inside but at night it will project a little cadillac shield logo on the ground so you can actually kick activate to

Release the tailgate okay actually i got the key fob in my pocket so it’s working for me here and you can see that’s those second row seats can be laid down to extend your uh cargo area but this video is getting quite long so we’d be more than happy to answer any additional questions but for an overall view between the two big uh breakaway at ct-4 replace the

Ats and is slightly smaller the ct5 replaced the cts and is larger 8-speed transmission 10-speed transmission both of them do come with the 2-liter turbocharged engine really sporty they were designed off a rear-wheel drive frame so balanced that way for an athletic feel but we these two are also all-wheel drive if these are not sporty enough for you i do not

Have any on the lot right now but we can certainly search or get something in for you they do have the v series which is above this and you now knew with the when they released the ct4 and ct5 but previously you could not get a v series in all-wheel drive you can get that now and also if the standard v series is not enough for you they did just unveil the blackwing

Edition which if you’d like to get on the waiting list for that we’d be happy to get you on that list as well or give you more information but that is the ultimate performance uh sedan in the cadillac lineup but before this video hits the 20 minute long i appreciate if you guys have followed along all this way we’d be happy to answer any more questions for you

Go through a test drive with you anything along above so have a great day and we hope to hear from you

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